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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I brought this here because there might be objections in the other thread.smiley - bigeyes
The reason I like the Chakotay - Seven romance is because, well, I fantasized about being a sandwich filling, if you get my drift.smiley - smiley
I like them both, and togethersmiley - bigeyes
When she grabbed him for thesmiley - kissI actually acted that out.
How sad is that?
smiley - erm

Feel free to chat about anything else that takes your fancy, but I must admit I love talkign about these ~slurp~smiley - tongueoutcharacters.

Daniel Jackson & Jack, wouldn't yousmiley - magicat the thought of a threesome with them?

~drool~ thread

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Sho - employed again!

wow! I'm glad you brought that here!

And yes I would. Both pairings. Does that make me weird, I think not, since now I know I'm not alone!!
Was it you who mentioned before in the other thread that there are some yummy females in Farscape and that you were a straight female? If not....

Anyway, I'm assuming you're a girly like me because oyou have kids... or maybe not. Ho hum....

When 7 grabbed Chakotay I swear I very nearly slurped all over my tv. Although since the ol' man was there I thought I'd better not. He thinks I'm peculiar as it it.

He just discovered my penchant for reading Stargate (and one or two other) fan fiction. And then he discovered the slash stuff... (some of which actually squicked me, but not much I have to say)... and now he just veers away from my current Stargate fad.

I expect I'll go off Daniel Jackson a tad now I've discovered Farscape.

~drool~ thread

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

If you're smiley - weirdthat makes me just assmiley - weirdso I reckon we're in good company.
Yes, I'm a girliesmiley - bigeyes
And straightsmiley - smiley
Yes, it was me who mentioned the yummy females.
I've always had a soft spot for Seven, me & the rest of the male population of thesmiley - earthsmiley - biggrin
I got so excited during that scene I almost wet myselfsmiley - bigeyes
They really should make sci-fi sexier.

*almost passes out at the thought*smiley - tongueout


~drool~ thread

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Sho - employed again!

They couldn't have made that Farscape kiss any sexier... unless they'd been in a bathfull of jelly or somehow baby oil was involved!!

My colleagues think it's yukky because i'm soooooooooooooooooo old (I'm 37!!)

The strange thing, to me, is that suddenly Sci-fi makers have realised that we females like it too...otherwise how can we explain the rash of really sexy men?

Got to stop *gasp* because i do *gasp* actually have to work!!

Even though thinking about leather trousers and bandanas is much more sexy! (B'lana always makes me feel a bit... well... you know!)

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

You're a spring smiley - chick!!!!
I'm 46 and a grandma!
smiley - biggrin
Oh I nearly died when I saw Crichton in his leathers.smiley - bigeyes
The thought of Chakotay in leathers sends my blood pressure sky-highsmiley - wow
I awaited Dax & Worf's wedding with great anticipation, and asked for the video for my birthday, and got it.
Dax & Worf in red leather.
Now that was one sexy couple.
Those spots....sends me quite funny thinking about them.
I'm sure I'm a closet gay, smiley - biggrineven though I *know* I'm pure hetro.smiley - winkeye
Surely they have got the message by now, that women like sci-fi?
I fill out enough questionairessmiley - winkeye
smiley - biggrin
Keep it coming, deariessmiley - bigeyes

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Sho - employed again!

Well, you're also a smiley - chick because my mum letches the same ones as me and she's 63 or something!!

Dax and Whorf... OH, you and me have the same ideas. Maybe we're all a little "like that" deep down? smiley - kiss

Saw the Voyager ep last night when they ended up on Earth in 1996 (never seen the first ep of that always the 2nd) and I have to say, that apart from his hair, Chakotay pushed my blood pressure up in that suit... oh tasty.

The ol' man stomped off to bed in disgust! (also Yorkshire were getting trounced in one day cricket, so that didn't help!)

Wasn't Andromeda a load of poop? I'm just waiting for Andromeda's big snog and then I'm away from that... although waiting around for Tyr to grab Beka might keep me around. The plotlines certainly won't. Gosh I'm a horrible letch!

