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What do your neighbors know about you?

Well, now you can find out!

Just do like they do: Type in your name and address here:

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Disturbing, yes? smiley - erm

Let me know what you think

smiley - pirate

[apparently this only w*rks in the US. I tried looking up Donald Trump but they tell me he doesn't exist]

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Lethal cookies and other dangerous monsters on the net

So I asked a friend the following:
"My brother says he has to clean his computer now that one of our sisters has emailed him a link to some facebook thing. Is this true if he hasn't clicked said link?"

An answer came back:
"Tell him to run a virus scan to check. Probably fine if he didn't click any links."

I told my brother this but he responded in a way which made me decide to start this thread to hear my fellow researchers' advice and opinions about lethal cookies and other dangerous monsters on the net.

I'll start with this slightly different question:
"Is it true that Facebook is informed of the recipients adresse the moment I mail a Facebook-link to my brother? I've never heard of this exact thing before (but I've heard a lot of (other) conspiracies ...)"

smiley - pirate

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Some people imagine that they can see through you and understand exactly what you mean. Even when you hardly say anything.

And they expect you to have the same psychic ability.

Sadly this is not always the case. Neither of it.

It often turns out that they over-interpret. And misunderstand ...
But when you tell them they don't believe you ...

Does this ring a bell with you?

smiley - pirate

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The day the liberators came

5 May 75 years ago my father Poul welcomed the British troops as they crossed the border from Northern Germany into Denmark following the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany late in the evening the day before.
Nazi Germany had occupied Denmark five years earlier.

It turned out Poul's older brother Carl was among these British soldiers!
Uncle Carl emigrated to England a few years before the war, but when it broke out he volunteered to join the British army and was assigned to The Buffs. He fought at the bridgehead of Anzio, Italy, and made the entire trip to Berlin before turning north to liberate his native land.
Dad, of course, had no idea what had become of his brother when he suddenly heard a familiar voice shouting "hello, brother," from a passing military vehicle.

The story doesn't end here:
Because it was no thanks to my father-in-law Wilhelm that Carl got this far and only died many years later. You see Wilhelm served on the German side of the front at Anzio ...
In other words, the two could have killed each other, but fortunately they did not, and we enjoyed their company for many years to follow.
Unfortunately, they never met, I am sure they would have become good friends.

smiley - pirate

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Tasks, challenges etc.

Does this sound familiar to you: One sets out to solve a simple task in one's house and goes looking for the necessary tools. But in doing so, one suddenly finds an even bigger problem that needs to be solved here and now.

In this case, black mold which is hazardous. In particular if you already have problems with asthma and sleep apnea.

Luckily the problem seems limited to a minor area on the inside of a cold facade which was actually insulated quite recently, so once I'm done killing and removing the fungus with a disinfectant I should be okay.

And then I can continue with - what was it I was going to do again? smiley - huh

smiley - pirate

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