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Oh no, not again...

Well, with luck, all my old '' T shirts may be relevant again...

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Farewell Royston

I will miss you for just being you... smiley - peacedove

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Not a good year so far...

For oh so many reasons but at least I am now back online and on h2g2 although probably with a greatly reduced presence. smiley - winkeye

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Still Alive...



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Under Pressure

After a fairly relaxing year, during which Het Kasteel has undergone a major (and costly) revamp, suddenly my days and nights are filled again.

Quite a few of us - including Max Headroom from h2g2 - attended the try-out night last Friday. This was deliberately set up so that we could not only admire the new main hall but also see how, or if, everything works. The general consensus seems to be that overall there is a huge improvement in decor and cleanliness. The light system, despite not being fully installed at the time, was impressive. The sound system still needs some tweaking to ensure perfect balance throughout the hall.

On the flip side the change from using tokens to real money caused quite a few bar staff problems and there is concern as to whether the speed of service will be able to cope with big parties.

There was a distinct lack of places to set your drink down and no seating in the main hall. This led to many hanging out in the entrance hall to take a brief rest by sitting on the floor! Of course, this problem will be resolved to some extent by the re-opening of the cafe but alternatives are being looked at and the installation of bench seating is being seriously considered. smiley - ok

This Thursday night the local digintaries will all turn up for the official opening. Friday night is the first night of a two-day feest and TM will be DJing in the cafe. Saturday night sees all the various regular party night organisations take a turn at doing their thing and I have been promoted!!!

I will be DJing in the main hall back-to-back with my 'boss', Wout, for the 2.30-4.00 am stint of 'Easytune'. Usually Wout spins in the main hall and I take the cafe so this is quite a step up and I must confess to being just a little nervous especially as it seems I can't hide away in the DJ booth but have to perform on the stage. smiley - yikes

So, I am up to my eyes creating a database of my music and thinking about the best sounds to play. We will be 'playing it by ear' so a set-list isn't an option. smiley - run

The following week doesn't get any quieter. Thursday we have the first night of our Ten Forward cafe bar which means working from 8pm until around 2 or 3 am. Friday we also run the cafe during the first band evening which features Peter Pan Speedrock in the main hall. This is scheduled to end at 4am after which we have our cleaning duties. smiley - yawn

Saturday is the first Easytune feest and, again, I am going up in the world. I'll either be opening in the main hall for 3 hours or so or closing in the cafe - either way these represent a step-up from opening in the cafe which I used to do. Easytune usually attracts 500 guests and is one of the most succesful party nights in Kasteel. With the new liscensing rules it will go on until 5am so don't expect to get much sense out of me on Sunday! smiley - cheers

Who ever said February was a quiet month!!!

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