~drool~ thread

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Hey ladies. smiley - angel Please may this daft old biddy intrude/join in?

I hope you don't mind, but Sho mentioned that you were both drooling here and I just couldn't resist the prospect of a healthy mutual drool. smiley - bigeyes

GB already knows me (Don't yer me old fruit bat?) and we've exchanged the occasional Email in the past.

I concur with everything that has been mentioned here so far. My family (especially my 14-year-old daughter) and friends think that I'm nuts because I have a thing for Klingons, Vulcans and 400 year old dead assassins in black leather who sport bouffant hair styles.smiley - silly Then there is Tyr...

*Wistful sigh*

In fact, way back in the early 1970's I split up with my first boyfriend because he had the stupidity to phone me during an episode of "Star Trek"! (In those days, I had a mega crush on Mr Spock!) smiley - bigeyes

Will I ever grow up? smiley - silly

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Sho - employed again!

Gwennie? Grow up? now that I would like to see!!!

smiley - droolDid you see Tyr last night??? oh heck........

And do you know that my ol' man had the audacity to say that if he hadn't got a late shift this week I'd have to forego 2 episodes of Stargate just to watch England embarass themselves against Albania! The cheek of it. I mean, that is Daniel Jackson in his darned fine desert gear!!! Not to be missed!

Any boyfriend who calls during Star Trek deserves all he gets, IMO. My friends all know not to call during Stargate/Star Trek/Andromeda... and now Farscape!!! Poor loves. Although, because of this some have actually started watching!!

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LOL! I've also asked family not to phone at "certain times". My mother, in an exasperated tone stated that she thought I should have grown out of "all that nonsense" by now... smiley - bigeyes

Have you checked out Keith Hamilton-Cobb's (Tyr's) web site? The usual [URL removed by moderator]

*Ducks as she looks up for a flying moderator*

By the way, did you get the Email that I sent you last night? smiley - angel

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Sho - employed again!

Didn't get the e-mail...but I checked early and then had a farscape fest... so I'll have a quick look tonight... but 2 Stargates... so don't expect a reply!!!!

I put the SciFiGuide link in my page... just for you, so you'll have to look for it!!! heh heh. Just practicing using GuideML (as a poor substitute for html) really.....

So, what's new? Really really hooked on Farscape now... like those characters.

How are the kids? Little 'un now goes to playgroup (unaccompanied) 3 days a week for 3 hours, and big 'un is back at Kindergarten and loving it. She's really into the music school too. Hubs started a new job recently, and it's going well (despite the fact that he was supposed to be fired if England beat Germany last week!)

Hmmm.. have I told you this before?

The Germans are really depressed about the footie but trying not to show it.I'm just walking around with an enigmatic smile... they know that I know that they're really really peeved. heh heh heh. I love it. Doesn't happen often so I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

ok, back to earn a crust...

~drool~ thread

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LOL! I've been moderated! Gads! That were a quickie! smiley - biggrin

I'll Email you the link if you like (and GB too if she doesn't already have it). smiley - angel

Now get back to work before I have to slap you with a laser whip! smiley - tongueout

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Welcome Gwennie.smiley - smiley
So nice to have *partners in crime*smiley - tongueout
I did try to watch Andromeda.
But, after getting a nice eyefull of Kevin Sorbo in his black leathers, well....I had to turn over.
The show leaves me cold.
Even eye candy needs a plot. smiley - bigeyes
Farscape on Monday, I actually engineered my day around thatsmiley - winkeye

I remember when the two-ep finale of Voyager was screened, one of my friends phoned me ten minutes into the second ep, unknowing that there were two eps...needless to say I didn't answer the phone.
smiley - biggrin

