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Wowbagger stuck in a potholeMy name is Nigel, and I have been on hoo-too (h2g2) since October 2006. I joined soon after I retired from work due to ill health, and I smiley - love every minute of being on here. smiley - smiley

I am a qualified horticulturist and I have always been interested in writing, my ambition of one day being a professional horticultural writer smiley - smiley. This site gives me the opportunity to enhance my skill, as well as chatting and making friends smiley - biggrin.

I live in the Birmingham area of the UK (United Kingdom), and find it fasinating to be able to chat to others all around the world smiley - wow. One of my hobbies is history, which I never used to like at school (Probably because I wasn't paying attention in class smiley - blush). I enjoy learning about history from all around the world, and I have lots of books - my favourite being 'History of Head Gardeners', which I had for my birthday from a good friend smiley - ok.

Talking about hobbies, my main one is obviously Horticulture which is closely followed by writing and English. I also enjoy history (which I mentioned above), music, reading, photography and wildlife. Oh, and not to forget my computer, which is my life-line to the outer world. smiley - biggrin.

smiley - smiley Charities I Support smiley - smiley

A Charity collecting tin with a poppy and a daffodil

The three main charities that I support are:
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Ataxia UK - This charity supports people and their families who suffer with Ataxia. It has been a lifeline to myself, my family, and friends, to help understand this rare progressive condition that I suffer from.

Operation Migration - This charity reintroduces endangered Whooping cranes into the wild, in eastern North America. They train the young birds to fly, before taking them to their migration destination. It is so interesting to see how they achieve this goal. There is lots of information on their website to look at smiley - ok.

MS Society - The MS Society has been another life-line to me, as they offer support to sufferers of MS as well as plenty of information to help live as normal a life as possible. As the symptoms of Ataxia are very similar, I find the organisation very useful. Once every three months, I write a short gardening column for my local group. This is then dispatched to all members of the MS Society via a newsletter smiley - biro.

smiley - ok My Work On h2g2 smiley - ok

Usually, once a fortnight, I write for smiley - thepost(Click on my badge above for 'The Post' page). I write about horticultural issues, which I enjoy sharing my knowledge to help others smiley - biggrin. It also helps me to keep in-tune with the latest news.

To read my past articles, click on the following smiley (smiley - thepost). This will take you to my archive smiley - ok.

I also write about my allotment, and what is happening in my garden and greenhouse smiley - biggrin. Please go to: My Allotment Diary/Chat. Will look forward to seeing you there!

smiley - smiley Assistant Community Editor (ACE) smiley - smiley

I am a Assistant Community Editor (Ace). I enjoy helping people to find their way around the site and offer friendly advice if needed, as well as welcoming newbies smiley - smiley. If you would like to find out more about being an Ace, then just click on my shiny orange badge on the right of the page or you can click on the badge above. smiley - ok.

smiley - biro My Work In Progress smiley - biro

A stapler

This is where I list what projects I am currently working on for hoo-too (h2g2):

1. My article for the next post deadline - 12/04/09

smiley - wow Where Else You Will Find Me smiley - wow

Some magnified text.

If you click on the picture above, it will take you to my page where I display my photos. This is where I can share my love of photography with others smiley - smiley.

smiley - biggrin My 42 Calculation: smiley - biggrin

Area 42

6-2x5+0+2+(4x5) = 42

smiley - erm (For more information about what the number '42' means to hoo-too (h2g2), just click on the 'forty-two' banner. The calculation is my user number which equals to 42, after using various sums.)

smiley - smiley Leave me a message in my guestbook, and let me know what you think of my space or perhaps we could have a chat. smiley - smiley.

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