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Researcher 179388

Simon Dee was around in the late sixties. He was tall, blond and good looking. He started out as DJ on one of the smiley - pirate radio stations, I believe.

He had one of the first chat shows on British tv, which was very successful. He blotted his copybook, but I don't remember the details, whether it was an on-air thing or off.

Anyway, his tv career didn't survive. smiley - sadface

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Yes, I remember Simon Dee, but he never affected me at all.
Robert Powell as Jesus was unbelievable, in a nice way, he was so charismatic, I would have kissed his feet! Those piercing eyes....smiley - wow
TC, yes, letching is in the head, I agree.
That is where all good sex starts.
Perhaps your husband has forgotten the art of seduction?
God forbid the act of making love ever becomes a chore like the washing up.
{I know, I have been married}.
I was married for 11 years, but I've been divorced 16 years now.
When I am with a man, I don't fantasize.
I save that for when I am alonesmiley - winkeye
smiley - blush
I play back sexy scenes in my head, and, well...smiley - bigeyes
smiley - biggrin
I dream of being kissed like my heroes kiss their women.
There is one man in my lfe who has kissed me *once* and made my toes curl, in fact I enjoyed it as much as an orgasm...but it was a "one-off"smiley - sadfaceOther men who are better suited to my personality, just don't turn me on.
I complain about being alone/on my own, but I turn down more offers than I accept.
Sometimes I like being alone, so I can fantasize.
Fantasies never let you down.

smiley - blue

I could live without sex.
Just smiley - kiss all night.
I'd be a happysmiley - bunny

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Researcher 179388

How about the guy form The Champions? Stuart something, I think.

Even though they were pretty ancient for a teenage girl, Roger Moore and Tony Curtis in The Persuaders were worth a watch.

My memeory has given up on me today and gone soemwhere more cheerful, the guy who played Face in the A Team and was also in Battlestar Galactica.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Stuart Damon?
Boy, that's going back!
I remember my brother drooling over Alexander Bastedo, and all the kids in my school sniggering over her name.
I think the other "Champion" was Richard...smiley - huha much more well-known actor who I've seen in other things.
I remember watching Battlestar Galactica.
Apollo..smiley - wow
Starbuck..smiley - cdoublesmiley - wowsmiley - loveblush
I remember The Persuaders, wasn't Nyree Dawn Porter also in that?
Can't remember what it was about though, I don't remember them being letch-worthy.smiley - sadface
From Blake's Seven....Avon. He was dangerously attractive, you just never knew what he was going to do, yet that snog he had with Servalansmiley - wowhe was even worshipped as a god in one episode and his attitude changed completely, he became very protective of them. I was surprised he didn't stay there, but he would have got bored being worshipped and adored...smiley - ermwell, maybesmiley - winkeye

Who liked Michael Landon? {Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie}. He was also in "Highway to Heaven", I cried at every episode. When he died, I howled for days.smiley - cry
I named my first daughter after Laura {Half Pint} from "Little House"...

Who did you fancy from the charts in those days?
All my school friends were nuts about Marc Bolan, my sister fancied Donny Osmond, me - I liked Cliffsmiley - blush{still do!} Elvis, David Cassidy....smiley - bigeyesDavy Jones from the Monkees...cute.

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Researcher 179388

I liked Michael Landon too. Loved the Little House books.

I went off Avon, thought he started getting too big for his boots.

Davy Jones in the Monkees! I was about 11 at the time. Roger Daltry, more blue eyes mmmmmmmmm.

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Me too on Davy Jones, Marc Bolan, and Stuart Damon! smiley - bigeyes

You're all very lucky about being able to fantasise as I just can't seem to and as I said previously, one of the few semi erotic dreams that I had involved David Attenborough and we did nothing more than smiley - smooch and smiley - hug! smiley - erm

Mind you, that doesn't mean that I'm incapable of a healthy drool. smiley - angel

Have any of you ladies found that as you've aged, you've found yourselves attracted to men that you wouldn't even have given a second glance fifteen or twenty years ago? If so, do you think it's because we're subconsciously seeking different attributes and are more interested in companionship? smiley - scientist

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Sho - employed again!

Flaming Norah Gwennie, that's philosophical!


heh heh.

I was a David Cassidy/Marc Bolan girl, but I was a bit young. Then I was big into Midge Ure (Slik days) and Bryan Ferry (come to think of it... Bryan Ferry!! slurpsville Arizona! How come I never had teachers like that??)

Who else from my school days? Roger Taylor from Queen, Jon Taylor from Duran Duran. I've been in love with Eric Clapton's hands forever.

