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"After changes upon changes we are more or less the same ..."

I went for a longish walk with five acquaintances - women around 60 - the other day. Sadly the weather wasn't as up to it as we were, but we agreed that a cup of coffee afterwards would make the effort worth it.
So we went to the café and placed our orders:
Coffee? Yes please.
Cream? Oh yeah. And sugar!
Cake? Sure, what kinds do you have?
Chocolate? Great!
Apple pie? Even better!
With whipped cream? Of course!
And all of a sudden I was back with my grandma, her sisters and their friends of that generation and their smalltalk and I was asking myself: "What? Has nothing changed? Have these people never heard of mods, rockers, hippies and the youth revolution?"
I mean: People can live their lives the ways they want. No problem.
I was just - quite suddenly - surprised to realize that nothing seemed to have changed in 50 years. This was not the way I expected my generation to age smiley - laugh

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Spirit animals

I met an old woman who appeared to be very kind and from my conversation with her I gathered that she was also quite wise and spiritual.
When she mentioned "spirit animals" I asked her what my animal might be. Without hesitating she answered: "Sloth".
I was somewhat taken aback by this brutal honesty but before I could react she added: "Don't worry, my young friend, that is a good animal you have there. Welcome it! Honour it!"
I know she was right smiley - smiley

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Intergalactic novel challenge 2018 - Procrastination's first finale

It was a silent moonlit night deep in the vast forests of northern Scandinavia. Gother was sitting on her usual branch high up in the family tree keeping watch over all the other meese, who were fast asleep.
Suddenly she heard a soft rustling in the leaves behind her and a voice whispered: "Gother Moose, Gother Moose - are you awake?"
"Of course I'm awake", she quietly bellowed so as not to wake anyone, "I'm on my watch after all, aren't I?"
"Yes, okay, I just wanted to warn you. Rumour has it that there is a wolf on the loose!"
"I see. Thank you. One must take special precautions where wolves roam", Ms Moose muttered - mostly to herself.
"Werevolves?" the informant whispered with a trembling voice, "are you sure?"

And then the writer woke up not knowing how to continue the story ...

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On Denmark and the politicization of US Media (Fox in particular)

Trish Regan from Fox Business had this to say about Venezuela and Denmark the other day:

Needless to say a lot of us Danes were left speechless for a while smiley - huhsmiley - doh

But today one of us had this to say:

Denmark's right wing Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Kristian Jensen on Fox Host Trish Regan: "Sorry for my direct language, but she simply should not piss on Denmark!"

"It's an unheard of politicization of news in the United States when Fox Business Network equates Denmark with Venezuela.
It's totally wildly exaggerated and unbelievable. It's simply an expression of how politicizing American news has become. Totally detached from facts, one uses the media for such erroneous allegations," says Kristian Jensen.

In her tv program, Trish Reagan states that all Danes actually worked for the state when the top tax was 56 percent in 2015. In 2013 there were only three municipalities in which more than half of the population were working, according to this host.
According to Denmark's official statistics, employment rates in 2013 were just under 67 per cent for Danes between 16 and 64 years. It has since risen to 70.1 for employees.
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 58.7 percent of Americans over the age of 16 had jobs in mid-2013. The proportion has since risen to 60.5 percent.

Denmark was in fact ranked 11 steps above the United States in the OECD inventory ...

"Yes, we have a high tax burden. People pay a lot of taxes - because we get a lot back from the public funds."

"The United States has let go of facts in its political journalism. It's very, very dangerous. If we do not have journalism rooted in facts, we will let go of what built our democracy, "says Kristian Jensen.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts."

Did I mention that Jensen is second-in-command of our right wing coalition government?

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Towel Day - and no water ...

Today is International Towel Day. And my morning felt like I had a role in the first pages of The Original Guide smiley - headhurts

They're replacing the main water line in my street. To that end I got a note a few days ago saying they would have to turn off the water to my house yesterday from 8am to 4pm.
I kept reminding myself to fill a few bottles with water for my morning smiley - coffee but of course I forgot smiley - facepalm
So I had to go to a nearby café for breakfast and muchly needed caffeine. Okay, that was not too bad - but I still needed a bath so went home and waited.
Alas, 4pm came and went and there still was no water ...
I was expected at a party so left the house - and noticed all workers had left the street. Without leaving any e-mails, notes, text messages, smoke signals ...
Late last evening my friends supplied me with a few bottles of water for today's morning smiley - coffee. The bottles came in very useful this morning - as the impressing lack of water had grown to grotesque proportions.
When the waterwork's phone opened at 9am I called and was told: "Really? No water? First thing we've heard about it. We'll check and call back".
About 10 to 15 minutes later I had water. And 2 minutes later there was a knock on my front door. I opened and a person looking slightly like a direct male-line descendant of Genghis Khan asked me: - Do you have any water?
- Yes, thank you, I have now.
- Yes, I just turned it on. How long have you been without water?
- Since you turned it off.
- Yesterday morning?
- Yes.
- Sorry about that. One of the lads forgot to turn it on yesterday afternoon when the rest of the street got their water back.
- Really?
- Yes. Why didn't you call us?
- Your note said your telephone is only open from 9am to 4pm.
- Yes, but there is an emergency number.
- It's not mentioned in your note.
- No, but if you ring after hours you are automatically put through to the emergency number.
- And how was I supposed to know that?
- Well - er - you have water now, yes?
- I have. Thanks again. And I shall now take two much needed showers in quick order.
- I see. Good day to you, sir ...

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