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Badgering for a Badge

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Any chance of getting a Scavenger badge now, please?smiley - grovel

My first 5 scavenged articles (to date) are:

1) A2100439 Leeds, West Yorkshire by U240568 Dinnerlady & U115522 Number Six
Rescued as: A87740346 A Visitor's Guide to Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

2) A7207058 Guns - A Brief Summary of Terms by U1552428 Erik Nelson
Rescued as A87748249 Gun Glossary: Small Arms

3) A518195 Age of Kings by U160431 Inkwash
Rescued as A87753883 'Age Of Empires II: Age Of Kings' - The Game

4) A9609221 Sega Mega Drive - Its History and Many Spin-Off's by U1835238 CitizenTomAnderson
Rescued as A87761659 Sega Mega Drive - The Games Console

5) A21504692 S Club 7 (the pop group) by watchaharry
Rescued as A87762991 S Club 7 - the Pop Group


Badgering for a Badge

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Hey, well done you! That is sterling work. We've got a few glitches regarding badges, I can certainly award you a Scavenger badge, but do not be worried if it doesn't appear in Pliny. We're working on it. smiley - ok.

Badgering for a Badge

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h2g2 Guide Editors

You now have the Scavenger badge - at least in Ripley versions smiley - biggrin


Badgering for a Badge

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As long as I can see it in Goo and Alabaster, I'm happy.smiley - smiley


Badgering for a Badge

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Gnomon - time to move on

Well done, Bluebottle! I've only rescued one or two entries from the Flea Market myself.

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