ReJeCtEd PrInCeSs LoZ***gLiTtErY PiNk fAiRy PrInCeSs***I LoVe yOu

HeY lO ThErE aNd WhAt BrInGs yOu tO ThEsE NeCk oF Of tHe WoOdS?

Hey Im LoZ
HmMmM BoUt mE,,,,,,

I LoVe DrUmZ, ShArP ObJeCtS, WiCcA, PuNk mUsIc, tIaRaS, aNgElInA bAlLeRiNa, SlEePiN, PoWeRpUfF GiRlS AnD ChOcOlAtE! Im 15YeArs OlD AnD LaSt TiMe i cHeCkEd i wAs a gIrL AnD I LiVe nEaR DuDlEy iN ThE WeSt mIdLaNdS.
I LiKe bOtH BoYs n gIrLiEs, YeS I SwInG BoTh wAyS HEehEe iM A VeRy HaPpY FrIeNdLy gIrL bUt qUiTe cHiLdIsH BuT I DoNt cArE! iM JuSt mE!

I HaTe BaTtY SqUaD N AlL cOmMeRcIaLiSm iN MuSiC
I HaTe fAkE PeOpLe
I HaTe ThE WaY PeOple aRe lAbElLeD BeAcUsE oF ThE ClOtHeS ThEy wEaR
I HaTe sMoKiNg-ItS AlRiTe tHouGh iF yOu dOn't MiNd dEaTh!
I HaTe "PuNk" AvRiL WaNnAbEs! TeEnYbOpPeRs ThInK AvRiL Is lIkE SoOo pUnK N AlTeRnAtIvE YeAh sUrE! WhY Oh WhY?? AvRiL CaMe FrOm tHe dEvIl To DeStRoy tHe lIvEs oF InNoCeNt PeOpleS N ThErE ChIcKeNs!

I LoVe PuNk mUsIc-NoT AlL ThIs "PuNk" Like GoOd ChArLoTtE AnD SuM41 WhO ArE InFaCt jUsT PoP But In a disGuIsE!
I LoVe aRtIfIcIaLlY InSeMiNaTing fArM AnImAlS (heeehee Sian n Serj!!!)
I LoVe bEiNg qUiTe iNcReDbLy InTeLlIgAnT DeSpItE BeInG BlOnDe!
Im SeLf aBsOrBeD! HeEhEe
I LoVe BaRbIeS
I LoVe bEiNg wEiRdNeSs
I LoVe sCaRiN My MuM WiTh sUiCiDaL TaLk heehee
I LoVe tHe pOdDiNgToN PeAs-DiD AnyOnE ElSe wAtCh tHaT-It rOcKeD!
I LoVe eVeRyThInG hEeE Im sOoOo cArInG!

CoMe vIsIt mE AnD MaXwElL CuZ Im lOcKeD Up iN A DaMp nAsTy bEaUtIfUl pInK GlItTeRy pRiSoN InSiDe mY IkKlE BlOnDe hEaD HeLd HeRe bY My bOrEdOm fOr lIfE WoOo HoOo! Im lOsT InSiDe mY HeAd wItH My bRoKeN CoMpAsS WoNt sOmEonE PiCk mE Up oN A FlYiNg aNtElOpE AnD TaKe mE To cHiNa??

So cOmE TaLk tO mE Im a rEjEcTeD PrInCeSs FuLl oF SaRcAsM AnD CoNtRaDiCtIoNs YaY AlL hAiL mE!!!!! Im sIcK N TwIsTeD I HaVe aN UnUsUaLlY StRaNgE ObSeSsIoN WiTh dEaTh n SuIcIdE bUt DoNt lEt tHaT PuT YoU OfF TaLkInG To wOnDeRfUl aMaZiNg mAgIcAl eNcHaNtInG ChArMiNg bLonDe cLeVeR DuMb Me! HeEhEe
My MuMmY SaYs Im a dEpReSsIvE AnD ThAt sOmE NiCe eViL MaNs iN WhItE CoAtS wIlL EaT mE BuT ShEs jUsT JeAlOuSe cUz iM SpEcIaL,,,,,,WeLl tHaTs wHaT My pSyCiAtRiSt cAlLs mE yAy!

If YoUr sTuCkEd gO SeE An AcE
ThEy'Re ArE AlL VeRy nIcE PeOpLeS

BoReD? WeLl gO AnD HaVe a smiley - ale And ChAt At The FoLDers Arms eNjOy rOcK MuSiC WeLl wHy nOt jOiN The Unofficial H2G2 Rock Music Society

HeY CoMe tAlK To mY LuVvLy fRiEnDs! I LoVe yOu bRyAn smiley - smooch KiRsTy, MeL, TaNyA, SiAn, FaY, SeRj ect ect LoVe yA All LoZ's Luvvy FriendsBryan AwW Me lOvEs hIm!KirstySian n RaLpHyFayTanya sHe CaN PlAy ThE rEcOrDeR!Mel fElLoW GrMSerj MmM NaKeD GrAnDdaDdYsKeL My BuM ChUm My bEsT MaTeLivviFynn My AnGeL


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