A weird girl named 42

i am 42 (formerly known as destined stoner), not really a stoner actually but i liked the name! biggrin
I am 18... i also live in a desolate corner of nevada... I am friends in real life with Ford Prefect (who's a total ditz/control freak/jerk/overly hyper person so watch out!) and Sniffles (don't ask how ik him; it's quite unfortunate that I do)... sorry buddy erm...i also, VERY sadly know Dragon_Blaze(not sorry at all, you murdering b******!), and last but definately not least, i'm a pretty damn good friend of BASSdrummer-- sweetest dude on Planet Earth, at least. biggrin

Fave times:
of year - autumn, preferably mid-autumn cuz then it's pretty (and usually cold) outside
of day - the afternoon between two-thirty-five and seven, or whenever it gets dark
of night - nine to midnight
and that's about it

Fave TV shows are:
-Invader Zim
-Invader Zim
-Invader Zim
-and once again, Invader Zim
-King of the Hill
-Invader Zim... muahahahaaa! im such a geek i know...

Fave movies are:
-Lord of the Rings
-The Ghost and the Darkness
-The Ring
-Almost Famous
-Starsky and Hutch... yes i know it's the stupidest movie ever created but it's so damn funny!
-Secret Window
-Napoleon Dynamite... *cuz i feel like it! gosh!*

Currently Playing:
Bass, Piano, and Alto Sax

Bands etc:
EHS Band, EHS Pep Band, EHS Jazz Band, EHS Strings, Naturally Addicted (hehe), Ruby Mountain Symphony, E. Community Orchestra, and soon to be in my section leader's sax trio 4 solo& ensemble... i might try out 4 all-state too...

Fave things to do... if there is anything to do here
-Riding horses, riding, riding, riding, and riding... o ya, and riding! did i mention riding?
-Destroying Ford, bit by bit every day... it's so much fun!
-Hangin with friends
-Sitting around all day watching movies or tv
-Talking and reading all sorts of entries on h2g2.
-Golfing... well it was nice when i didn't have to practice every day for two hours...*shudders*... but then again i like to golf to get away for a while when i need time alone... which is pretty much never
-Being a band geek---band AID... get it? BANDAID? i crack myself up!
-Playing bass, not the fish!-note the whole band geek thing-
long list aint it?
-And the sax... duh... JAZZ BAND ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
and thats about it...


"I think we should study mathematics to modify the way society works for a better cause than conforming the minds of innocent cool people to become intelligent nerds guilty of taking over the solar system and bringing us closer to the end of the human world."

AUSSIES ROCK!!!!!!! *cough!* midnight! *cough! cough!*

screwy, ain't it?


i dunno what to say!
o well. hehe.

my brain hurts...

feel the groove, man... silly


eheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh... hehe...heh...



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