The Ascent of Humanity

<BODY>How did Anakin become Vader? Answer: One meme at a time.<A href="P127324"><B>meme definition</B></A><BR/>

I don't believe there is an answer to the question about Life, the Universe and Everything so we might as well enjoy what we've got.<BR/>

I'm compiling a list things involved in progressing Humanity. This is clearly of interest to our hero (Douglas Adams) as he introduced a rerun of the TV documentary <I>The Ascent of Man</I>.

Here is the list; please suggest additions:<BR/>
<DT/><U><B>Friedrich Nietzsche********</B></U>
<DD/>Philosopher famous for linking joy and sadness

<DT/><U><B>Stuart Kauffman******</B></U>
<DD/>Author of <I>At Home in the Universe</I>

<DT/><U>Everyone mentioned in <I>The Ascent of Man</I></U>
<DD/>Mainly Scientists and Artists

<DT/><U><B>George Lucas*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>Star Wars</I>

<DT/><U><B>Walt Disney*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>Spaceship Earth</I>

<DT/><U><B>Arthur C Clarke*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>2001</I>
<DD/>Inventor of the communictions satellite

<DT/><U><B>Mike Myers*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>Austin Powers</I>
<DD/>Creator of <I>Wayne's World</I>

<DT/><U><B>David E Kelley*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>Ally McBeal</I>

<DT/><U><B>Creator of 'The Matrix'*****</B></U>

<DT/><U><B>Stephen Spielberg*****</B></U>
<DD/>Director of <I>Saving Private Ryan</I>
<DD/>Director of <I>Close Encounters of the Third Kind</I>

<DT/><U><B>Paul Gross*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>Due South</I>(TV series themed on universal justice)

<DT/><U><B>Monty Python Team*****</B></U>
<DD/>Making us laugh

<DT/><U><B>Jesus Christ*****</B></U>
<DD/>Most influential man of all time

<DT/><U><B>Stanley Kubrick*****</B></U>
<DD/>Director of <I>2001</I>
<DD/>Director of <I>Clockwork Orange</I>

<DT/><U><B>Robert Zemeckis*****</B></U>
<DD/>Director of <I>Back to the Future</I>
<DD/>Director of <I>Forest Gump</I>

<DT/><U><B>Woody Allen*****</B></U>
<DD/>Director of <I>Sleeper</I>
<DD/>Director of <I>Zelig</I>

<DT/><U><B>James Burke*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>Connections</I>

<DT/><U><B>Alfred Hitchcock*****</B></U>
<DD/>Director of <I>North by NorthWest</I>
<DD/>Director of <I>The Birds</I>

<DT/><U><B>HG Wells*****</B></U>
<DD/>Author of <I>The Time Machine</I>
<DD/>Author of <I>The War of the Worlds</I>

<DT/><U><B>Robert Winston*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of <I>The Secret Lives of Twins</I> (TV series on evolution of clones)

<DT/><U><B>Francis Ford Coppola*****</B></U>
<DD/>Director of the <I>Apocalypse Now</I>

<DT/><U><B>Jospeh Heller*****</B></U>
<DD/>Author of the <I>Catch-22</I>

<DT/><U><B>Paul Wilson*****</B></U>
<DD/>Author of the <I>The Book of Calm</I>

<DT/><A href="U42"><B>Douglas Adams*****</B></A>
<DD/>Philosophy of Life the Universe and Everything
<DD/>Facilitator of thought collection(creator of <I>h2g2</I>)<BR/>

<DT/><A href="U45337"><B>Meme*****</B></A>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A113086">Meme</A>

<DT/><A href="U34006"><B>vegiman*****</B><IMG width="25" src="" >" height="25" alt="smily" border="0"/></A>
<DD/>Evolution of plants<BR/>
<DD/>General <I>h2g2</I> helper<BR/>

<DT/><A href="U25578"><B>Si*****</B></A>
<DD/>Genetics, Evolution
<DD/>Author of <A href="A135866">Reality</A>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A118469">Genetic Algorithm</A>

<DT/><A href="U53515"><B>researcher 53515*****</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U28374"><B>BillyMac*****</B></A>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A47468">Religon</A>

<DT/><U><B>Jacob Bronowski*****</B></U>
<DD/>Author of the original <I>Ascent of Man</I>

<DD/>Former President of USA

<DT/><U><B>Richard Dawkins*****</B></U>
<DD/>Mankind Evolution
<DD/>Author of <I>The Selfish Gene</I><BR/>

