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Shada - The Competition

Just in case you've not seen it yet, our new Front Page is up, and we're pleased to announce a competition, under the auspices of Create - but open to all members of h2g2, apart from the GEs, NPL employees and judging panel.

Even if you don't consider yourself to be all knowing regarding Dr Who, you may be able to write really well - so please enter! The prizes are great.

Here is the link to the competition page.


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Re: BB's Museum of Science and Industry Exciting Entry Proposal


Please click on this link to read the proposal by BlueBottle, intended for Manchester Meet 2012 attendees. This is a great suggestion and I would love to see it come to fruition.

Thanks BlueBottle! smiley - ok


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Stop Press!

With all the other excitement of yesterday's announcement regarding the official signing of the contract for h2g2 it rather overshadowed yet another important piece of news.

We have both good news and sad news - so in the interests of tradition we'll start with the sad. We are sorry to announce that Jordan has reluctantly resigned from his post as Guide Editor - due to real life circumstances. We wish him well in all that comes his way, we hope that we will see him frequently and anticipate that he'll be back to keep us all on our toes.

Thank you for all that you've done Jordan, we will hold your vision for the future of the Guide dear, and rest assured that your presence will not be forgotten.

And the good news? Obviously, a suitable candidate to fill such eminent shoes was not going to be easy - but with the application of much carrot, we've succeeded in enticing Icy to join the other three Editors.

Icy is well known across the whole of h2g2, and has credibility and kudos in spades. We welcome him with glad hearts and appreciate his acceptance of the post. We are sure that we will speak for the majority of members in being delighted to have him aboard.

smiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterfly~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~smiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterfly

The next month will be an exciting and nerve wracking time as we prepare for the beginning of life away from the BBC. Please continue to write, review and if you're a Scout, make your normal recommendations. If you're a sub-editor and have outstanding Entries - please return them to the BBC editors so that we have a good selection of items ready to publish. Thanks

smiley - bubbly

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Have Your Entry Featured on the New Front Page

smiley - magicThis is an incentive to get writing for the Future Guide.smiley - magic

We are asking as many people as possible if they would like to write for the New Guide. As a little persuasion tactic we are running an initiative in which the best of the Entries submitted to Peer Review now, will be intended to have place of honour on the Front Page of the very first edition of the Future h2g2 **

The normal procedure for submitting Entries and the original BBC Writing Guidelines still apply.

If you are considering volunteering for a Scout role, this incentive scheme is a good one for you to practice your commenting and reviewing skills. For writers, you will have the opportunity to have help with honing your final version.

Start writing now - remember we want to see original, fresh writing. Tell us about something that sings from your heart, explain your little corner of the Galaxy to us, or teach us something new.

We need to grow the Guide - Come and sow some seeds in Peer Review.

smiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterflysmiley - cheerupsmiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterflysmiley - cheerup
smiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterflysmiley - cheerupsmiley - rosesmiley - bluebutterflysmiley - cheerup

If you have any queries about this scheme - please reply to this thread. If you need help or advice about submitting your Entry, or need some suggestions for things to write about - please ask that as well. We fed the dragon earlier smiley - dragon and anyway it doesn't bite hard. smiley - winkeye

Lanzababy / H2G2 Future Guide Editorial Team

** Bearing in mind that the full legal aspects of the sale have still to take place, we cannot make hard and fast promises, this is our intention.

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