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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Malabarista said >>>>

I just look at the route and use street view to get an idea of landmarks at any important turn-offs <<<<

This is what I do as well. Especially if I am not sure of the destination venue. It helps with parking, and stops me driving way past the place I am supposed to be going to.

Online maps

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Just Bob aka Robert Thompson, plugging my film blog cinemainferno-blog.blogspot.co.uk

From what I've seen, the problem with satnavs (even when they're working well) is that you follow the directions slavishly, not thinking about where you actually are or where you've been. As a result, you can get to any destination you have the postcode for, but it will be an island in youer consciousness, totally cut off from any knowledge of what surrounds it.

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Gnomon - time to move on

That's certainly a problem, Bob.

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britney pearson

you can plot a line to the distance you want, centred on your house then zoom in untill said line is at the edge of your screen

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