Welcome To The Land of BLEEP! and Booze!!

Swords You have now entered the demesnes of Thog the Loinclothed One, God of smiley - bleep, also known as He of Many Titles, which titles include, but are not limited to, The Great and Almighty Demon Possessor of Loon; Official BFG; Muse of Apple Pies, Massive Gas Guzzling Chevys, and Whipped Cream; Lurker; ex-ACE (no time, no time); Xilagedhajjarah Nut of the Southwestern Nuts; aka Ruff Dogg, Cat Piddler - Upon First Class, Agent Provocateur, Infiltrator, and Demolitions Expert of the ACF (Anti - Cat Federation); aka The Loinclothed One and, of course, Once and Always Supporter of a smiley - toffeeapple Tag.A scary skullA scary skull

This is in fact my third demesnes in the H2G2 multiverse... should you care to witness firsthand the awesome glory of my previous home, you may follow this link Thog the Great and Almighty to my first PS, which still stands even unto this day. My second PS is identical to this one, so there's no reason to visit, really.


I am only really ever online while I am and otherwise I'm not, so if you try to find me and you can't, it's probably either because I'm not here, or it's because I am here but not right now. Check the pubs first, though, before you give up -- I'm usually around one of those somewhere -- and in the meantime you may wish to check out my most recent Guide entry Intelligence and Personality in Automobiles, which has appeared in HooToo AGG/GAG/CAC Issue... ummm... 30, I think. Or, you may wish to check out one of my other entries, as it appeared in the H2G2 Post: The Intricacies of the La Plata County Judicial System (Edited). There isn't much difference between this entry and the unedited version, but the edited one does have a very cool picture of some fish in it...(erm)... I'm not sure why, but, you know, free fish is free fish, and I wasn't about to be complaining. Also available is a nice rant on Homo Sapiens and the problems they have and how most of them would probably benefit greatly from a good pint or six of Guinness, which you can get here, should you be so inclined. If you've ever wondered what exactly is the deal with those goofy people in orange holding STOP signs, check this out. Written while I was Office Manager / Payroll Supervisor for a traffic control company, it may offer you some insight smiley - erm or something.

Yes, Indeed, I am the Muse of Apple Pies, Massive Gas-Guzzling Chevys, and Whipped Cream, so if you have any nagging questions about any of the above, well, now you know who to ask. Should you have any other musely questions, you can always ask one of the many friendly Muses that may be found at the Musehome

THE TEMPLE OF smiley - bleep

smiley - zenYEA,smiley - tasmiley - bleep OR NOT smiley - tasmiley - bleep MUST BE THE smiley - bleepING QUESTION THAT WE ASK OURSELVES, AND SO MUST WE CONCLUDE THAT smiley - tasmiley - bleep IS THE ONLY VIABLE smiley - bleep ACTION TO TAKE. YEA.smiley - zenWizard  by DoctorMOThose of Ye who would smiley - grovelkneelsmiley - grovel before the God of smiley - bleep and pray for supplication or even admittance unto the hallowed smiley - bleepHood, thou mayest leave thine offerings and sacrifices of stout, beef jerky, and beernuts (young blonde virgins accepted as well) at The Temple of smiley - bleep, and We, the God of smiley - bleep, will smilest upon thee, and consider thine request upon full and proper evaluation of the quality of thine offerings. We are now pleased to accept the HooToo Blue Card in addition to cash and virgins. Temple of BLEEP! Priestesses and SupportersHigh Priestess Michele, Most BLEEP!able DaughterHigh Priestess Batty,Keeper of the Holyeth Nuts Third Priestess Quille, Bootlegger of KegsFourth Priestess Captain Jedi Girl, Emissary of BLEEP! to the FoLDersThe Other Omylouse, Loyal Supporter of BLEEP!SuePlusArt, Associate of BLEEP!Lurcher, Loyal Supporter of BLEEP!Roadkill, Loyal Supporter of BLEEP!Pierce the Pirate, Esteemed Purveyor of BLEEP!ormondroyd, Newly BLEEP!ed Acolyte of BLEEP!Madman v2.3, Loyal and BLEEP!iest BLEEP! of BLEEP!arrietty42, 42 BLEEP!s of BLEEP! on the wall, 42 BLEEP!s of BLEEP!...LeviPuma, Self-Appointed Grand Inquisitor of BLEEP!Gold medalWhilst you're hanging about doing nothing in particular anyway, why not stop by The Avenue of Small Gods, where you can sort of lounge around with your towel about your head and meet all sorts of froody blokes (not to mention the Gods!)Three glassses of beer


If you are wondering who I am and why I'm here, well, you may never know! Ha ha haaaa!!!! No, seriously, though, I'm 25 (meh)years old, a strapping young man if ever there was, live in various places about Colorado, and I am currently busy managing payroll and various other rather boring things for a construction company. By night, I am er... well, possibly asleep, though I wouldn't count on it. Frankly, that just about wraps it up, other than my highly decreased and now fairly basically nonexistent smot poking -- if you can figure out what that means, you probably do too, so I won't worry about it.

Pentagram in a circle, two candles

No, I do not worship Satan. Unless you ask a Christian. But if you ask a Satanist, they will certainly denounce me. So there.

I Appreciate Chocolate Milk and Cheesecake!

On a lighter note, you should have (assuming that you do possess semi-humanoid eyelets) already noticed that I support cheesecake and chocolate milk, the nectar of the Gods and the Muses (like me! Wheee!)
I also am very fond of Guinness, and it was probably somewhat due to this fondness that I had such trouble with this danged Guide ML when I first started building PS's on HooToo. Now, I don't have too much trouble with it, but I think that's only because I've had to build three bloody Personal Spaces since I started... WHAT OF IT???smiley - nahnah


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