A Little About the Ninja in my Ear

So, my name is Tait Sougstad. Both are Norse names. Tait, apparently, means cheerful. And Sougstad, apparently, means mill-worker. Seperately, they are oxymoronic, but together, they means something completely different, all thanks to my ninjahood.

Thats right, my ninjahood. I am a ninja. A real ninja.

I am a ninja not only because I wail hard on a guitar, or simply because I like to swing swords at people (for a fair price), but it is also encoded into my very genes. Somewhere along the line of my Norse ancestry one of the molecules changed from a dull, hardworking, very mill-worker-esque gene, into a contemplatively angry ninja.

Not that I'm really that angry. More contemplative, really. And inscrutable. Quite inscrutable, indeed.

I'm the type of person that, when he sees something, will always be frusterated with the way it's laid out. Instantly, I'll realize a better way to do it. And if, in another probability wave-form in another dimention, I see the thing laid out as I would have changed it in this probability wave-form, I would change it. (niner)

This may confuse many of you, because the title of this is "A Little About the Ninja in My Ear", but I assure you most warmheartedly that it does. I really don't have time to get into it, because it's almost dinner-time. Here in America, we don't have tea-time (for whatever reason), so my ninja belly is hungered to the max. And yes, I did really mean that it does.

Read that again. You'll get it.

If you're a ninja.

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