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Why is there not a groovy name for the symbol @ in English? The
Germans call it klammeraffe, (spider monkey), the Dutch, apestaartje
(monkey's tail), Danes and Norwegians refer to it as grisehale (pig's
tail) or snabel ("with an elephant's trunk"). Finnish people call it
kissanhanta (cat's tail), which sometimes goes one step further to
become miukumauku - the meow sign! Hungarians see it as the worm or
maggot (kukac) and the Thai word translates as "the wiggling worm-like
character". Czechs call it zavinac, which is a rollmop herring, and the
Hebrew term is strudel, the famous Viennese apple pastry. Swedes use
kanelbulle (cinnamon bun), while the French go with escargot which
translates as (snail) fairly frequently used around the world. [email protected]'s
enough of [email protected], maybe there is an Americanism I am not aware of?


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