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Oh for goodness sake

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I cannot believe what I have been reading in the last few days. With this in mind I think it only right that I bring a few things out into the open. I am aware that is going to be an unpopular journal entry but the air needs clearing.

I am *not* ill. I *was* ill - very ill with peritonitis and it was touch and go for a while. Since an operation, recouperation and a bout of severe post-op depression, however, I am now back to good health apart from coping with the onset of the menopause due to removal of an ovary.

What *did* set me back for a while was the loss of my computer twice due to a corrupt hard drive and the loss of all my email contacts, messenger details etc. My email address remained the same so I didn't perceive that to be a problem at the time...

Now, with regards to The Post. I was very heartened to see many rally round to keep The Post going. If it could be maintained during my convalescence then at least there would be a Post to come back to.

1) I *was* looking forward to returning... but

2) The lack of *any* communication from *any* of the current team or *any* of the italics started to make that increasingly difficult. When difficulties were encountered why didn't anyone make some sort of effort to contact me for assistance? You can't stay 'in the loop' and hope to return if you are summararily excluded.

3) The increasingly large amount of behind the scenes work which would need to be undertaken in order to justify the Front Page link. The lifeblood of The Post for a long time was the Archives and, when we lost a permanent link for a while during the h2g Front Page reshuffle, the *only* link to The Post was to the archives. There used to be a file readily available to The Post Team which emphasised the importance of the archives and how easy it was to update them at the same time as editing an article.

Included in this file were guidelines to every aspect of creating and publishing The Post. These were aimed at keeping continuity so that Post pages were instantly recognisable, they conformed to the guidelines laid down by the h2g2 italics (No, on my watch we never, ever had an entire Post Front Page removed for moderating. A couple of articles which mentioned a portable cabin by name and a couple for a mix-up over acceptable swear words were the only ones temporarily hidden and quickly replaced) and The Post since its inception and, most of all, to make the process as simple and painless as possible. They were not intended to be in any way dictatorial - they were *guidelines*

4) A few random remarks here and there about previous columns and articles. The misconception that the sporting column was generally rubbish when several, Master B and I did our best to cover a wide range of sports including rugby, football, tennis, skiing, snooker, baseball, Amfoot, dog sledding - to name but a few. The fact that several (whose contribution was a sub-part of the sport column called 'Sporting Blues' by the way) died shortly after these posts compounded this feeling of sadness.

5) The difficulty with cartoons and graphics. A cursory glance through the many articles using graphics would have revealed exactly how to code these. A small foray into the archives would have led to A3962685 (The Post 2005 Graphic Competitions) where the requirements for graphics for The Post are clearly laid out.

6) The changes in deadlines. Not a major issue but I had made it clear that the weekend was my busiest time work-wise which is why it was prepped during the week. With DJ and bar duties stretching into the early hours, plus other commitments, finding time to edit any Post at the weekend was not an option for me. This problem, however, would have been easy to fix and I fully understood why the goalposts had to be moved.

7) A breakdown in communication in some areas. I worked very hard to keep all postings done under the 'Post Team' umbrella courteous. I am aware how tedious and time consuming this can be but surely it takes the same amount of words to be polite as to be verging on rude and dismissive? A few bridges would have to be built.

6) The appearance of postings with regards to 'I wish The Post would die' and it being a millstone. Again - if things had got that bad why was I not even approached to come back or assist? For things to deteriorate that quickly, even with a larger team than ever working to produce an issue once a fortnight, seemed like a slap in the face. I had spent almost 6 years of my life on The Post and, despite having to write appeals for assistance or articles occasionally, I *never* felt that The Post was any less than a joy to work on. I may have had the odd blip - things sometimes went wrong as with any project in life - but I looked on it as my adopted child and cherished it accordingly.

So is it any wonder that I cleared my desk? Am I being unreasonable? I certainly didn't think that I should have to come cap-in-hand to the current team to ask for my job back which, ironically, I would have accepted! I would have thought it should be the other way round... smiley - sadface

I know that this sounds an ungrateful tirade but it isn't. It is posted in the hope that the record is put straight and not as an attack on any one individual or group of people. It is *my* side of the saga of The Post.

