What can I tell you about myself? Well, aside being a tremendously devoted reader of Douglas Adams's works, which initially attracted my attention to this guide, I'm also, and more importantly, a human being.

As all human beings there are many sides to me, some extremely appealing, others not so uplifting.

What you'll get from reading this little introduction is a very one-sided, self-centered view that will mostly focus on the positive aspects of my otherwise colourful personality.

You may also be interested to know I believe that even if I gave the most the most detailed description of myself, you'd still be far from knowing me.

As some of my fleeting relationship counterparts have stated, you have to spend a couple of hours with me to realize just exactly how annoying I truly am.
Besides, how well can you really know someone from reading a one-sided, self-centered self-made view?

Moving on to what you probably know hope had come at the top of the page, I'm a 23-year-old Portuguese, which means I'm quite a paranoid example of a person. These are not good times to be a 23-year-old Portuguese. But still, we (the Portuguese) are often accused of being pessimistic, so I will speak no more of it.

I'm also a gregarious person, a moody person, a hell of a friend and a not so good a stranger. All this to say that my favorite album is called Wild Mood Swings which, by the most incredible coincidence, perfectly fits as my personality's main trait's description.

Since this introduction isn't quite living up to what you probably were expecting, I'll throw in one of those infallible little crowd pleasers:

Some Likes:
- Writing;
- Reading;
- Spending time with beautiful (even if inaccessible) women - which reminds me, I am a man who keeps forgetting Liff isn't a very clarifying name in what gender distinction is concerned;
- Music, mostly listening, since I only sing in the shower and have been known to chronically depress several bathroom tiles;
- Playing with other people (not that I toy with them, I really mean games or sports. Even though I'm a terrible sportsman myself I enjoy playing around with friends);
- Laughing;
- Eating;
- All the other little, or not so little things that life gives you to compensate for the very unreasonable and mind-boggling universe we live in.

Most Dislikes:
- Being mistreated;
- Illness;
- Not having all the people I love with me forever.

I hope you're not too disappointed with this entry but I have a couple of good reasons for it not to be perfect:

- There's no such thing;
- It was written piece by piece throughout a workday amidst, evidently, several other activities and frequent interruptions;
- It's unfinished, and will always be a work in progress.

Did you notice how much I enjoy enunciations?

Goodbye for now,



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