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Artwork showing various cinematic emblems floating in space.

Isn't science brilliant? What with the Gaia spacecraft launching in December on a mission to compile a catalogue of one billion stars and planets in our solar system and the recent discovery of a previously unknown Pharaoh by archaeologists on the Egyptian site of Abydos. The fact that scientists have also discovered a 3D version of graphene which promises to be really exciting for the high tech industry, as well. It. Blows. Your. Mind.


So, what of science fiction? Have we nowhere else to go? Au contraire. Can you imagine societies of robots, all independent and starting a war? How about something darker - animal/human hybrids used for experimentation? Our imagination can take us as far as the stars, way beyond, and right back home again.

Which brings us to this month's challenge. Science fact and Science fiction.

You can write anything you like - a short story or poem, a personal account of how science fact/fiction has affected your life, the possibilities are endless. You could, however, jump right in and write an Edited Guide entry about either. Did you know, for example, we haven't got an Edited Entry onThunderbirds?

Come on, have a go. You know you want to.

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