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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I had seen those two episodes so I watched the footballsmiley - erm
Well I ~tried~ to watch the football.
Which is difficult with your recent ex- texting you every five minutes...
Mina says she has never seen Andromeda, so she doesn't know who Tyr is.
But I bet if she saw a pic of him she would smiley - bleepsmiley - whistlesmiley - winkeye
Now then, how can you post a link to a website with the url being removed by a moderator?
I have tried posting urls inside asmiley - chocsmiley - cakebut they always ate the smiley - cakeand removed the url anywaysmiley - bigeyes
Clever mods!smiley - winkeye
Gotta get a pic of Tyr to Mina.
She will fancy him until she hears his voice.
smiley - laugh
Mina, watch Andromeda next Monday night.
But have some matchsticks ready.
For your eyelids.
smiley - biggrin

Gotta smiley - runsorry.
My son's first night at Cubs.smiley - smiley

*leavessmiley - teaandsmiley - cakefor the girls and the modssmiley - winkeye

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Sho - employed again!

oh heck, urls.... which ones were you looking for again???? I can e-mail some to gwennie and she can pass them to you (if it was from me that is) or you can go to my website and mail me if you like.....

I watched Stargate, because I was taping this time... see told you I was sad... because I'm writing a fanfic (good articl on Peer Review about fanfic btw) and I'm thinking maybe a little Jack/Daniel action...... or maybe not. Last time I tried to write smut I fell off my chair laughing...

I spent all afternoon when I should have been working writing all the codes for the smilies on my printed version which didn't print... sheesh! wait 'till the boss finds out. still, some are great like smiley - fullmoon and smiley - orangefish and smiley - strawberries but some others.... what's all this about -=O ?

Nothing to drool at on tv today, so I suppose I'll have to iron!

Cubs eh? Were you sewing his badges.... bless! I love cubs, they're so cute. Don't tell him or he'll get all butch on you!

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Post 23

Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

He hated itsmiley - sadface
Wouldn't join in and sat theresmiley - cry
smiley - sadface
I know it was noisy, but his school is noisy.smiley - sadface
The other children were so kind, too.
A couple of them came over and tried to get him to join in, but he didn't want to know.
I took him because he has no friends, and I am trying to bring him out of his shell.
All he wanted to do was come home, and play with his Pokemon game.
The Cub leader said I can take him back next week to try again, but I know Andrew and if he knows I am about to take him "there" again, he will hit the roof.
I would love to see him make friends, but he is such a loner.smiley - blue

Ironing?smiley - yikesI like that chore about as much as I like sewing.smiley - yuk
smiley - grr
smiley - bruised{I just "named" his new school uniform}.

Any Andromeda website so I can tell Mina where to look for a pic of Tyr.
I honestly think she'll drool all over her keyboard.smiley - bigeyes

I got this alert from Ananova:
"BBC2 is to host an evening of Star Trek-related programmes presented by Jonathan Ross.
It will include a classic episode of Deep Space Nine, three
documentaries and movie blockbuster Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
Star Trek Night will take place on ***Sunday September 16 at 7.30pm.***
The three documentaries will explore the scientific principles explored in the series, through to its longevity and the development of special effects.
The evening will be punctuated by a series of 'shorts' containing
interviews and other Star Trek-related matter."

Read and digest and mark in your diary.smiley - magic
It does clash with the second series of Farscape on the sci-fi channel, but I can tape thatsmiley - bigeyes

I'm hoping there is going to be a one-to-one interview withsmiley - loveblushRobert Beltran.smiley - bigeyessmiley - tongueoutsmiley - kiss
~wipes chin~
smiley - biggrin
Nothing worth watching last night, there certainly wasn't, which is why I went to bed early and why I was awake at 5amsmiley - sadface
Oh well, chance to answer all my threads!smiley - biggrin
I love my house when it's very quiet, little 'un is still asleep and it's too early even for the birds.
I've put the kettle on for my thirdsmiley - teaof the day alreadysmiley - bigeyes

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the Sam/Jack kiss in their Groundhog Day episode, I thought the whole episode was good, except it never quite explained how come there was only Jack and Teal'c who knew they were caught in a time loop.smiley - huh

I don't know what that smiley was that you were trying to type, Sho.
.=Osmiley - huh
.=0 does that work?
Probably best to preview before I post thissmiley - bigeyes

