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On vacation

I am on vacation in sunny Australia, returning to Godzone (NZ) on December 7.

It's more than likely that I am currently sitting in the shade of a coolabah tree drinking pina colados and listening to the sound of the mighty New Zealand cricket team putting willow on ball.

Now where did I put my Akubra?

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Anzacs in New York

Families, friends and colleagues of Australians and New Zealanders killed in the US terrorist attacks gathered in New York on Friday to pray, grieve and comfort each other.

Episcopal, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Jewish faiths. They sang and spoke of peace and justice, of grief and comfort, of a quest for meaning in the inferno that engulfed the US on September 11. Clerics stood together and jointly bowed to the altar before filing out as the congregation sang the Ode to joy from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

The worshippers stood to jointly sing their national anthems. Australians led in singing, "Our land abounds in nature's gifts of beauty rich and rare. . ." The New Zealanders followed, guiding the congregation through 'God Defend New Zealand ... from the shafts of strife and war...'

Most people then had to refer to their programmes to follow the less familiar lyrics of America's Star-Spangled Banner. Their voices seemed to hesitate slightly as they came to the "rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air ..."

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Letter from a Kiwi nurse in Saudi Arabia

Hi, things are very tense here at the moment the bin laden guy certainly does have the resources to do exactly as he pleases he is from Saudis wealthiest family and we are talking trillions and although he was tossed out he took his money with him and no doubt invested at least some of it

He also still has a very loyal following here and that is why everyone is so nervous lots of headlines about how he wants revenge not only on his own family but every western person in Saudi he believes that no non Muslims should be allowed to defile the holy land.

There have been a few nasty incidents here a bus load of nurses from our hospital were harassed on the way home and there have been a lot of nasty comments from some of the Saudi staff the American nurses are leaving in droves we have a staff meeting tomorrow to try and sort a few issues out they have offered that anyone can go home at their own expense and come back in 3mths without having to reapply or loose leave etc all this in an attempt to stem the flood don't know how successful it will be.

Have talked to a lot of other kiwis we have all decided to stay put and await developments. Everyone is a bit nervous but trying to carry on as usual amid all the extra security and stuff will just have to wait and see.

It's nice to get mail from home though makes us seem not quite alone and isolated because of course if you say you are staying then the Americans think you are being disloyal but they don't quite grasp how far we have to go and if it all turns out to be a false alarm a hell of a long way to come back and very expensive. Also none of us would be able to work without facing huge tax bills. I am sure that [NZ Prime Minister] Helen Clark is not going to give us a special favour in that department.

Ok sheik of Araby send that rellie of yours a message don't f------ with the Kiwis or he will get a big fright !!!!!!

Cheers Carol x

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Super Sheik

Going by the way the American media is crediting Bin Laden with single-handedly planning today's outrage whilst at the same time managing to keep the operation 100% secret from America's secret services, the man is right up there with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Well maybe not Wonder Woman.

Jimmy Carter, Ronnie Reagan and Maggie Thatcher would have loved to have him on their side during the Cold War. After sending in a couple of helicopters to rescue the hostages in Iran, he could have arranged for four large jets to hit various strategic targets in the Soviet Union in his spare time.

Back in the 'real world', seeing that the CIA, FBI and SAS bungled the first and never tried the second, I suggest the instigator is someone with more resources than America's favourite enemy, Super Sheik Bin Laden.

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Today in religion

Four Charged Over Asylum Seekers
Hundreds of mostly Afghan asylum seekers are heading for Papua New Guinea on an Australian navy ship after a nine-day standoff as a court sat to decide their final destination.

Christian Aid Workers Trial Begins
The chief justice of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban has said the trial of eight foreign aid workers accused of promoting Christianity had begun but Western diplomats in Kabul said they remained in the dark.

Massive Security At Siege School
Irate Protestants hurling stones and abuse terrorised scores of Roman Catholic girls for a second day as they walked to school under massive security in Belfast.

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