<DT/><U><B>Mark Rest*****</B></U>

<DT/><U><B>Sonia Rest****</B></U>
<DD/>My Mother
<DD/>Researher of the Rest family tree

<DT/><U><B>Stephen Hawking****</B></U>
<DD/>Atomic evolution
<DD/>Author of <I>A Brief History of Time</I>

<DT/><U><B>Desmond Morris*****</B></U>
<DD/>Polymath specialising in Anthropology
<DD/>Author of <I>Manwatching</I>

<DT/><U><B>Alan Turing*****</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of the Bomb(Computer that broke the Nazi Enigma code)

<DT/><U><B>Enrico Fermi****</B></U>
<DD/>Atomic Evolution

<DT/><U><B>Rosalind Franklin, Watson and Crick</B></U>
<DD/>Discoverers of DNA
<DT/><U><B>Tony Buzan****</B></U>
<DD/>Author <I>Use Your Head</I>
<DD/>Creator of Mind Maps

<DT/><U><B>Charles Darwin****</B></U>
<DD/>Species Evolution

<DT/><U><B>Albert Einstein****</B></U>

<DT/><U><B>Germain Greer****</B></U>

<DT/><U><B>David Bellamy****</B></U>

<DT/><A href="U52410"><B>Nilchii****</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U38090"><B>Researcher 38090****</B></A>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A75395"><B>GM food</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U50679"><B>hiroko(David Balch)****</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U32774"><B>Researcher 32774***</B></A>
<DD/>GM technology</A>

<DT/><A href="U49185"><B>Merkin (Peter Thomas)***</B></A>
<DD/><A href="A114210">String Theory</A>

<DT/><A href="U43196"><B>SetupWeasal***</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U39466"><B>beeline (Chris Gray)***</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U40399"><B>fairly strange (Mark Wallace)***</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U6"><B>Jim Lynn***</B></A>
<DD/>Producer of <I>h2g2</I>

<DT/><A href="U25551"><B>Bruce***</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U34350"><B>Dr Prunesquallor**</B></A>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A91568"><B>GM food</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U15889"><B>jonny**</B></A>
<DD/>Spotted that <I>h2g2</I> surnames cut confusion
<DD/>First to comment on the <A href="P118469"><B>Genetic Algorithm</B></A>

<DT/><U><B>Jonny Anderson**</B></U>
<DD/>Author of a mind blowing genetic tool that is referenced on the <A href="P118469"><B>Genetic Algorithm</B></A>

<DT/><U><B><A href="U30676">I am a name not a number**</A></B></U>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A73126"><B>Genes</B></A>

<DT/><U><B><A href="U27988">Researcher 27988**</A></B></U>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A106066"><B>Evolution</B></A>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A106543"><B>Symbiotic Evolution</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U27618"><B>madmunk**</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U51014"><B>Seamuis**</B></A>
<DD/>Genetic Memory

<DT/><A href="U50087"><B>Shaquan**</B></A>
<DD/>First contributor of more names on this list

<DT/><A href="U49474"><B>JAX*</B></A>

<DT/><U><B><A href="U36314">Imaldris*</A></B></U>
<DD/>Author of <A href="A59131"><B>Life</B></A>

<DT/><A href="U35961"><B>Eeyore</B></A>
<DD/>Feminine point of view

<DT/><A href="U44553"><B>researcher 44553*</B></A>
<DD/>My first contact

<DT/><A href="U15304"><B>bluDragon</B></A>
<DD/>First reviewer of my evolution page

<DT/><A href="U48974"><B>Leo Rest</B></A>
<DD/>My Brother
<DD/>He introduced me to <I>h2g2</I>

<DT/><U><B>Neil Armstrong</B></U>
<DD/>pilot of Apollo 11

<DT/><U><B>Werner Von Brown</B></U>
<DD/>Creator of Apollo Missions

<DT/><U><B>religious people who have lost their faith</B></U>
<DD/>The same as the rest of us looking for the elusive Meaning of Life

<DD/>People who care for special people


<A href="A113086"><B>Meme*****</B></A><BR/>
<A href="P120493"><B>GIRR****</B></A><BR/>
<A href="P107407"><B>Those Who Can't Edit, Critique****</B></A><BR/>
<A href="P118469"><B>Genetic Algorithm***</B></A><BR/>
<A href="A130852"><B>Critique Fun Run</B></A><BR/>

Sorry if I don't get back to you quickly. I spend most of my limited time updating this page and checking the replies to my user page on Evolution.<BR/>

<BR/><A href="index.cgi">A TO Z INDEX OF RESEARCHERS PAGES</A><BR/><BR/>

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