In Blake's 7 I liked Tarrant (the curly haired one) and Doyle from the Professionals... hmmm a trend I think. Mind you, now I'm an old letch I still like Martin Shaw from those days, and Martin Shaw from now.

Oh and musically: letched Peter Gabriel for years & years & years. And Jimmy Paige. Roger Daltrey.

OK, now I deffo need the smiley!

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You can call me TC

Robert Powell - Yesss! I remember him mainly in something scifi, which brings us back full circle. And Marc Bolan did it for me then, but not Cliff Richard. In those days I must have been more into the music, because, remembering the names I had on my jotter, they were more musicians (the more obscure the better - which brings me to John Peel. I loved his voice!)

Michael Palin. Yes. I think that was the first one who I really had a more grown up crush on. My attitude as I've got older is that I look for an all-round charmer. So, while when I was 16 it had to be someone who looked nice, I react more to gestures, facial expression, voice, the way he moves and walks and especially the way he looks at his female counterparts. Michael Palin had humour.

For example, lots of people fancy Jack Nicholson, or, come to that, Gerard Depardieu, etc. Or I saw a film last night with John Malkovich. None of whom could objectively be described as good-looking. And yet women swoon. It's the way they look at people, the confidence they exude, the nonchalance, the je-ne-sais-quoi. Or to quote another name dropped in this thread, John Cleese. Perhaps it's just the money.

The Tony Curtis/Roger Moore thing is enormous in Germany. Is still being repeated continually on some station or other because this is a solitary case of the dubbed version being better than the original. The lines are really clever and the banter so amusing. So they are most remembered for the script - the only bit that didn't come from America! There are people my husband's age who can quote whole episodes!

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Sho - employed again!

I love Michael Palin. Oh I love him. And he's from Sheffield!

Confidence is sexy. Young women haven't a clue - which is fair enough, there's got be something to keep us oldies interested (and interesting).

I wonder if Bill Gates actually has women throwing themselves at him?

Robert Powell has aged well, but his character in The Detectives is so... blokeish, that I can't fancy him any more. There was a guy in the Prime Suspect series, one of the Dectives (Richard his name was) who subsequently turned up in the Channel 5 soap Family Affairs as a loser. In Prime Suspect he was passionate and compassionate, and I loved him (nice voice) but in FA... erk. Put me right off.

I love to laugh, Robbie Coltrane would be a challenge, but I bet I could have a good time with him.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Sean Connery: his looks, his voice, his charismasmiley - bigeyes
John Cleese: his ability to entertain....
Jim Carrey: he would make me laugh.
Patrick Swayze: I would never take my eyes off his body.~swoon~
Jerry O'Connell: ditto
Michael Shanks: ditto
Robert Beltran: I would **** him to deathsmiley - bigeyes
Shane Filan: his looks, his voice...
Ben Browder: smiley - wowsmiley - wowsmiley - wow

Gwennie, as I have got older, my taste in men has got younger....I am also hankering after trying out *new* things. Things to do for the "first time" are so rare now, there are more "last times" when you get to my age.smiley - erm

Now, as soon as I get to sleep with Ben, Shane, Jerry, Patrick or Robert for the first time, you'll all be the first to knowsmiley - winkeye
smiley - laugh

Don't forget Star Trek night, girls, on BBC2, 7.30pm.
Clashes with Farscape at 8pm, but that will be repeated on Weds, right? It's hosted by Jonathon Ross, I've been trying to work out whether he's fanciable or not....I'd probably watch Voyager episodes with him if he popped round with a bottle of wine one evening, but we'd have a good laugh.smiley - smiley

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Researcher 179388

Has anyone mentioned Terrence Stamp yet? Even wrinkly, he is mouth watering, or is that cos I am getting that way too?

When I have got a bit more time, I shall tell you all about the most handsome man I have seen in real life.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - tongueout
*waits in anticipation*smiley - bigeyes

Terrence Stamp. Wasn't he the baddie in one of the Superman films?
Speaking of Superman, no-one has mentioned Dean Cain yet! *slaps head*
Seriously ~drool~ worthysmiley - biggrin
And the chemistry was good with "Lois"...Terri Hatcher. Didn't ~she~ look smiley - bigeyes in her costume when she accidentally gained superpowers?

OK, who watched the Star Trek event last night?
Marina Sirtis is impressed by Jeri Ryan, join the queue!!!!!
I was impressed by Kate Mulgrew, she signed over 5,000 autographs, at a convention in Blackpool, then posed with fans for photographs...a real smiley - starsmiley - smiley
I suppose the chances of the next Star Trek convention being within a busride of Cleethorpes and the very special guest being Robert Beltran are a bit high, what do you think?

