Beer drinking and the people who drink them across the world. (only for experienced drinkers)


Also known as "fluid bread", "the water of life" etc...
This drink is something from the past. As you all might know!
But how people drink it is, for me atleast, a very interresting thing.
So here we go...

The way people drink their beer is a funny thing. Becouse in every
countrey, every nation people drink it different ways. Atleast the way
they order a beer. (They all get drunk though)
In Norway for example, when you go up to the disk and show, with fingers, how many they want. Than they get their beer in a plastic cup (when in a party). But thats the local beer. They may also purchase any bottled beer their is in this specific party place.
Some Norewegians drink only until they feel the alcohol attacking their brain cells. But most as far as i have noticed (including me), drink until they fail to speak correctly.
Drinking beer in Norway isnt very easy though. The rules are like this, as far as i know: "Beer selling permission starts from 9 am in the shops, until 8 pm. But the shops close at 9 pm."
Now i cant see the connection, and especially not the logic in it! This 1 hour, from 8 pm and 9 pm! Do they actually think that we, the beer drinkers, would wait and watch our watches until it strikes 8 pm, and than run to the shops for a beer and get very, very drunk? I dont think so. And if we want to buy our lovingly fluid og life for the night, we could go there before 8 o' clock. But why is there this one hour in the system? There is probably no answer at all to this.
Than there is another strange, and enoying, thing with the pubs. Wich is: " You can drink there from 11 am, but stop as soon as 2:30-3 am. This is wierd for a country as Norway, becouse about everyone goes out in to the town/city etc, at 11 pm. They dont all buy their beers before the beer-selling-closing-hour, wich is still 8 pm. And if they are only one minnutte to late for the 8 o'clock closing, they wont get a beer, and if they do, the shop could close and pay a large fee.
So the Norwegian people have 4 hours to get drunk if under 20 years, by only drinking beer. (You have to be 20 years of age to drink spirits in Norway). And at some places they wont let you in if you are under 24-26. Now these are wierd places i would say. But they still have their daily income, becouse the younger than 24 go to caffes and drink coffee, wich ruins youre stomach much more than beer does. (ACID)
ANother little funny thing about Norwegians and drinking is, when they go to a game (football etc) they drink themselves very drunk, and forget half the match. If not more. Atleats they remember who won...And thats the point isn't it.

In Hungary there are also a lot of ways to drink (for Hungarians).
First of all, they lie that they can not possibly get drunk while drinking beer, but they knoe, you know and i know that that is possible. (Just need lots of it)
(you can start and stop drinking when you whant to, and when youre wallet wants too)
In Hungary there some special trends, wich are: " In Hungary people also drink pints or pither's, but they are called, in Hungarian language, "Korso". These are half a litre glasses (But its many times the same in parties in Hungary as in Norway, you get plastic cups. But not allways).
But here is the deal! They rather drink a glass of beer, wich in Hungary is a 3 dl glass. And if you use youre mathematics intelligents , you find out that they cost more. Its the same beer, they drink maybe just as much etc..."
Here are some theoris of mine on this: "They either want to be "cool" and show people that they use up more money on their beer than others (though they could buy a bottlked beer for allmost double the prize). And when somebody does this (i.e: me) they say that i am trying to be "cool", becouse i drink better beer than they do.
(Korso (pint, 0,5 lires)= the cheapest kind of beer is 150 Forints. Glass (3 dl) is 90 forints (still the cheapest of beers). A bottle of Tuborg (0,5 litres is 190 forints. Usual salary per month for a normal worker is 30 thousand to 50-60 thousand)
2: This will be short, couse i hate this. But i still need to explain one thing. The young and teenagers, or even those above thirty, but mostly the young and teenagers are devided into two groups. MAybe three. This is, i think, unique for Hungary.
You have those whom go to discos every weekend (so called ":disco-rats here! They listen to house and techno, disco etc), than you have the "rockers". It doesnt matter if he/she likes alternative, punk, rock, metal, heavy-meatal, black-metal Etc... And you havr the Alternatives. These are those who listen to doors and beatles etc...
Anyways! In a pub, a "disco-rat" will go in at about 3 pm! He will order ba Pepsi-coce. (a glass, 3 dl's) He/she (mostly He) will than sip on this for hours and hours, waiting for the first person he/she does not like and be rude or mean with him/her. When an alcoholic goes in, he/she(the disco-rat) will start bugging him. If a rocker or alternative or any other person enters and drinks, he/she (the person who just got in) will be bugged by him/her(the disco-rat). But on weekends, this disco-rat will drink and drug him/her-self full (now the her's are the same as the he's.) ANd still they will go back to b****r the usual. ( A good tip: Dont notice them! They will dissapear by themselves with time).

Japan! Well i dont know more about the Japanese ways of drinking than i should. All i know is from TV, from other people and some few Japanese words! (Biru is Japanese for BEER.)
But from what i know, they dont allways, as in Hungary, drink! But when they do, they are quite lost. From what i have seen on TV (TV= Also called: "Wonder Box"), they can get very drunk, and they usually do on festivalls or at friends. I dare not say more to this, becouse i truly do not know!

Americans! Now this is quite interresting!
Some are like Norwegians, and others like Hungarians or Japanese in the way they drink beer. And like many others!
So i rather have something to say about their alcohol rules!
You may not drink (you Americans know, and many other in the world), if you are under the age of 21! You may though, get married at the age of 16, with parental permission. So if you are 18, you may not have a beer, not even a light beer like Miller Lite, on youre weding! For me, this seems completely stupid! But you know better than...Atleats i hope so...

No more to this..Couse you can see the rest in a wonder box, even though it may not be true!

Thanks Yee All for reading this entry. I will fill it up, when time, money( for traveling) and all that stuff comes my way. Until than say somethong... HAILETH TO YEE ALL.


This is not the finnished version of this entry....

More about beer and people will follow....


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