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Sure it's a thing!
Maybe not quite as literal as in the film "The Time-travellers Wife", which I just enjoyed (and you should too!), but still.
It reminded me that on 21 February I will be 10 years older than my father.
10 years! The thought of me being just as old *and even older!* than my own Dad has been puzzling me for - yeah, you guessed it - 42 years.
It still puzzles me.
For one thing it has made me look at my relations with my children in a different way than - well, yeah, I'm not sure I could have imagined this situation.
But hey, it's all good.
You should try to check out this film.
You may think it's a chick flick.
It probably is.
Brad Pitt is executive producer smiley - winkeye
He did well. It achieved 1 win and 5 nominations.

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A handful of Danish communists and socialists were fairly popular behind The Iron Curtain. People like author Martin Andersen Nexø (Nexoe), who moved to Dresden, GDR, where he became an honorary citizen with a high school named after him. The first part of his novel "Pelle Erobreren" (Pelle The Conqueror) was made into a film by his fellow countryman Bille August, who won an Oscar for it in 1989 (best foreign film).

But while Nexø was "officially popular" because of his political views (he never gave up his support for Stalin's dictatorship) another series of films became extremely popular by the ordinary East German people: From 1968 to 1998 Nordisk Film produced 14 films about The Olsen Gang (Olsen-banden) - a trio of petty criminals (who happened to have the same last name) in perpetual search of the big coup.

What made them accepted by the East German censorship was, of course, that they were constantly trying to trick big business and its backers.

But what made them popular among the population (in both Denmark and the German Democratic Republic) was that they also regularly made fun of the police, the rest of the State and any other authority.

So it's really no big surprise that the Kunsthalle Rostock has great success with a large exhibition about the Olsen Gang. It was inaugurated with the participation of the last living member of the gang, Morten "Benny Olsen" Grunwald and "Keld Olsen's son" Jess "Borge" Holtsø, who today is a successful jazz and blues singer and musician.

Here's a clip (in German) about the exhibition and its inauguration:

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NaJoPoMo 2015

Yup, there was no mistaking the calendar. Tuesday it was.
Terrible days, tuesdays. Monday may be over and done with but there's still almost a whole week till the weekend…
And then the intercom cackled and sputtered.
- Junior?
- Yes, Dad, what is it?
- I need to see you in my office. Urgent business.
I didn't like the sound of that.
Arriving in Dad's office I was told that I had to sit in for him the whole day. Maybe even more...
- But Dad!
- I am sorry, but you have to. We can't very well leave the World to itself, can we?
- But I thought we had an agreement with the others?
- We do, but Odin has swanned off on his holidays, it's The Holy Spirit's day off, Allah has called in sick and I have a very urgent appointment. Seems The Holy Flame of Arnor is about to run out of fuel.
- But… but… What about Buddha?
- Not a real deity, as you well know. Never passed the exams, remember?
- Can't you ask Spirit? Where is he?
- Ah, he's probably up in the mountains seeing to his so-called 'secret' still. He thinks I don't know about it. Apparently he keeps forgetting that You, he and I are one and the same. It's that dirty fusel he's brewing. I swear it's killing his brain. Gave me gout two weeks ago too.
- Can't you get old man Peter to sit in for you, then?
- Impossible. Who should guard the pearly gate? Nope, I'm sorry. You'll have to do it. I must insist!
- But I have an appointment as well. I am supposed to go bowling!
- Bowling? With whom?
- Just this dude I met. And his mates Walter and Donny.
- You'll just have to cancel or postpone or whatever. And now I must be on my way. I promise to be back as soon as possible.
And with that he was gone.

Shortly after there was a polite knocking on the door: - Excuse me, young master?
- Yeah, Peter, what is it?
- Ms Karma is here to see you.
- Of course she is. Well, show her to the office and tell her I'll be there in an instant...

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You will of course all be delighted to learn that my navel has been knocked back in its proper place smiley - smiley

Everything went as planned (except that I accidentally drank a third of a mug of smiley - coffee *with smiley - milk* (and smiley - milk is very forbidden!) during the fasting period monday morning, so the operation had to be delayed an hour ...)

The surgery (under general anesthesia) was done by the surgeon smiley - doctor cutting three small holes in my belly skin. Through one of these holes air was pumped in between the skin and the intestines thus creating space to operate in. Through the other holes the surgeon inserted a telescope with Spotlight and assorted instruments smiley - winekey as well as a network of carbon fiber smiley - lurk that was attached to the inside of the belly skin with a special kind of screws. After that the holes were closed with clips that are to be removed again in 10 or 12 days.

The operation only took one hour and I was served a nice smiley - cheese sandwich and a glass of smiley - redwine at 5pm after awakening at 4pm. Later there were a number of cold cuts and smiley - cheese with smiley - redwine for dinner. There was also a glass of smiley - redwine with the midnight snack.

The smiley - redwine was admittedly not the best, but in turn the morphine was from the top shelf smiley - cdouble, so I wasn't complaining. Laid in my bed, listened to a lot of great music (my own selection), read a good Terry Pratchett smiley - book. studied the smiley - nursesmiley - nursesmiley - nursesmiley - spacesmiley - cool and had an extremely nice time.

Was picked up by my daughter the next morning, took smiley - bus and train home where I met with a couple of old friends and had two glasses of white wine at our regular café.

Later my daughter and I shared a couple of smiley - flyingpig pork chops with assorted veggies, rice, curry sauce and smiley - redwine and watched "The Dark Knight smiley - hero Rises" on the telly.

So now you have a fairly accurate account of two days well spent. Let me put it this way: I've known worse smiley - biggrin

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Coming out

A couple of you already know, a few may have read it through the lines, but the rest of you have never been told that I received a cancer diagnosis 25 April 2012. Well, now you know.

I had my own very private reasons not to talk about it online earlier, but of course my children, other family members, my workplace and close friends had to be informed.

I underwent surgery 21 June 2012 have been okay ever since and am counting on staying this way till I get my all clear in 2022 (and hopefully even after that, of course).

That's all there is to say, really, except: Spare me the pity, please. I really am okay (except for the survivor's guilt). After all it's only a sickness and I really seem to be over it.

As you were.

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