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Football and video evidence

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Sho - with added slapping hand

Absolutely agree with Otto - the convention about putting the ball out when a player is injured has been abused a little in Germany lately, and at least one team (Leverkusen I think) made a huge song and dance about how they weren't going to do it any more (or maybe it was Köln). Anyhoo - actually that was the trainer and as it turns out the players are likely to carry on doing it (interestingly I was at a match yesterday when one of the players was lying, injured, in the goal but his team carried on trying to score in that very same goal. But then they were 1-0 down and I don't think they'd noticed. The ball was put out by the opposing team and they got the ball right back afterwards)

I also totally get some of the theatrics. When you've been kicked about, been held back by your shirt and so on all game and the ref never takes notice, when the player then trips you up it would be hugely tempting to go down in the hope that the ref finally does his job. Staying on your feet when you might even have had a good case for a penalty doesn't get you any thanks or advantage.

I used to fence. There was a move we practiced (back in the days when most of our school matches weren't electric and you relied on a president and 4 judges) for when you knew a president wasn't seeing your hits - it was basically a very theatrical attack, whilst shouting "et LA!". More often than not you got the point because you were so obviously attacking and had landed a blow which was finally seen. Gamesmanship? probably. Understandable? absolutely

Football and video evidence

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Otto Fisch ("Soft play area with free bananas; Iguana Andy and his... iguanas")

I used to fence too, also 'steam' fencing with judges and a president rather than with the electric box. Mainly through shortages of kit, but I think it also had an elegance of its own. I'd have said that the theatricality of the hit is absolutely fine because what can't be seen can't be given, but the shouting probably less so... though again I've seen and done similar in frustration. I seem to remember a lot of conceding of hits went on, though often I think that some people did this for straightforward decisions in the hope of being awarded the more contentious ones... But I think there was also sometimes an admiration of artistry, of acknowledging when you'd been outwitted or outmaneuvered on a particular point...

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Football and video evidence

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