Well I just previewed this post and neither of those turned out, so you will have to tell me what smiley you were trying to type, maybe I can get you the correct one?
I've typed smileys accidentally, e.g. if you post the smiley facesmiley - smileyafter a letter "O" you get the angel smileysmiley - biggrin
smiley - angel
So you can get that by typing < flyhi > or O : - )
I have also accidentally typed thesmiley - doctorsmiley by:
smiley - doctor
You can get that smiley by typing < doctor > or the smiley face after a "o"....o : - )
Try them and see!
It confused me at first, after I posted and saw thesmiley - doctorsmiley, and I knew I hadn't typed itsmiley - winkeye

*dashes off to make 4thsmiley - teaand has loo break*

Please let me know if you ever see, hear or even sniff anything about Jerry O'Connell. "Q-Ball" from Sliders. I *am* watching the second series on sci-fi, and that is enough to satisfy my drool factor, but I've only ever seen him in two other things, Scream {when he got murderedsmiley - sadface}smiley - crysmiley - wahand "Joe's Apartment", which I went out specifically & rented because it said he was the star, and the star was a bl**dy cockroach!!!!smiley - grr Jerry was in the film, but the film was dreadful. And he didn't even get his kit off.smiley - huh
smiley - doh
I was *so* disappointed.
I even missed the Crying Man's singing.smiley - bigeyes


Other great drool factors include Patrick Swayze and Robert Downey Jnr. I've seen him *singing* on a video, but I don't think it's him?
smiley - weird
Patrick Swayze....don't get me started on him.
We are talking Major League Talent there.
Seen him almost naked in "Ghost" and tongue-kissing Demi Moore kept me in fantasy land for years.smiley - wow
Rented the video of "Roadhouse" just to see his close encounter with a certain female and his butt, fast forwarding the rest so I wouldn't see him sewing up his own woundsmiley - bruisedsmiley - injured
{I can't bear the sight of blood}, especially on such a heavenly bodysmiley - star

The first time I saw "Starship Troopers" I almost fainted.
I loved the lead actor in thatsmiley - bigeyesand the way he "gave in" in the end to the girl who had that crush on him, awwwwwww. Made me feel like every girl has a chance, if the circumstances are rightsmiley - wow
I've seen the film since, but have to clench my teeth at all the carnage.

smiley - strawberries{I wish}

smiley - teaand reallysmiley - winkeye
Why is there no smiley??
That's what my son lives on.smiley - biggrin
I better post this before I get booted and lose it!
smiley - yikes

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Post 24

Sho - employed again!

Oh, poor little love. I was a lot of a loner though, and ... oh heck, now I only have friends that live at the other end of a phone line.

Does he worry about being a loner or do you, c'mon, you can tell me I'm a smiley - doctor

BTW: now I'm back at work the smilie was this one smiley - racket1

My personal favs are smiley - ufosmiley - footprintssmiley - alienfrownsmiley - fullmoonsmiley - schooloffishsmiley - hsifsmiley - nurse and smiley - magic although they're all pretty cool. Pity there isn't a smiley - towel though. I try that out now and again just to check.

Oh, thanks for the BBC2 heads-up, I'll deffo watch that... even though I can't tape Farscape then (because I have to watch BBC2 on digital.... due to where I am)

It's not that I didn't enjoy the kiss, it's just that I'm not at all shippy that way, and I really think it was mean... given their history etc. I'm convinced, however, that when Season 6 comes to an end they will be together. I loved that ep, it was the one that turned me from someone who said "Stargate? Get it off my tv and get DS9 back on right NOW!" to a complete obsessive. Sigh.

I'm going to have to watch Starship troopers again (what's her name again? she's a big star now, isn't she?) because I thought it was poop, and couldn't really get over the poopieness... even though we watched it on pay-per-view! My dad wanted to see it, so I thought: ok it must be good. He told me the book was great but I've never got round to reading it.

Got to go.

Give the little fella an extra piece of toast. He's going to be ok, because he's got a cool mum. Even if she does drool a lot!
smiley - hug

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Post 25


Hey all! Apolobogies for my abscess yesterday (Real life was far too rushed and busy in spite of the kids being back at school because I was rushing to get stuff done before they came home!). smiley - online2long

GB I am so sorry that your son didn't enjoy his first evening at Cubs. smiley - erm My hubby John suggests that if you try sending him again next week, perhaps you could stay with him (or have you already tried that)?

