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FYI (attempt to unravel a geeky thread)

I may have solved the problem of my iMac becoming slow smiley - biker ( <---<< this is a snail, right? smiley - winkeye ) in spite of having around 110 Mbps down- and 26 Mbps upload speed.
Turns out that if I set iTunes to look for updates it does so practically all the time - and uses amazingly much of my 2 GB RAM for it smiley - yikes
Until I changed the settings it was unbearable to watch this interesting clip:
It's only 10 minutes long but it would have been chopped up in many small pieces with long pauses inbetween and lasted at least 30 minutes. On a good day! smiley - groan
But now it runs smoothly smiley - ok
I'm told that it's only the setting of iTunes that needs to be altered (but I may be experimenting with a few other programs anyway. One at a time. We'll see how that w*rks out.)
Just thought you'd like to know smiley - smiley
As you were.

smiley - pirate

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Who are you?

We are stardust from the smiley - galaxysmiley - galaxy.

But we are stranded here on smiley - earth for the time being

And while we are here, this is what we are:

smiley - pirate

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Bone idle to the lazy bone

I may have set a new personal record for laziness today: See, I was going to take a nap, but then I realized I would first have to take off my boots - and then later take them on and tie them again.
Then and there I decided to postpone my nap.

I am now proud of mustering will power enough to procrastinate with the napping smiley - smiley

What's the laziest you have ever been? smiley - bigeyes

smiley - pirate

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Manchester Meet 2016

There will be meet!
But whether it will be a full blown full scale massive Hootoo Meet or just a mini meet is up to YOU!
I am trying to fly to Manchester for a few days in September or maybe October because I need to see Pastey's new brewery and because I forgot to drink the last smiley - ale with Ann and Phil the last time I was there (June 2014).
What do you say? An smiley - ale at Port Street Beer House and later maybe The Crown & Kettle - and a fry-up the next day at The Font (oh please tell me these places still exist! smiley - yikes )?

But first of all please tell me where the main h2g2 page for announcing meets has gone, because I seem to have lost the link smiley - erm

smiley - pirate

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Don't panic - be happy

I met one of the regulars at one of my favourite watering places. Frank is 82, does not walk very well anymore, but is seemingly always happy. - Well, you see, as long as one can go here without help and enjoy a small glass or two, one should be happy and satisfied, he said with a big smile.

Good for Frank! And of course I can't disagree - as such. But it made me think, what about people who for one reason or another are unable to be happy and satisfied?

I've met people in their prime with spouses, children, job, house, car and money in the bank, but who seemingly are unable to be happy.

A few of them are actually officially diagnosed with deep clinical depressions. And themselves unable to understand and explain why. Which therefore also renders them plagued by guilt.

And it does not help them that people misunderstand them and think they are only spoiled, unsatisfied and chasing ambitions and/or (even more) material goods.

Or that people do not understand the nature of clinical depression and encourage them to "get their act together".
"It's much easier to smile than to look grumpy!"

Yeah, I guess the conclusion must be that one should be happy and satisfied as long as one can be happy and satisfied smiley - shrug

smiley - pirate

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