I am an England footie fan as well so I've had a good week.
smiley - biggrin1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5smiley - biggrin
So I will be watching the Albania match tonightsmiley - bigeyes
But of course, I will be taping Stargatesmiley - tongueout
I wish I could understand what you girlies see in Tyr, his voice is way too high to turn me on, I must admit his body is heavenly.smiley - winkeye
A sexy voice does it for me every time, smiley - bigeyes
I fancied John Cleese in "A Fish Called Wanda" when he seduced Jamie Lee Curtis with that Russian accent and words.
smiley - wow

Has Daniel Jackson of Stargate been in anything else?
Just so I cansmiley - runand buy myself a video treatsmiley - winkeye

I saw a still of Robert Beltran in another show, "Models" I think it was called, never saw the show...smiley - sadfaceThe pic was on his website, he was behind a desk but he was wearing a very nice suit and his hair was natural
~purses lips~
smiley - tongueout
I could just imagine him walking through my door with a briefcase and a "Hi honey, I'm home".....
~toes curl~
smiley - biggrin

Maybe we should have called this thread "Letchers anonymous - not" hehehehe
smiley - laugh

~drool~ thread

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Sho - employed again!

Letchers not-so-anonymous!!!

(Gwennie, forgot to mention: the keithhamiltoncobb website is bookmarked here....)

Hm... ok, Andromeda was poop. I think I've only mentioned it about 40,000 times already. So, Michael Shanks (aka Daniel - slurpy smiley - tongueout - Jackson) is on that show very soon.. ep called Star Crossed. It features, apparently, one very very sexy and erotic and toecurlingly slurpy droolworthy snog with (unfortunately) Lexa Doig. They are, apparently, now together. So, the question is did it come before the kiss, in which case is it real? or after the kiss, in which case is that what started it? Either way.... i wish I was in her shoes!

Eye candy does need a plot, which is why Andromeda (after MS ep) will be off my schedule. Or maybe not, because I'm hanging around for Tyr with his admittedly high voice, but leather trousers... phwoar... to do more one-handed pull-ups.

*quick break to wipe dribble off keyboard*

I am stunned how quickly I got sucked into Farscape. That Ben Bowder (or whatever his name is) is a real babe. And he cries too..... oh heck... I think this is the universe telling me to let Andromeda go.... Is the blue lady (name?) really going to die? I like her. She reminds me of Vanessa Redgrave (and, spookily, her name IS Vanessa). The white girly (don't know her name... wait, it's... no, gone): is the actress a dancer? She walks like one. I had to persuade the family to eat dinner at that time so I could record it...... no mean feat up against Bear in the Big Blue House!

Talking about the phone, my mum doesn't phone during those shows, and if she does she's off to wrestle the remote off my dad... she loves DJ too, and Teal'c which I find rather frightening actually. Mum's aren't supposed to letch are they? Oh wait.. I'm a mum.... and my kids always say: "Oh, look mummy, Daniel Jackson. He's lovely" (they also make their hair-elastic-thingys into stargates while I'm doing their hair in the morning)

I don't have the opportunity to tape Stargate and watch footie, so I'm very very happy that the hubs is working tonight. Phew! We nearly had a physical fight over that one. Still wandering round here (GB: you know I'm in Germany, right?) with an enigmatic 1:5 grin on my face here. You don't know how much I'm enjoyingit!!

Robert Beltran in Models? Didn't see that one (I think I'm getting it confused with something else though, undercover cop models) I saw him in Walker Texas Ranger... very young though, and not at all scrummy! Must be me getting old!

Daniel Jackson/Michael Shanks was in the Outer Limits I think... I can check my incredibly sad bunch of online friends on the Stargate message board and find out.............. (Gwennie: the SciFiGuide message board is quiet, go to the Starguide one... much more lively. if you can recognise me... I'll buy you a beer)

Serious question: do your other halves have a problem with your Sci-Fi letch hobby?

