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This is the about me section, where I'm supposed to write about me. But I think that is boring. So instead I'll just say random things until I get bored, when I'll stop. I live in My House, in England. I have a family, and friends, and acquantances, and a cash flow problem. Actually, I think that's about all I have to say now. If I think of anything else later, I might add it, but then again I might not. It depends. On what I don't know. A starry electric guitar I am a H2G2 Guardian Angel.... Meet the active h2g2 Guardian AngelsGuardian Angels Home Page GOD-Almighty Archangel Big 'Evil' Dan - PS of Weekendism Archangel Bruce - PS of the Pixely Challenged Archangel Dr Justin - PS of Paper Cuts Archangel Dragonfly - PS of Muses Archangel Fashion Cat - PS of Indolent Students Archangel Galaxy Babe - PS of Tantrums Archangel Kes - PS of Lost Poets Archangel Marjin - PS of Lost Towels Archangel Silly Willy - PS of Silly Names Archangel Titania - PS of Mythical Characters Archangel Tweetie - PS of Impossible Escapes Archangel Zax* - PS of Alcoholic Indulgence Herald of Heaven - Saint broelan - PS of Divorcees Saint {CK}Psycho Monkey dragged through a Vortex backwards - PS of Monkeys Saint Acidbath - PS of Bus Drivers Saint Alicat - PS of Good Taste Saint Apollo - PS of Retired and Forgotten Gods Saint Arutha - PS of Personal Magnetism Saint Bassman - PS of Flight Simulation Saint Caelestis - PS of All Things Aeronautical Saint Casey-Sweetheart - PS of Singing in the Car/Shower/Rain Saint Cheese - PS of Long Lunches Saint Clelba - PS of Chocolate Cats Saint cloughie - PS of Flying Pigs Saint Cybercat - PS of Poems and Stories Saint Dancer - PS of Making People Feel Good About Themselves Saint Dastardly - PS of Things With Fangs Saint Dax - PS of Goodheartedness Saint Doctor John - PS of Chemically Challenged Saint Don Alfredo - PS of Family Business Saint Dorian Grey - PS of Lesser Demons and Hermetic Beings Saint Egon, the 745.3rd Count of Bratislava - PS of Vodka Saint Em - PS of the Lucky Charms Saint Emily Ultramarine - PS of Aestheticism Saint Friar - PS of Lost Puppies Saint Galen - PS of Crew Saint Goshoogoshoogosh - PS of Barry Manilow Saint Hatifnat - PS of Homeless Houseplants Saint Inkwash - PS of Two-legged felines Saint Ioreth - PS of Happy Accidents Saint Jenny & Fred the Cheese - PS of the Fantastically Creative Saint Jeremy FS JJB - PS of Asymmetric Hydrochronology Saint Jester - PS of Village Idiots Saint jimmiejaz - PS of Nadsat Fashion Saint Jon Quixote - PS of MoonMonkeys Saint Juno - PS of Ham Sandwiches Saint Killer Queen - PS of The Space Behind Sofas Saint Kristina - PS of Duende Saint Lady Elly - PS of the Wrong Foot Saint Lady of the Lake - PS of Single Parents Saint Leopardskinfynn - PS of Star Crossed Lovers Saint LePerdyMonkee - PS of the Selectively Ignored Saint Lil - PS of Graphic Detail Saint Miztres - PS of Lost Songs Saint Mystrunner - PS of Assassins and the Sunlight That Filters Through The Tree Leaves Saint Nameless - PS of Brevity Saint Nessaja - PS of Pessimistic Aardvarks Saint Nightshade - PS of Four-Leaved Clovers Saint Nikki - PS of Bubbly Drinks and Daydreams Saint Nim the cat - PS of Intricate Complexes Saint Ottox - PS of Danish Pastries Saint Patrick - PS of Depression Saint Paul H - PS of Ragtime Vogon Poetry Saint Pegasus - PS of Procrastination Saint Pink Dandelion - PS of Artistically Arranged Foliage Saint poison_girl - PS of The Slacker Society Saint Rama - PS of People Who've Drunk Too Much Coffee Saint Redfish - PS of Aquatic Life Saint Romani Angel - PS of Crystals Saint Sabryn - PS of Freaks and Geeks Saint Sad, mad or bad? - PS of Introspection Saint Salem Saberhagen - PS of Indomitable Spirits Saint sea - PS of the Easily Amused Saint Sergeant Mushroom - PS of Biker Cats Saint Seven of Nine - PS of Empathy Saint she - PS of Tooth Fairies Saint Shea the Sarcastic - PS of the Klutzy Saint Sir Culdasac - PS of Duelling Saint Sir Drunken Death - PS of Brewers Saint Skenvoy - PS of Computer Games Saint Spook - PS of Sex and Doctor WHO Saint Tar-Palantir - PS of Left-handers Saint Tashalls - PS of Normality Saint The Average Joe No One Ever Suspects - PS of Tacky Tourist Souveniers Saint The Librarian - PS of Dimensionally Challenged Saint The Theory - PS of the Snow Saint Tubaman - PS of Tuba Players Saint Underground Caroline - PS of the Terminally Starstruck Saint Wampus - PS of Apathy Saint Where is the dreamer? - PS of Dreamers Saint Wowbagger - PS of Toons You Can Never Quite Recall Saint ZPhantom - PS of Learning----------------------------------- REQUEST YOUR OWN GUARDIAN ANGEL The code for a list of this type
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And I have a smiley teapot: Anyone for tea?

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