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Hello and welcome to my room of of the Shrink Clinic .
I am here to help you with any problems you have smiley - smiley. So park your botty on my comfy chair, lay back...and relax.
Why not visit our other resident shrinks too!
Dr. Monhungar Von Gallegar aka Sian - Here to help you with your problems and h2g2 related problems.
Dr. Cow aka Becki - Here to help you with school, work, family and friend related problems.
Counsellor Deanna Trois aka Kat - Here to help you relax with her knowledge of stress relief remedies.
Find out if a shrink is online
If you want to visit my or any other shrink's homepage, then click on the appropriate name
smiley - disco Me
smiley - disco Sian (Dr.Monhungar Von Gallegar)
smiley - disco Becki (Dr.Cow)
smiley - disco Kat (Counsellor Deanna Trois)
If you would like to become a shrink then leave an application at the homepage of Sian

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