Our son Chris (you may remember that he has autism too) started at his new special needs secondary school this week, although it's part of the same school as his junior school is. We had a terrible battle with the Local Education authority though, as they wanted to send him to a mainstream school, which would have knocked any confidence that he's struggled to build up over the years to pieces, even with support. (We've already had a nasty experience of what passes for the LEA's idea of what support is! smiley - steam)

Sorry about that! smiley - blush I'm going off-topic here but once I start ranting about the LEA, there's no stopping me... smiley - cross

Right then! Back to drooling! (Do you think we should campaign for a drool smiley?) smiley - angel

I can't really say that there's ever been a screen kiss that "hits the spot" or has turned me on, mostly what gets my attention is the emotional "static" and sexual tension between characters. For example when Chakotey and Janeway were stranded on a planet together and they repeatedly came close to kissing one another (Chakotey massaging Janeway's neck and shoulders or merely standing close behind her), but you never really know whether it went further...Also, within the relationship build-up between Worf and Dax (and previously, Troi).

Mind you, that's not saying that I still didn't enjoy watching the Seven and Chakotey relationship! smiley - biggrin

I've only just realised that BBC2 is airing Series 3 of Farscape from reading this and had previously assumed that Sci-Fi were ahead of BBC2 on their schedules! smiley - yikes What to do???? Do I loose the thread of the plots and watch series three before I've seen the whole of series two... smiley - erm It's almost as difficult as deciding whether or not to finish that chocolate soya ice that's in the freezer!!!!! smiley - winkeye

I've just realised that I forgot to invite Caerwynn to this thread too! smiley - silly I'll post the link to the conversation thread on my page so she can join the mutual drooling if she wants... smiley - bigeyes

Re getting a pic of Keith Hamilton-Cobb to Mina. He has his own web site and the link I tried to sneakily post here a couple of days ago was almost immediately moderated. (Waves a hello to the moderators! smiley - bigeyes ) Is there any other way we can get something to Mina? Does she have an Email link on her home page?

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Post 26

Sho - employed again!

Hi moderators! Don't deprive Mina of a pic of Keith.

[URL removed by moderator]

Watch Farscape twice a week Gwennie. I am, and I have nooooo idea what's going on. Just drooling like a good 'un.

Whorf/Dax was spinetinglingly brill, but I never liked Janeway Chakotay. I always thought he would go off with B'lana. Didn't like Tom (sorry Mina).

Hmmmm..... Jack/Sam in Stargate does have some good moments, but I'm usually hiding behind a cushion. The military girly in me doesn't like it. Although I thought the Tok'ra guy, Martouf, might snog her. That was a good bit of UST.

OK, got to work, just had to get that try at a URL past the lovely Mods. **Hey you Mods, don't you think he's scrummy too???**

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Post 27


I tried to post the link to Keith's site the other day, doingjustthat dot com a couple of days ago and it was still . Auntie Beeb is obviously training 'em too well (or they're on a piece work contract)! smiley - biggrin

Re the Tom Paris thing...Everyone has their own tastes and mine are pretty smiley - weird. After all, I had an erotic dream about David Attenborough once! smiley - silly

I'll probably take your advice on the Farscape viewing Sho! Besides, John won't mind because he's rather taken with a particular blue plant lady!!!! smiley - loveblush

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Post 28

Sho - employed again!

Gwennie... That's the first time I've been moderated!! I'm so proud!

How about if we mention a search on the search engine of your choice, with his name, that's how I found it in the first place. This thing with the moderators is getting out of hand. Perhaps if we were talking about something that was shown on BBC, like Farscape?

Do you know what's going on at all in S3??? if you click the link to my scifiguide chums they have a synopsis. I'm, frankly, worried about the blue lady. Still, as long as yummy mr. leather trousers is in it I'm not bothered.

Is it just me or is there only letch in Sci-Fi nowadays? Should I be branching out?

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Post 29

Researcher 179388


Thanks for inviting me over to this thread. So many good looking men to talk about and as there usually pretty girlies in these series as well there are no arguments as to what to watch!

