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Researcher 179388

Poor Zhaan smiley - cry

Do you suppose that orange one is taking her place?

Oh, Andromeda, gotta go!

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Well, if you were gonna go, wouldn't you wannasmiley - kissCrichton before you went?
Lucky Zhaan....smiley - tongueout

Yes, I reckon the orange one is now in the regulars.

They usually introduce the new blood before disposing of the old...think Kes in Voyager, Seven of Nine was just a borg when Kes got morphed into a higher being....

Am I missing Andromeda?

Oh, what a shame.smiley - winkeye

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Sho - employed again!

*shifts about on the rubber ring*

Any smiley - tea left?

I didn't even switch Andromeda on (hubs had his footie team on the tv, there was no way I was even going to try!!)

Poor old Zhan, Zaan, Zan, Zen... smiley - bluelady. I liked her the best (apart from Mr.Slurpy of course)

Oh wasn't he gorgeous yesterday? And all the time hubs was muttering "it's poop" under his breath until I tried to kill him with a piece of cheddar.

Remember the bit about when we were kids/younger? So, who else letched after Oliver Tobias in Arthur of the Britons?

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Researcher 179388

I remember sayinf to my mother that I liked Oliver Tobias and she said he would get jowly when he was older. That put me off him altogether and she was right!

Ian MacShane was another gorgeous young man. He hasn't aged too badly I suppose. He was in the Witches of Eastwick when we went to see it earlier in the year and he was very good.

Andromeda ends next week smiley - wah

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

*offers C a tissue*
smiley - cheerup
You can watch 3 eps of Farscape a week!
smiley - biggrin
I liked Ian McShane in "Lovejoy" and wasn't he Sue Ellen's love interest in late episodes of Dallas?smiley - erm

I wish I could remember the name of the male model who is in Britney Spear's video to the song "Don't Let Me Be The Last One To Know"
He even has a Taurus tattoo on his shoulder, and that is *my* birthsign!
And he's FRENCH so he's bound to have a delicious accent.


smiley - runfor a cold showersmiley - steamsmiley - biggrin

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Researcher 179388

Ian McShane was in Dallas, but he was so obviously shorter thatn Linda Gray there was a certain comedy element to the camera shots smiley - laugh

Christopher Walken sends delicious shivers up and down my spine. I had no idea he started his career singing and dancing in musicals till he was in Fat Boy Slim's video, I've forgotten the name of the track now smiley - sadface

Alan Alda in MASH :-p

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You can call me TC

All of them in MASH. That film just reeked of sex!

We haven't had the Baldwins yet. You know, Alec and William and I think there's a third one. The perfect mixture of wickedness and mischieveness and sex. And William Hurt in Children of a Lesser God was breathtaking.

And now here comes my skeleton in the cupboard. Noone seems to understand why I think Dan Ackroyd cuddly.

I'm afraid I'm not into sports, although I expect there are lots of muscly, sweaty men out there for us.....

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Sho - employed again!

Yep, everyone except Klinger and Radar were sexy in MASH. Espeically Alan Alda.

Ian McShane - went off him when I had to endure him singing in my Dad's car about 3 years ago. Erk. And seeing him in Dallas very recently made me nearly pee my pants!

Don't like the Baldwins. They look sly

Hmmmm who else... Oh, Rob Lowe in the West Wing. I hate that type of show but his character and that of the prez are both a bit tasty.

Dan Ackroyd, TC? Not as bad as me panting after Robbie Coltrane in Cracker.

Who gets to watch Farscape 3 times a week...? (oh yeah, me too...) What's coming on in place of Poopdromeda?

(not that I care 'cos I get breakfast and dinner with Daniel Jackson... slurp!)

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I think there's 4 Baldwin of them you missed is Stephen.
Anyone else agree with me about Q-Ball from Sliders?
Jerry O'Connell? He could be related to the Baldwin brothers, he has a similar looksmiley - bigeyes
MASH the film or MASH the tv series?
Sorry, I'm confusedsmiley - erm
Dan Akroyd was great in "My stepmother is an alien", but "Ghostbusters" strongest character was the star of "Groundhog Day", and he was great in that too, Bill Murray. He's not that good-looking but I always love his films! He'd keep me entertained.

Can anyone else remember Pete Duel from "Alas Smith and Jones"?
Serious letch, unfortunately had a sad demise.smiley - sadface

Can't say I've ever hankered after Robbie Coltrane.
I do prefer my men on the skinny side though.

