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O.K. *acepts olive branch* thanx for the hug even thouh it made you so sick. Maybe some day we will be good friends again and maybe we wont but until that day comes this is a good start (I think anyways) and if you could please give me details on how i am being a quote " shallow forward and concieted jerk" unquote it would be much appreciated so i can start working on those defects in my personality. tell me soon so i can start as soon as possible.

I have one ? for you and im serious WHAT MADE YOU THINK I WAS STALKING YOU cause I swear on my mothers life that I was not.

well I would hug you but im afaid that I would one just ruin this truse and two die tomarow. so....... maybe we will talk later.
thats upto you though cause i donr want to hurt the chances of us becoming friends again by being too forward.

well i gotta go to bed byesmiley - smiley


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as for the stalking part,
philip said u miss me, which i'd guessed anyhow, and yeah... lots of reasons. you kept following me around and it seriously scared me. im sorry if i hurt you, i didn't mean to, but when ur scared cuz ur almost positive ur ex bf is stalking u, u just want him to stay away. sorry, but it really seemed like u were. don't take this post offensively either, but ya. that was just really really creepy when philip told me that and everything made it seem like you were.

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