~drifts off into dreamland~

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You can call me TC

*sets a tea table with fine porcelain teacups, doileys, finely cut cucumber sandwiches, damask napkings and lots of petits fours, decorated with vibrators and waits for Caerwynn to tell her tale.* smiley - teasmiley - teasmiley - teasmiley - tea

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

First simpost of the day smiley - winkeye
*pourssmiley - teaand starts to gossip with TC*
smiley - cake?

smiley - biggrin

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Researcher 179388

*takes a cup of smiley - tea and a slice of smiley - cake*

Oh dear, I think the anticipation might outweigh the story!

When I was a teenager I quite liked people like David Cassidy, Manolito (sp, I expect!) in the High Chaparral, Paul Michael Glazer in Starsky and Hutch, but they were all over shadowed by Clint Eastwood. So strong and silent.....

*goes off into a reverie*

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Morning ladies! Did we all have a wonderful weekend? smiley - bigeyes

*Bounces about because her sproglets have returned to their respective schools and stops bouncing long enough to pour herself a smiley - tea*

Clint has always had a certain "je-ne-sais-quoi" and is just like a good wine that improves with age.

I actually like Ian Hislop, the editor of Private Eye that appears on "Have I Got News For You". He's just so witty and cynical. smiley - tongueout

I know that he's as bent as a nine bob note, but I find Stephen Fry absolutely captivating and could listen to him talking for hours. (Well actually I do because I have three of the Harry Potter novels that are narrated by him!) smiley - weird

On the topic of voices, Richard Burton's could always make my legs turn to jelly, especially when combined with those piercing eyes of his. Has anyone heard him read "Under Milkwood"? I have a copy at home that I listen to regularly. smiley - cool

Yes, I too watched the Star Trek night on BBC 2 last night although was a tad disappointed that the preview of "Enterprise" was so fleeting.

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Sho - employed again!

1. Hand over the smiley - tea I'm gaspin... and some smiley - cake 'cos I've been hanging around the airport all morning and I'm starvin'.

2. Can't believe we got a NANOSECOND of Enterprise last night. But I'm happy that my fav ep of my fav trek was on (DS9 and the tribbles... can't believe I was letching DAX!!) sheesh, gimme more smiley - tea.... The trek thing was good, I loved that guy's apartment in The Final Front Room. Poor love, seriously in need of a RL (like some others I could care to mention... ahem!)

3. Terence Stamp, Clint Eastwood... Manolito (loved him!). Ian Hislop... I'd like him and Angus Deyton to pop round for some serious... OH, Alan Davies is on that too sometimes. (can anyone tell me when and where it's on so I can tune in).... serious .... banter. smiley - winkeye

4. Thanks, Gwennie, had a great weekend. Heh heh heh. Nudge nudge wink wink say no more! Who mentioned trying out new things up there on the thread? Have you been talking to my old man??? smiley - blush!!

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*Passes Sho a rubber ring to sit on* smiley - cool

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Researcher 179388

*snaps out of reverie*

Right, Alessandro, or call me Alex! Was the barman at our hotel in Italy in July.

He was drop dead gorgeous! Dark hair, green eyes with a twinkle, cheek bones you could hang pictures on, tall (6' at least), broad shouldered and snake hipped.

He had worked on P&O cruises for 4 years before returning home to Italy. So his English was good, but with a delicious accent.

As it was the first time in all our 9 years together that hubby and I had been away on our own, I couldn't really openly drool. Also I didn't want to look like some sad middle aged woman lusting after young blood. So I had to contain myself!

But it was always me who suggested a drink in the bar before dinner and again after our evening promenade!

He could certainly mix a good smiley - stiffdrink and his margaritas where the best I have tasted so far! It is his intention to open a bar on Cuba, so I can foresee a trip there one day!

Quite simply, he was the most beautiful man I had ever set eyes on!

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Oh I am SO glad I started this thread!
I could jump for joy that I am not the only middle-aged woman lusting after young blood!smiley - bigeyes
My heart is still pounding from tonight's episode of Farscape, aside from being unbearably smiley - cry when Zhaan died, but I saw ~swoon~ Crichton in a tux, and later, in a suit & tie, ~slavers profusely~
smiley - tongueout


Anyone got a fan?
I really need to reduce my temperature.

It was me who mentioned trying new things.
Thanks for being the first to give it a try, Sho smiley - smiley

*waits patiently for the first available male to darken her doorstep* {and prays it's not a "don't touch ME Virgo....."}

I'll be reporting back smiley - bigeyes

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