Andromeda's finished?
Maybe "Enterprise" is starting next week!!!!
Ooh, can't waitsmiley - bigeyes
Quantum Leap meets Star Trek, smiley - biggrin

I loved that blokes flat, in the Final Front Room.
How can we track him down, and descend on him for asmiley - tea?
I have a proper Star Trek mug.smiley - biggrin

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Researcher 179388

Andromeda finishes next, so you have one more episode. Enterprise has been advertised to start in the NEw Year on Sky 1, but wouldn't put it past them to bring it forward if the series is a success in the US.

I've heard that Ian McShane album too. When I was a Community Nurse, I spent a day with our Nurse Visitor to the Elderly, who was retiring age herself! Anway one of her wrinklies had given this tape to her. So we played it in the car whilst on our rounds and found it completely hilarious!

Jerry O'Connell is rather nice, so's his bruv, Chris.

Alias Smith & Jones, that was a fun series, they were both rather lovely.

I like Dan Akroyd too, but not as a really serious letch.

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You can call me TC

Robbie Coltrane is a bit "too much" for me, too, but he is the most brilliant actor. He even made a very convincing job of that affair with his red-haired assistant when "Fitz" - whatever that was called in the original.

And Gregor Fisher also has some latent eroticism I can't quite put my finger on. But I must admit, given the choice between him and Brad Pitt, ......... well are we here for a laugh or what?. At least I'd understand Brad Pitt!

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Sho - employed again!

MASH the tv series. Alan Alda's character was... flip but serious. And I loved Colonel Potter (not as letch material)

Oh, yesterday: Stargate letch for breakfast, Stargate letch for dinner, Stargate letch after kids in bed, Farscape letch straight after late Sstargate letch, then when the hubs got home I made him watch Stargate straight away. Thought I was going to implode! (there is method to my madness: I had a lot of hand sewing to do, so I did it all yesterday!)

I had a lot of problems imaginging Fitz with Panhandle (the policewoman's name was Penhaligon I think)... she was tiny!

Completely away from actors, I think Lawrence Dilaglio (or however it's spelt) from the England Rugby team would be good in a one on one scrum! And I always letched Rob Andrew for some reason, and Tony Underwood.... And David Ginola, and Ryan Giggs for some strange reason. (yep, I'm a tv sports widow too)

Listened to War of the Worlds in the car yesterday narrated by Richard Burton. Oh his voice is so.......... c'mon help me out here with a description.

And yes, I'd love to get the Final Front Room guy on here to talk about his apartment... I loved the infinity mirror.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Lucky I taped "The Final Front Room", I was able to show it to my friend who visited last night, the infinity mirror is fab!
smiley - wow
I bet he gets laughed at by his mates, but I bet every trekker in the country was envious.
Wouldn't we all love a room, just decorated for our own indulgance?
I'm gonna rewind the tape, write down his name, then search for him - I'll keep you posted.
We haven't had any men contribute to this forum so far, have we?
smiley - laugh
We probably frighten themsmiley - bigeyes
This is serious "girl-talk" isn't it?smiley - biggrin
I managed to catch 2 Stargates yesterday, and I taped the Farscape to watch ~alone~ later with asmiley - teaand my bibsmiley - tongueoutI had to laugh as we watched "The Blue Planet" on the other side, and as soon as I heard David Attenborough's dulcid tones, I thought of you lot!!!smiley - laugh
Richard Burton's voice, smiley - wow
Very deep and Welsh....descriptionsmiley - erm....masterful. That's the only word I can come up with. No wonder Elizabeth Taylor married him twice. He had a look about him, you knew he was capable of whipping your knickers off without a second's warning, and I bet he wasn't a 5-minute-man either.
smiley - blush
MASH - I never missed an episode of that, I honestly don't remember letching any of them, it was just a fantastic series. I enjoyed the characters emotions, I think I laughed and cried in every episode!
One of the most memorable moments was when the lads pulled down the tent when Hotlips was having her shower.
smiley - laugh
I loved Alan Alda's laugh! He put his whole soul into it!

