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Just a question

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Hullo folks! Cactuscafe here! I just wanted to say hullo, and wondered if I could clarify a couple of things I've been thinking about in my journal, because I've gone all sensitive and worried, so I'm facing my fears, haha.

I still really want to support you folks, especially the biscuits part, smiley - rofl, I love that.

No, seriously, I'm trying to figure out my place on hootoo, as an artist, am I acceptable, outside of my journal. I'm not a writer, but I love to write, I do things in my own way, from the heart, I call it spirit writing, I'm happy in my tiny yet hopeful world. I don't really have much to communicate, I don't have a message or anything, I just make word patterns.

Do written submissions to Create have to be run through the AWW?

I really don't want to get involved with critique and grammar correction and getting roughed up by critics, all that sort of thing, I'm way too old, and long left that world, and I'm not looking for universal approval, smiley - rofl, I just want to do my thing, but perhaps try to adapt it to one of your themes.

I love the science fact/fiction theme, not sure if I'll have time, but if something spontaneous spills out in my journal, I'll post it to you, if it's the right type of thing.

eeeek, nervous. I'm sooo confused on hootoo, because I don't have the brain type to write Guide Entries, I don't know what footprints to leave. smiley - footprints. I'm having a footprint complex. haha

OK nice talking to you, I'll shut up now. Thanks for being there, at least I've tried to express my worries.

cc smiley - choc

Just a question

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Hello, cactuscafe

I think I know a little something of what you're feeling...
Want to make a contribution... don't feel suitable for the Edited Guide... not comfortable with going over & over doing touch-ups (quickly loses its flavour?)...

I don't think Create asks for any prior approval - but maybe someone will call in & tell you.

Myself, I go for smiley - thepost and don't feel put out if they're not happy with something.

Keep going, eh?

Just a question

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Hullo Rod! How are you? I haven't talked to you in ages.

That's nice what you said, thanks, it helps.

It's good when someone knows what you're feeling. And on a site like this, there's always space to feel real, and because of that, with a little help from my friends smiley - musicalnote, I got over my inadequacy blues and wrote something for Create.

Except if it has to go through the AWW for a checkup, I might have to go and eat pizza and chips in an airport cafe, before I emigrate to somewhere else entirely. smiley - rofl

Just a question

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(comes back in again, lost)

Where do I submit an entry for Create? Can I do it here?

Just a question

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Witty Moniker

Hi, cactuscafe! The current theme for Create can be found here:

Submissions can be posted in the conversation on that page.


Just a question

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Oh, hullo, Witty Moniker, I just posted it, it looked like a Create page.

If it doesn't get through I'll post it again where you suggest.

Sorry, bit lost here. So funny, I'm wandering through hootoo in the aftermath of an inferiority complex, trying to place a piece entitled The Neuroscience Tapes. smiley - rofl

This website is so great, so surreal. smiley - rofl

Just a question

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Witty Moniker

Well done! No need to post it again. smiley - smiley

Just a question

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There are plenty of places (or were, last time I looked) to try out if the edited guide isn't for you. The underguide folks can give you feedback, or not, the post will always look at submissions and have no fixed remit. I await the view of the create team, but I'm sure there is a space in the guide somewhere for what you have to offer. smiley - ok

Just a question

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Yes, there are really interesting options here, hootoo is great! The fault is me, smiley - rofl, I'm a wandering outsider, but I want to support the site.

I wish I could sign up as a volunteer, it would mean too much time at computer for me, hmm.

I feel so grateful really, this entire site is run by volunteers. Thanks peoples! smiley - kiss It must be really hard work, and all in your spare time. I hope you read this appreciation.

Create is great, I'm moving in. smiley - rofl. Well, perhaps not every month, but it's better for me to think I've ventured out of my journal and that I'm supporting something, and it's good for me too, especially the biscuits. I'm now at the university of biscuit. smiley - rofl

smiley - huh

Just a question

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Create: endeavours in reading, writing, rhythm, blues, art, photography, and biscuits.


To answer your original question: you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. If you don't want to go into anywhere like the AWW, don't do it. I certainly don't smiley - winkeye. Just write it, stick in the Submissions thread or attached to that month's challenge and the job's a good 'un.

Also, don't worry too much about GuideML - I can sort that out for you and have done for others.

Mags for Create

PS. Oh, and don't nick all the Pink Wafers (Roy Hodgson gets most upset when that happens smiley - silly)

Just a question

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Yay! OK! thanks so much all. smiley - kiss I really appreciate all the help. My teeming brain is much clearer now, thanks for helping me to find a clear space.

OK, so now I must go in search of Pink Wafers. I need Pink Wafers. hahaHAH.

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