I have to agree that in RL Chakotay and Janeway would never appeal to each other, he would have to be far more tough. I can see him appealing to 7 of 9 as she would need a gentle father figure. I could never accept him as the leader of the Maquis, again too soft.

Did any of you see Brimstone? It was on Sky 1, I think. The actor who played the Devil was hardly handsome, but was so sexy! Sadly it was axed after one series, the bible belt objected to it, so it was pulled.

Ok, I think I had better stop here, becuase I keep remembering more gorgeous men!

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Post 30

Sho - employed again!

Didn't see brimstone, but I'm sure I wouldn't have watched it... I've only recently admitted to myself that I like sci-fi!!! Even after 30 years of Trek!

Tell you who I think is yummy though... apart from those mentioned: Gabriel Byrne in Hello Again (silly thing with Shelly Long) and Tom Berenger in ... ah, was it Major League? There was a scene in the changing room where he smiled and my whole body turned to mush!

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Researcher 179388

Gabriel Byrne is delicious in whatever he is in and he can act.

I have avoided forming ad opinion on George Clooney because so many people rave on about him, but I have to admit to a sneaking fancy for him!

Gerard Depardieu has a rather enticing twinkle in his eye smiley - smiley

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Post 32

I'm not really here

Janeway would do better with Tuvok. smiley - bigeyes

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

What delicious backlog!smiley - bigeyes
If we are branching out of sci-fi, then Robin Ellis has to win my all-time drool award, he was Ross Poldark in the "Poldark" series, approx. 1979...
I also drool over Pierce Brosnan, Bruce Willis , the actor who played Duncan McLeod, in the "Highlander" series, he was like a young Sean Connerysmiley - bigeyeshis surname was Paul, I thinksmiley - erm; Rob Lowe... and did I mention Patrick Swayze earlier?smiley - bigeyes
He even looked good in drag....smiley - wow

I remember that Chakotay and B'Elanna did get together in one episode, the one where they were hypnotized into imagining their deepest yearnings?
In B'Elanna's "dream" she got hold of Chakotay, threw him on her bed and ravished him....
smiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueout
That was a good episode, when Janeway and Chakotay were stranded on thatsmiley - planettogether. They definately never crossed the line.
I loved the way Chakotay looked after her, built her the bath away from the shelter...~drool~
smiley - sigh
Campaign for a smiley - drool smiley? I suppose smiley - tongueout just doesn't cut it, does it? I've always used smiley - tongueout before when being cheeky, but I have noticed men use it when they are letchingsmiley - bigeyes
Gwennie, you said you had an erotic dream about David Attenborough once?
Isn't that an oxymoron?smiley - bigeyes
His voice would send me to sleep....smiley - sleepy
And you John is taken with Zan?? {the blue plant lady!} too! She is the reason I got Retro to watch Farscape the other week! Though he was disappointed she wasn't wearing something see-through, which she normally does!
I can't take my eyes off her, whenever she is on screen {unless John Crichton is in the same shot of course}smiley - biggrin her make up is fantastic.smiley - wow
Last week when she cried, she cried blue tears, but her make-up didn't run, I wonder how they did that?smiley - erm
It's not just you, Sho. If I come across any other noteworthy drool-inducing totty I will inform this thread immediately. In fact, I think we all should swear some kind of allegiance, to let each other know, so we can drool and discuss latersmiley - bigeyes
Series 3 of Farscape, so far, Zan has given her life-force to Aerin, to revive her, because she knows John loves her. D'Argo's son and T'yana were having forbidden fruit but D'Argo found out and wants nothing to do with either of them now.
Aerin told John that she doesn't need his emotions but they can have sex if he wants.
Then she unzipped her uniformsmiley - bigeyes
Then she fell through the floor.smiley - sadface
Or was series 2?
I am watching both concurrently too....hehehe
I don't care, either.
A double does of John Crichton, I ain't gonna argue about. Three times a week, if I watch the repeat on sci-fi on Sunday.smiley - bigeyes
I watched the episode where Aerin grew old in a day twice.
That was so sweet, when the old Aerin died in John's arms then he looked in her locket at the pic of the only man she had ever loved and it was him.
smiley - cry
smiley - sigh
Welcome Caerwynn!smiley - hug
The more the merriersmiley - winkeye
The more members of this thread, the more eyes on the lookout,
the more to report back smiley - biggrin
Janeway with Tuvok, Mina?
smiley - erm
Don't let Dax hear you say that, she'll have a fit!
Tuvok is well spoken-for, there!
smiley - tea
Thanks for saying I'm a cool mum, Sho!smiley - biggrin
Actually I told my friend "retro" about it today at lunch {his treat because I installed his computer for him}smiley - bigeyes and he says he is going to take him next week. He thinks Andrew is far too clingy to me. Andrew doesn't care that he is a loner. It's me that is doing all the worrying.smiley - sadface I did stay with him last night, Gwennie, and all he did was cling to me, even though the other kids tried to make an effort, and spoke to him, he would have none of it, kept turning his head away.
I will persevere though.
I don't want him to have no friends.
His school is in the next town, he has no friends nearby.

