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A starting thought

No, not startling - starting...

I've fallen out of poetry writing lately, it seems. Or maybe writing it is actually the anomaly smiley - winkeye

A few evenings ago, this line popped into my mind -

"I walked a mile in the rain"

It felt like the opening line of something. Or maybe the closing. Or both?

Anyway, I've had too many other things going on in that there head - so I haven't been able to have a go at giving it something to connect to.

Anyone wanting to play at joint writing?

The scenery I vaguely had in mind was a city street setting, rainy (smiley - doh), quiet. Something that would have been filmed slow and in black and white or sepia.

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15 or so days ago it was 16 years ago...

...that I entered these hallowed halls.

And I missed it smiley - wah

Oh well. Drinks are on the house (and the ladder is over there smiley - silly)

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In the kitchen
Among pots and pans and with aromas flying
In the traffic
Driving or walking, with cars and lights left and right
In the sofa or the bed
Late at night, in the dark and quiet
When listening to a singer in a theatre
While watching the sun go down through trees
Alone or in a whirlpool of people
Busy or completely still
Whenever, wherever, in spite of and because
The thought of you
Always finds me.

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Thanks, Amy


smiley - smiley

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Musings of a morning walk

Snow crunching under boots
Paws running and skipping both faster and quieter
This morning is surprisingly quiet
And I notice the absence of the wind
That leaves drops hanging on the end of every twig and branch
Catching the light

The light is also something new
This morning carries the hope of spring
Even if the ground is white and the air is cold
There's a light this morning

A pale, pale sun has broken the cloud cover
As if its yellow colour was lost in the battle
As if its warmth was spent blazing through layer upon layer of gray

But I see it
And I smile to myself
And I look at the tiny buds on the beech tree branches
And I think "In just two months, maybe three"

The forest will be transformed
The sheer green will once again lift my spirit
The forest will be full again of wildlife and joy

All those thoughts make the winter air feel better against my face
Makes the crunching of the snow sound better
There's never one without the other
And today's joy is here and now
MAde even better, knowing what's still to come.

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