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Bacon & Egg Pies

Forget rising rates (local taxes) and problems with the drains. A Christchurch, New Zealand, mayoral candidate is standing on a pie platform.

Thirty-three-year-old Andrew Brown wants a bylaw banning the use of any vegetable other than a bit of onion, in bacon and egg pies. The Sumner resident says it is a travesty to bite into a bacon and egg pie and come across bits of carrot, peas and corn. He finds the inclusion of tomato in the pies particularly odd.

Andrew Brown also wants to ensure all bacon and egg pies have a pastry lid.

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Ten useful genetically modified organisms

ONE - Politician with a truth gene
TWO - TV presenter with a humility gene
THREE - Bureaucrat with a humour gene
FOUR - Dentist with a pity gene
FIVE - Journalist with a depth gene
SIX - Actor with a talent gene
SEVEN - Sports person with an interesting gene
EIGHT - Business leader with a social conscience gene
NINE - Lawyer with a cheap gene
TEN - Radio jock with an intelligence gene

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A seasonal haiku

clouds seen
through clouds
seen through

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Bad TV ads

The most idiotic TV ad I can remember was for the Wendall Woodsman's Hatchets in which a Lizzie Borden lookalike chops up her parents with the sponsor's product and then dances the cancan with a cartoon rabbit to the tune of the Blue Danube. I laughed so long and hard when I saw the ad that my neighbors became alarmed and notified the police.

Everyone knows that the Blue Danube is a waltz not a cancan!

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What a load of crap

Here in clean, green New Zealand, while eating my (hopefully not genetically-modified) cornflakes this morning, I heard this startling news story on the radio.

The Government says it has no plans to introduce a flatulence tax, to tackle methane gas emissions from livestock.

Climate Change spokesman Pete Hodgson says methane emissions from sheep and cattle account for about half of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. He says this week's budget will provide some funding for research into ways to reduce the emissions.

Mr Hodgson also wants the primary sector to help pay for long term research. He says existing research suggests changing what the animals eat may improve their conversion of food into body weight, as well as helping the environment

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