Letchers Anonymous

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*Grin* smiley - angel

There! I've changed the title of the posting! smiley - bigeyes

I adore the way Tyr talks (and his body too)! *Legs turn to jelly*

On the other hand, my hubby John does a wonderful impersonation of Worf (voice-wise!). Heh! Heh! smiley - devil All I have to do now is to stick a couple of Cornish pasties to his forehead (he's already 6'2" and "broad").

Do you watch "First Wave" and "Lexx" at all GB (and if so, what you think of Foster and Kai? smiley - bigeyes

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I can't believe you *both* posted while I was posting last timesmiley - bigeyes
This is going to be a very busy thread.
Wait till Dax finds itsmiley - biggrin
She drips & drools over Tuvok, so she is sure to join us at some point.smiley - winkeye
Never seen Lexx, it's on far too late for me, I think I said that in the other thread {the Askh2g2 thread}.
First Wave....seen the actor in the adverts for it but never caught an episode.
Sho, I didn't know you were in Germany.
smiley - wow
No wonder you have a neon grin.smiley - biggrin
I guess I'm lucky I don't have an other half to fight with, or have to hide my obsessions fromsmiley - bigeyes
I have a lovely pic of Robert Beltran *signed* above my pc.
It's laminated too.
It's signed to my ex-, someone got it for him from Leeds when RB made a personal appearance at the Forbidden Planet {if I'd only ~known~}smiley - sadface
Well, it's mine now & got pride of place.
smiley - bigeyes
I'm having to wear a bib to tell you this.
In Monday's ep of Farscape when Crichton said "I love you" to Aerin, and she said "I don't need your emotions, but we can have sex if you like" then started to unzip her body suit, I almost wet myself.
I gotta remember that line.
I *will* use that line on a man, just to guage his reaction.
Of course John said "No", but at the end of the show he whispered in her ear "You know what you were talking about earlier....."
hehehesmiley - biggrin
Reel him in girl, just make sure you make the video & sell it at a store near me.smiley - wow


fyo the white girl is "T'yana" and the blue girl is Zan.
She is a plant, as in a flower-person, not a spysmiley - bigeyes
Her make-up is fantastic. I wonder how long it takes to make her up. And her ears are better than Kes's were, on Voyager. Sort of like the forgettable alien's ears, the one who fell in love with Chakotay in "Unforgettable" what was her name?smiley - laughKellin.smiley - wowDo I sound sad? I do to my non-sci-fi-friends, but I've learned not to go on about it. As to my boyfriends, well, I put Farscape on last week, and as he protested I told him about the blue girl with the big boobs who wears next-to-nothing and he watched the whole episode. Don't think he was converted though. He thought it was daft.
smiley - shrug
I will make sure not to invite him round again, when it's on.
His loss.
Tee hee hee.
How I got into Farscape?
I was lucky, I have the sci-fi channel and I was browsing one Saturday & caught an ad for the FULL first series in a "Farscape celebration weekend" they showed the whole first series over one Sat & Sun, ready for the start of the second series starting the next week.
It sure got me hookedsmiley - bigeyes
I'm still watching series 2 on sci-fi and series 3 on BBC2 concurrent.
I don't CARE if it confuses me.
smiley - laugh
Ok, I want your thoughts now on the best screen snogs you've seen, and the worst.
The worst for me was the damp squib between Mulder & Scully at the end of the X-Files. OK there was a baby between them, but he could have taken junior off her, put him in his crib, then bent Scully over his knee....smiley - bigeyes I certainly would have written that better. New mothers are not sexless.smiley - cross
Best snog? Definately the Crighton/Aerin one, followed hastily by the Jadzia Dax & her {female} previous host, in "Rejoined" - I never saw such a sexy smiley - kissbetween women actors, it sure was erotic, and you could actually feel the love...smiley - wow
Others, well the Jack/Sam one in their Groundhog Day was certainly how I'd like to be kissed by him...smiley - bigeyes
smiley - biggrin
Blimey, I could talk here all day
I'll be backsmiley - winkeye
smiley - run

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

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Sho - employed again!

smiley - hugGB I am sooooooooooooo glad I found you, because I was beginning to think that I'm not normal (we both know, and she knows it too that Gwennie is as normal as me ... heh heh)

OK, I'm going to the end first:
Best snog: deffo Crighton/Aeryn Sun one. Wow, that was HOT! smiley - kiss and the Dax one was pretty unnerving... that's when I started to drool over her.

