Welcome to a little green island in cyberspace!

Not the Isle of Man

Welcome! You've just reached the shores of my little green cyber-island. Made of flotsam and jetsam, colonized by sea beans and green sentiments, the island has no name:

it just IS smiley - zen

Field Guide to ecotype (Ecotypica monensis)

Distribution: Isle of Man, little green island in cyberspace.
Habitat: Sea Bean Cottage: tiny, made of Peel red sandstone, 
lined with cat hairs, ground floor *finally* sorted after flooding over a year ago.
Longevity: Known to live at least until mid-thirties.
Diet: NO
I meant preferred food!: ah. Chocolate, fruit, Manx smoked cheddar etc.  
Methods of obtaining food: Currently working as a botanist.
Behaviour: Musical, solitary, tendency to live in inaccessible places.  
Mostly harmless, but may become agressive in the presence of
despoilers of the natural environment. Compatible with cats.


Once you have converted to GOO and explored this island, why not visit some others?

The following are recommended by the ecotype cyberspace tourist board:

Take Action! smiley - run

smiley - earth Isle of Man info

smiley - wow Full 'o sea beans!

smiley - winkeye How to dance, play with cats, draw cool pictures and otherwise spend time creatively...

smiley - cakeGo here and click here - don't tell me you haven't got the time...


must do something about the cupboard under the sink ....

OR: Stupid things I have done leading to misfortunes I wouldn't wish on anybody else PLUS things I found out that you might want to know too...

"I decided earlier on this summer to blow some of my hard-won, precious thimbleful of worm compost (how do they reduce so much crud to so little compost?) on growing some salad. Verdicts: 1) I have finally given up on ever growing satisfactory sweet peppers. After years of toil, shattered hopes and cranberry-sized peppers, I must finally admit that the season here is just too short, even with the help of makeshift polytunnel type arrangements. 2) "Micro-greens" are really good, and seem to grow without too much effort. Rocket got eaten by snails, but lambs' lettuce seemed to survive every plant predator around, growing luxuriant and blemish-free. Very tasty. But gone so quickly... 3)Tigerella tomatoes. Beautiful stripey toms with nice flavour. Snag: they grow like a small forest - I now need a machete to get to the dustbins... "

For the back catalogue of Ecotypical Tips, click heresmiley - ok

PS - got a garden?
Create that pond, NOW!!


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