Who hear remembers "Moonlighting"? The fantastic Cybill Shepherd and the gorgeous Bruce Willis {with a head-full of hair}smiley - bigeyes
I have a lot of those episodes still on video, my favourite ep. was "Maddie Hayes got married" and Dave {Bruce} threw a batchelor party {stag night} for Maddie's new husbandsmiley - laugh
The Royal Order of the Yellow Napkin-heads.
smiley - biggrin
My daughter still ask to watch that episode, it has everything!
The chemistry between the two of them was brilliant, and just before they got together, Maddie had an affair with Sam the astronaut..the seriously letchworthy actor {who was in RL married to "Mindy" of Mork & Mindy fame} his favourite music was Frank Sinatra.....I *am* going to look up his name. He was drop-dead gorgeous.smiley - bigeyes In one episode while this was going on, the guest "baddie" was the actor who played "Jack" in "Midnight Caller" smiley - erm Is my memory a sieve today or what???
smiley - grr
So in one episode, there was Bruce Willis, and the other two...serious letches. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven! Cybill must have had great fun working on that show.
I remember she complained that "Dave" kissed her "too hard" {hehehe I'd like to check that out!smiley - bigeyes} so he practised on the secretaries, in his office. The girls were all lined up, and he kissed one with a "lipuslochus" and when he finished, she passed out, smiley - laugh
Then Maddie walked insmiley - laughand the girls filed out, and the one who had passed out, got up, was looking at him on the way out and she walked into the door!
smiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laugh
Oh, I miss that series.
I gotta go rummage through my collection of dusty old tapes, see if I can find "Maddie's turn to cry" I think that was the ep. with all three letches in. I'll be back with names smiley - bigeyes

smiley - run

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Mark Harmon was the astronaut Sam in Moonlighting.
I just found the episode where Maddie & Dave got together {finally} and they were rolling around the floor with him pushing furniture out of the way with one hand, while holding onto Maddie with the other, all to "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes smiley - bigeyes

smiley - runto watch it againsmiley - winkeye

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Gary Cole! "Jack" in Midnight Caller ~serious drool~
That voice smiley - bigeyes
Hated him in "The Brady Bunch" though, must have been the hair!smiley - yikes

Someone else I was deliciously reminded of while dusting off my old tapes, was the star of "V" - one wonderfully brooding letch by the name of Marc Singer mmmmmmmmmmm, if I remember correctly, he had a part in Dallas, as one of Bobby's friends, he found an emerald mine.
Ooh, I just remembered Bobby Ewing, aka Patrick Duffy, have we mentioned him before?smiley - bigeyesMMMMMMMMMMsmiley - tongueout

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Sho - employed again!

Patrick Duffy... all I can think of is those horrible yellow trunks!! yergh!

I just loved Hawkeye, he's a bit like me I suppose, making jokes about the serious stuff, but for the really serious stuff he's right in there doing the job, then making the jokes after. I like that in a man. (once went out with a fireman, you should hear the sicko jokes they tell... fair turns the stomach)

Seriously running out of letch here... the whole world seems to have narrowed to Ben Browder and Daniel Jackson (see, I prefer him with the glasses... which MS doesn't have)

And while I'm thinking about DJ, can anyone give me a serious reason why hetero women write/read m/m slash fics?

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

"can anyone give me a serious reason why hetero women write/read m/m slash fics?"
smiley - erm
If you can give me a clue what that question means, I'll gladly give you my opinion, Sho.
smiley - blush
Sorry, am I too old to understand?
smiley - erm

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AquaMarina the Mermaid - wearing her shell bikini top for the bikini contest@A480449

Troy Tempest!smiley - tongueout
He's MINE!
All mine I say!smiley - winkeye

smiley - schooloffish

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Sho - employed again!

We were discussing fanfics (maybe not here) and... well there is a subsection of fanficdom which is called "slash" and involves (to a greater or lesser extent... some very graphic) same sex relationships within the context of the story.

So it has emerged (after extensive research by me!) that by far the biggest section of the Slash stuff is m/m stuff, and that it's mostly written by women. And read by women. And I can't work out why. The f/f stuff really bugs me for some reason, although I'm not against reading smut. Sometimes.

No idea why it's called Slash though.

Troy Tempest? Who he?

Anyone else have a secret hankering for Des Lynham? And while I'm back on sport, Alan Hansen is quite tastey too.

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Post 120

Sho - employed again!

Oh heck, where's the "Doh!" smiley when I need it.

Troy Tempest!!!


Hi Aquamarina. Nice shell bikini, btw... maybe that will drag a few guys in here... so we can annoy them with our superficial drooling.

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