Don't watch the X-files, but I think snogging Scully would be more like snogging a dead fish anyway. Can't really think of a bad snog... didn't like the Jack/Sam Stargate one in Window of Opportunity (the groundhog day one) but then I don't like them two to snog anyway.

Tell you what, though, the best near snog was the Tyr/human woman(can't remember her name) from the one where he lost his memory... and he growled!! (where's the howling woolf smiley when you need one?)

So, back to the top to answer in an orderly manner:....

did you send Dax the thread addy....? this is a great thread, btw, I really did wonder if I was a bit odd or something (say nothing, you girls!)

GB: you didn't know I was in Germany, so you didn't read my lovely space smiley - sadface oh I'm devastated 8)

Hmm..... I saw some Lexx but never knew when it was coming on again (now I'm sooo happy with my digibox because of that) and now I've discovered the Radio Times online I'm even happier (especially when it spews out pages & pages of Stargate schedule)

You laminated Robert Beltran???? heh heh

That bit about the "we could just have sex" from Farscape nearly did for me (watched it on vid last night) oo er missus! Which leads to the question: have you ever had a relationship that was just about the rumpy pumpy (acknowledged on both sides)? Is that too much to ask? Anyway: I have. It was fun, but we had similar tastes in music... so it was about the other and music. Which is different I suppose! smiley - biggrin Anyway the reason I mention it is because he looked a wee bit like Robert Beltran... (only I didn't know it then)

Thanks for the info about Zan and T'yana. What is it with aliens and apostrophes?

How do you remember all those smilies... I'm having problems remembering my own name.

OK, off to work, but dreaming of tonight and some smiley - ale and some smiley - choc and some heh heh

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

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Sho - employed again!

OK, so that last message should have read...

Tyr growled at that woman smiley - fullmoon... sheesh

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - biggrin
I'll give Dax the url to this threadsmiley - bigeyes
You found Dax intriguing too, huh?
Thank goodness for that.
I was told I must be "bi-curious" if I liked women.
I do like women, but I don't lust after them.
I mean, who can fail to be impressed with Seven of Nine?
And I saw her in one episode with a green security uniform on, which reminded me of Dax and I was drooling.
She is just the perfect woman.
The thought of them two together makes my blood pressure go sky-high.

The pic of RB was already laminated when I got it.smiley - bigeyes
smiley - biggrin

I am going to read your space.
I just have some sewing to do for my son then I'll be there.
smiley - sadface
I hate sewing.

Real life rumpy-pumpy?
Well, I am certainly going to use that line on the next bloke I fancy.
"I'm not interested in your emotions but we could have sex"
smiley - laugh

The smiley page is here:
and I write them all out and keep them by the pcsmiley - winkeye

There's an online Radio Times?
What is it with me?
I have free internet access and I never surf....I log onto h2g2 and stay all day. Anybody would think I was addicted or something.
smiley - erm
smiley - blush

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

Post 19

I'm not really here

sci fi drooling? Count me in. smiley - winkeye

Tom Paris.. *drool slobber*

Letchers anonymous {not!} ;-)

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Sho - employed again!

Takes all sorts!!! smiley - biggrin

I sometimes have a hankering to cuddle up to the holo-doc!!!

GB: it is hmmm... [url removed by moderator]

really great search function (especially with Stargate)

Oh happy day....*skips off to dribble over Daniel Jackson for 2 hours......................*

I think Double Jeopardy is tonight... the one with the robots, and Daniel gets offed in the first 5 minutes (he directed) and he looks sooooo sexy just before his head rolls off.... sheesh. the ol' man gets home really late tonight.

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