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Denmark offers to buy the USA

Best thing I've read all day smiley - laughsmiley - roflsmiley - laugh

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How (and why) to wash your keyboard(s)

Many of you recognize this situation too well: You sit quietly at your computer minding your own business. But then 2legs opens a new thread - and you spill your buttermilk all over your keyboard ...

What to do? Well, I rushed to disconnect the keyboard from the computer and rinse it (the keyboard, not the computer) using a lot of water.

But then what? Just leave it to dry? Sure. But I decided to use the incident to experiment: I decided to wash a total of three keyboards which had all at some point been drowned in soapy water, rinse them with a lot of clear water and then leave them to dry for two weeks.

It worked! I just tested them.

Most importantly: My computer, myself and everything else has survived.

Next: My newest and most modern keyboard doesn't feel good. Some of the keys don't work. Whether this is due to red wine, coffee, milk or being washed in soapy water I don't know. But I believe the beverages are the main reason. (After all back when it happened I just left this keyboard without rinsing it first and plugged in a spare keyboard. Yes, I know, but in my defense I was in a hurry at the time.)

One of the two older keyboards seems perfect! This is actually the one I use to write this smiley - smiley

The other is also fine, except that the ยง/$ key (to the far left in the second row from above) does not work. Maybe I can make it work again if I peel it off and clean it? We'll see. But not today.

Conclusion: I now have two keyboards that work perfectly and one that works satisfactorily. (I can just type "paragraph" and "dollar" instead of using characters - and how often do I really need it? I'm neither lawyer nor rich smiley - winkeye )

So now I have saved a bundle instead of having to buy a new keyboard smiley - smiley

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Trump - and why we don't want him back

News have come to us from a German scholar who found an old document, showing how Donald Trump's grandfather evaded military service and instead migrated to the US where he opened a brothel during the gold rush and made the family fortune

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I rode my bicycle 39 kilometers yesterday. I have promised myself to ride this exact route at least once a year until I die or can't do it no more for other reasons.
I used my regular bicycle, not the vintage racer they used to ride in le Tour de France. The tyres are too old and worn and might explode under me. I need to buy new ones.
Anyway while I was out there I thought about what to write on my home page about my tour and in the end came up with this combo of thoughts from my countrymen Hans Christian Andersen and Soeren Kierkegaard:

"Cycling is moving - not moving will take you nowhere" smiley - zen

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In case you didn't see this over in the thread "Announcement 2019-05-26: Calling All Froods" I quote:

Hello, Hoopy Froods:

As you know, Pliny is still borked. Tech is working on it. Please do not continue to tell Content about this, as we're just as frustrated as you. Just send more Stuff to the Post, and pray to the galactic Deity of your choice.


1. Stay logged in.

2. DO NOT click on 'Front Page'. The Front Page is in Pliny and will still be borked, no matter how you sneak up on it. Stay off. We are updating the Front Page sometimes, but only for advertising purposes, like dressing up the front parlour.

3. To get to the Front Page Content, SEARCH (in h2g2's searchbox, not on Google!) 'Zaphod Congruence' or Subscribe to the Front Page Announcement thread F21546918?thread=8320080 .

4. To navigate, bookmark the current issue of the h2g2 Post thepost or your Personal Space.

The current issue of the h2g2 Post is at A87937429 - updated weekly through Post Announcements F21546918?thread=8319196 , or by Subscribing to the Post Personal Space U54963 .

Milla advises: USE THE BOOKMARKS to go to h2g2. Do NOT start typing in your browser.

Yours in hope,

The Core Team

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