I am a retired academic economist. This will be my 59th year on this planet.
I have written a book on Consumer Capitalism. It covers the consequences of the failure of the efficient market hypothesis .  It also covers the economic events since 2008; and tries to give alternate solutions rather than just more of the same orthodox platitudes.  John Maynard Keynes, Milton Friedman and their folllowers have dominated economic debate for too long .  In thisTwenty-First Century new answers are urgently required. Nothwithstanding this, all new ideas will be formulated from the heights already scaled by these eight great economic thinkers: Francoise Quesnay, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Karl Marx, Alfred Marshall, John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman.  Of these geniuses, I am more closely aligned with Karl Marx, but I have a lot of respect for the published work of John Maynard Keynes. I live in Sydney,  Australia. Having retired from work but not from life, I need new mental challenges. This year (2012) will be a "Me Time" year!  I recently finished nursing my father for over four years.  When he died (in November, 2011) I had a lifestyle choice to make. I decided to follow my dream of writing a book and running my own business. My hobbies include writing fast stories, posting story ideas, writing love poetry and walking for fitness. My favourite sport is cricket, but I also like Rugby.  I am not married and do not have any children. I do have a large extended family. One of my direct ancestors came from England, but was not a convict.  All my other ancestors came from Ireland. Those Irish ancestors were all farmers!
Having recently visited both England and Ireland (May 2012); I have seen the great literary tradition that comes from those two countries. The English have a great ability to use comedy, in all its facets, to make us stop and think about life. The Irish see comedy in tragedy and use comedy to help them cope with a. at times. bleak existence. Both countries have given the world great writers. Dublin, Ireland is the city of writers and authors. Any budding writer should go there and experience the craic. This will free up their writing and enrich it with humourous experiences. Serious playwrights must go to England and throw themselves into the London theatre scene. This would be both an enriching and frightening experience. Actors that go on stage in London will have the greatest scripts to display their talent.
For the romantics, my advice is go to Paris. The inspiration, provided by this city, is legendary. It will not help your writing per se but it will give you experiences that are unique in my experience. Such experiences allow a writer to draw on a deep well for their characterisation and plot developments. For example, I was on the Metro in Paris in May of 2012, I looked around and saw the most classic Gallic person I had ever seen. He was squat, bull necked and had a face that could stop a thousand cannon balls. I imagine that this type of Frenchman would have formed the solid core of Napoleon's grande armies. Alternatively, his features could match those of a senior NCO with the French Foreign legion.
To round off your experience as a writer, can I suggest that you travel to Asia. Here there is little romance, less time for writers and dreamers and more stark reality than most Anglo-saxons can handle. The grim realities of life in Asia should not dissuade budding authors. Look behind the desperate struggle for survival and you will see a people happy to be alive and determined to make their life richer and more serene. It is a great gift to be able to stare starvation in the face with fortitude and courage. This can be witnessed in Asia on a daily basis. The pace of life is faster in Asia, but no less envirgorating, than it is in Europe and America.
Simply put, time poverty exists all over the globe. In Asia,it has been that way for centuries and they are used to time deprivation. In Europe (and Britain) it is an acquired taste that people cannot now escape. In America, it has become a necessity.
i chose this social network site because it stimulates and develops my writing. Travel also stimulates and develops the writers ability to reach their readers in their minds and on the fields of imagination. No writer can ignore inspiration because from this dam comes the waters of enligthenment.


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