I better post this before I get booted and lose it.smiley - sadface

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Post 34

Sho - employed again!

Pity your Andrew can't come & play with Saskia (although she's too young for him) for some reason she's great with shy kids....

Good if someone else takes him, they're usually a lot less worried about seeming "hard" on the poor little lambs than we mums are!! Eveline goes to a playgroup, and one of the mums stays for half an hour, and her daughter (3) who is jealous of the new baby clings to her until the mum drags her home again. I said she should just leave her there and she looked at me as though I'd sprouted horns & a tail smiley - devil ho hum.

I have a sneaky letch at Dr. Ross, only with short hair though. George Clooney in anything else - yuk. I like that Croation Dr. in ER though... I just go for the ones with sad backgrounds.

Why did Zan give all her life force to Arein (how do you spell that?) though? She loves the metal-plate-on-his-head guy doesn't she? That's what comes of jumping in and watching 2 series concurrently!

Finally: we were talking about "best snog" ok, in the UK Michael Shanks (the frankly knicker droppingly yummy Daniel Jackson) snogs Andromeda soon. Toe curling is how it's described. I'm not sure if it's on Monday though... I'll let you know.

Off to bake pie....

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Post 35

Researcher 179388

Lonely kids, brings back memories smiley - sadface

I was very, very shy, but Mum was determined to bring me out of my shell! However I got on well with boys, having two brothers, so most of my friends were boys and we used to roar around the army camps on our bikes playing cops and robbers or cowboys and indians.

She decided I should mix with more girls and enrolled me in the Brownies and ballet classes. My mother was asked to remove me from Brownies, cos I was a disruptive influence (well I didn't want to make tea or iron a nightdress). The ballet teacher was a little more diplomatic and suggested that I might enjoy another activity more (I wanted to do the cancan and she wouldn't let me!).

Anyway, one tactic a friend tried was to ask her daughter who she would like to invite to a tea party, from which two friendships blossomed. I don't know if this might work for your son AGB, but there may be one or two boys from Cubs he would like to get to know in the comfort of his own home. Then there would be a friendly face or two there.smiley - smiley

In the end, I did learn to mix in with other children more, my mother just kept on trying to find things that I enjoyed. It was pretty appalling to find myself at an all girls boarding school, though, when boys were just getting really intersting!

Robin Ellis was gorgeous as Ross Poldark and the series was very close to the books and beautifully filmed.

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

Post 36

Sho - employed again!

I wasn't shy, just preferred reading. The other kids hated reading, so we had very little in common. We had to go to loads of Family Lunch things at the mess, and I used to sit under the snooker table or talk to the grown ups. the other kids thought I was snooty (rich! it was the Household Cavalry after all!) so I didn't have many friends. Just 1 girl from junior school (not military) who I'm still sporadically in touch with.

I do ok now though!

