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Well, this has become my second home certainly smiley - magic

I'm and ACE (Assistant Community Editor), part of a team of volunteers that help show new researchers around the site. You can find out more about us at the Ace homepage.

Feisor has written a list of hints and links for new researchers which you can read at A719840. You may also find it helpful to take the <./>DontPanic-tour</.> smiley - bus

smiley - monstersmiley - dragonsmiley - orangefishsmiley - fairysmiley - cheesecakesmiley - wizardLearn how to use these smileys at the <./>Smiley</.> page smiley - ponysmiley - fishsmiley - discosmiley - ticklesmiley - pandasmiley - cappuccino

Some of these places may be of interest to you
smiley - disco<./>Askh2g2</.> to ask a question to the h2g2 community
smiley - disco<./>Miscchat</.> for more general chat
smiley - discoA690518 to learn how to brighten up your user page smiley - rainbow

Read <./>thepost</.>, h2g2's very own newspaper to find out what's happening on site smiley - thepost

If you want to help write the Guide, then try <./>contribute</.> smiley - biggrin

Need any help or simply want to chat, just reply to this message and I'll get back to you. smiley - cool
smiley - tea and smiley - cake,
smiley - towel

Hello again

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I truly have been extremely occupied and that's why I haven't replied before.

Thanks for the welcome. The Guide is a bit overwhelming at first, so your little introduction was precious.

Tell me something: how big is it? I mean, how many people are in this?
Is it alright if I publicise it around? I know a lot of people who would love it, or at least like it, and I've noticed it's not an extremely portuguese populated place.

Till next time,


Hello again

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It's hugely huge... There are (at time of posting this) 140403 registered researchers, and 5627 Edited Guide entries. (The edited guide entries are just the ones that fit the writing guidelines, there are far more than that altogether smiley - bigeyes) Go to <./>info</.> and you'll probably find that's changed already smiley - laugh

No, not many Portuguese. As h2g2 was taken over by the BBC, a lot of the researchers are UK based, though there are researchers from just about everywhere.

If you want to bring more people into the site, then feel free smiley - biggrin, this site works so well due to the huge numbers who post here.

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Greetings Mr.Liff

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