Oh for goodness sake

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Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit going public
"Can _we_ have you back for some basic Guidance on how to run the post, just in the background ?

At least to prevent too many jawdropping events in the near future ? "

Oh for goodness sake

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Shazz... I don't know what to say. I e-mailed about half a dozen times with no reply. And have only recently found another e-mail account to contact you.

We have tried to contact you but nothing has got through. It was as if there was some shield around contacting you. We would have welcomed you back with open arms. smiley - sadface

And I thought this was all sorted now...

Oh for goodness sake

Post 4

Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

*Bangs head on keyboard*

I give up I really do

Well I'll as outright

Do you want the job back yes or no?

Oh for goodness sake

Post 5

Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

That should be ask

Oh for goodness sake

Post 6


Reefgirl, I don't think that will bring a positive response. But we would like to just get on with writing the post. If Shazz would like to take over again we would obviously have to look at the situation again. But if Echo is to have a chance, this has been a very difficult start for her. smiley - sadface

Oh for goodness sake

Post 7

Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit still just only following onsite <?>
"And 'echomikeromeo' could use all the help she can get. "

Oh for goodness sake

Post 8


"And 'echomikeromeo' could use all the help she can get."

I think anyone would need help with the post to be honest - even though I think Echo is probably the most suitable for the job. Its huge institution, but she couldn't do better than to have Shazz helping her smiley - ok

Oh for goodness sake

Post 9


I think we need to give this period in the Post's history a name smiley - winkeye Its been eventful enough! smiley - yikes

Oh for goodness sake

Post 10

Reefgirl (Brunel Baby)

I can think of plenty but I'd get yiksed

how about "The weekend we'd rather forget"

Oh for goodness sake

Post 11


I'm sorry, Shazz. I do feel that smiley - thepost has not been handled to its usual standard. But I did think you were ill all that time. No one could reach you - don't think we didn't try!

If you do want your old job back I completely understand.

Oh for goodness sake

Post 12

Tonsil Revenge (PG)

smiley - footprints

Oh for goodness sake

Post 13

Traveller in Time Reporting Bugs -o-o- Broken the chain of Pliny -o-o- Hired

Traveller in Time smiley - tit looking at the bare feet
"Do they not even have shoes in the inconvenience store ?"

Oh for goodness sake

Post 14

Titania (gone for lunch)

Shazz, I've sent you an e-mail using an alternative address that you once used when mailing to my gmail account, since your usual address doesn't seem to be working - have you received it?

Having read this journal, I feel like such a fool for writing that e-mail - I *really* should have checked the backlog first!smiley - footinmouth

Oh for goodness sake

Post 15


I am pleased to say that the current Post Team and I have come to an amicable agreement. I shall remain on the team but, by my choice, only in the capacity of taking very much a backseat, helping out when asked and in a consultative role.

I would like to apologise for what was for me, to be honest, an uncharacteristic ouburst - and especially to reefgirl who really had running smiley - thepost thrust upon her by a series of unfortunate occurances and after only one month of joining the original team. I am impressed that she didn't snap sooner and sorry that I didn't spot the signs.

The new Team are full of vitality and eagerness and will be ably steered by EMR. Look out for new developments, a revamped Post Office and fresh ideas coming to smiley - thepost very soon.

shazzPRME(emeritus) smiley - thepost


Post 16


That's great news Shazz. (couldn't keep away could you smiley - winkeye)

The team is looking good though - some optimistic energy there for sure!

Welcome home smiley - biggrin


Post 17


smiley - tasmiley - biggrin

shazz PRME(emeritus) smiley - thepost


Post 18

Demon Drawer

In that case I might start writing for the post under the nomme de plumer Twark Main


Post 19


Great! smiley - biggrin


Post 20


*waves to DD*

I was "Great"ing Shazz's return, DD, but a new column from Twark Main would be great as well.

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