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

Post 37


Sorry about your son still not enjoying Cubs GB. smiley - erm Maybe he will get used to going and join in eventually although I wouldn't try to press Andrew to join in if it makes him unhappy. However you obviously know him best, so do still persevere with the Cubs thing and stay with him as he might eventually find a group activity that he enjoys, once he adjusts to their routine. smiley - bigeyes

Chris is very reluctant to join in with or try anything new unless it involves chocolate! smiley - biggrin When he first started Nursery School, he screamed the building down and I used to stay with him to start with, but all he did was cling to me and scream if anyone approached him. Eventually the teachers made me leave him, which broke my heart as I could hear his screaming as I walked down the road outside the school. Eventually he "adjusted" but still never played with the other children or sat with them at story times. Chris is now 11 and doesn't have any friends, which bothers John more than it does me as Chris tells us that he prefers to play on his own. This is due to his autism as he is completely unable to empathise with other people's needs or opinions via facial expressions, tone of voice or body language. smiley - erm

I too was so shy at school that I spent my first year there crying during lessons and hiding in a corner of the play ground. The latter used to terrify me (and still does)! smiley - yikes

Whilst in secondary school, at the age of 12 (shortly before the dreaded puberty hormones got the better of me and pulled me off the rails), I was so quiet and unsociable that the teaching staff noticed (I only ever sat and read sci-fi/fantasy books at break times - just like yourself Sho) and called my parents into the school for a "chat". smiley - bigeyes I had them all eating their words a couple of years later when I turned into school following one summer break on the back of a motorcycle, sporting a black leather mini skirt, denim jacket, enormously high platform shoes, black tights and even blacker make-up! smiley - vampire

Oxymoron aside smiley - winkeye GB, I think that it's David Attenborough's voice that attracts me to him (plus his obvious intelligence and caring attitude to our planet). I really do like a strange selection of men and would call my taste in men "eclectic". For instance, apart from the usual selection of wonderfully muscled young men, I also find Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood and the sadly deceased Bob Peck (from "The Edge of Darkness") incredibly sexy...Then of course, there's Patrick Stewart. smiley - tongueout

John is just as bad as I am for drooling over Sci-Fi characters and he adores Zan...I think that her make-up is fantastic although I'll draw the line at painting myself blue for the bedroom (Would I ever get the sheets clean?)! smiley - tongueout

Caerwynn, I too used to watch "Brimstone", remember the chap in question and agree with you that he was sexy (Just like Spike in Buffy!). John, my daughter Mair and myself were all quite miffed when the series was dropped as we found it both entertaining and amusing.

Incidentally, how come Brits frequently portray the "baddies" in US television series or films? Is it the accent or just the calibre of our actors? smiley - winkeye Does anyone remember the sexy Alan Rickman up-staging Kevin Costner in "Robin Hood" as the Sheriff of Nottingham and he was absolutely brilliant in that film with Bruce Willis...What was it called now? It had lots of buildings, cars and planes exploding...) smiley - bigeyes

I also like Bruce Willis (I used to drool like mad over him in "Moonlighting" when it was on television!).

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

Post 38

Sho - employed again!

I read an interview with Gabriel Byrne who also gets cast as a baddie, and he said that he's sick and tired of it. As is Jeremy Irons and Alan Rickman (he was truly fantastic, not to say sexy in those boots in Robin Hood). I love AR though, even with his big nose! He was in Quigly Down Under with Tom Selleck (who I find disturbingly droolworthy too despite disliking hairy men) and was good there too (although really he just re-hashed the sherrif)

Does anyone else think Clive James is sexy? Erk. I'm a sad case! And Alan Davies (comedian, also in the Jonathon Creek thing) I just love those curls.

Gwennie!!! Motorbike. I'd never do that hehehehehehe

Got to go, gruesomes need feeding.

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Post 39

Researcher 179388

Alan Rickman/Bruce Willis was a killer combination, didn't who to lust after most. It was Die Hard, by the way!

We watched Supernova on pay per view, last night, starring James Spader. The film was so so, but Spader was gorgeous!

Alan Davies, is smiley - cool, No2 son got his 'Urban Trauma' comedy act video. The story of his cats trying to get a pigeon through the cat flap is hilarious.

Over the years my leanings have switched in Friends from Ross to Chandler and back several times, but in this current series it seems to be Joey who is stealing every scene.

I have gone off Jeremy Irons, liked him Danny, Champion of the World, but there seems to be some thing rather Hugh Grant about him these days, wimpy.

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

Post 40

I'm not really here

Here's a weird thing, I always liked Chandler before he got all domesticated, now there's nothing to watch Friends for. smiley - sadface

As for Joey, never thought about him twice until I saw Lost in Space, then I sat and panted through the whole thing. Back to Joey - Nothing! It must be the character I like! Or just sci fi!

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