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What's just happened?.......

Post 61

Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

I just wondered why Saturnine's butt hurts. smiley - erm

What's just happened?.......

Post 62


smiley - biggrinI've just stage-managed my first show! smiley - wow

Well, strictly speaking, I've just telephoned my favourite personsmiley - kiss (...actually, no, he phoned me...) to tell him all about it.

It was without a doubt THE scariest thing I've ever done in my life. Given that it was a really complicated show, with groups of dancers (age range 6-14) going off and on at various points, musicians coming on and off, different readers coming off and on, follow-spots and dry ice...

...and we've had no dress rehearsal. smiley - yikes This is the first time we've run through the whole thing.

I'm taking directions by walkie-talkie from the director ( I had a 10 second training session in this 30 mins before curtain upsmiley - erm)

So, given that we all finished only 10 minutes over time, to rapturous applause and praise from the audience, and there's only 1 person on my "to kill" list.....smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin

What's just happened?.......

Post 63

Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

Well done Lucky! smiley - bubblysmiley - ok

I've just seen The Libertines (Britain's most important band, according to the NME) on the Jonathan Ross show, and they were awful. smiley - laugh

What's just happened?.......

Post 64

A Super Furry Animal

I've just phoned my favourite person to see how the show went. Now she's abusing me and exposing herself in my restaurant.

RFsmiley - evilgrin

What's just happened?.......

Post 65


You love it!

smiley - tongueout

What's just happened?.......

Post 66


I've jsut thought "aww" int it lovely and felt smiley - blue

What's just happened?.......

Post 67


I've just thought "where is everyone? I thought tere might be lots of people on late but apparently not"

What's just happened?.......

Post 68

Jab [Since 29th November 2002]

I've just typed I've just typed.

Then wondered if that looks odd, and should I add... Then wondered if that looks odd, and should I add...

Decided I just got stuck in an infinite loop, by the choice of yes, type everything that just happened *now*. Decided I just got stuck in an ininite loop, by the choice of yes, type everything that just happened *now*.

Just hoped 'they' don't think this is spam. Just typed... Arrrrrrrg!

Just went A..... smiley - headhurts

What's just happened?.......

Post 69

kea ~ Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small, unregarded but very well read blue and white website

Jab that sounds like an incredibly condensed version of the deja vu thread.

I've just looked for Footbacon's new Ask thread about what one is about to do so that I could post that I was about to post here.

But I couldn't find it.

What's just happened?.......

Post 70

kea ~ Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small, unregarded but very well read blue and white website

I just found the What are you about to do thread and posted on it.

The dog next door just barked.

I just started eating a rice cracker with avocado on it and thought about getting off h2 to make an early dinner.

What's just happened?.......

Post 71

Jab [Since 29th November 2002]

kea, "Deja vu thread." Well I've heard of it, but you've seen one, you've...

Yea, reading the backlog there was some scary moments, and *caring thought* for a few of the inmates.

*points to large white rabbit standing next to*

Just decided what smiley to use...

smiley - online2long

What's just happened?.......

Post 72

The Groob

The new Doctor Who has been announced (someone I've never heard of) and I've just had the usual Jon Pertwee v Tom Baker debate with m'lady.

What's just happened?.......

Post 73


i've just got to w*rk after being out late last night with one of the earlier mentioned beautiful womensmiley - bigeyes

i don't feel so goodsmiley - ill

What's just happened?.......

Post 74


I've just thought, "poor git, workin on a satdaysmiley - yikes"

I've also just got up, brushed my teeth, thought about needing to go to town to get my mom some flowers, read a bit iof my book when i went back to bed, logged on here and cleared out the backlog as i thought "shoo shooo, go away, bugger orf you bad little backlog!smiley - cross"

What's just happened?.......

Post 75


I've just pulled the bin bag from the bin, nearly ripping it because my stupid brother had put lots of stuff in without thinking of the person who would be emptying itsmiley - crossI then walked to the front door wih my key in my pocket because its vey windy outside and didn't want the door to close with me outside, i opened fdoor and couldn't see the binsmiley - huhwha...? i thought

I then tought, my dad musy have put it in the garge, so i went to garage, it wasn't there, i then turned to my smiley - catwith bin bag in hand and said "where's the bin? where's the smiley - bleepin bin holly?!"

I went back to front door and had a closer inspection, whereupon found that the bin had been knocked over by the very windy wind.

I then attemepted to pick up heavy bin while holding heavy bin bag at a proximity far enough away rom my body, so as not to get any bin slime on mesmiley - yuk

Bin mission: successful!

What's just happened?.......

Post 76

Lady in a tree

I just went "phew!" when I read footbacon's post! smiley - ok

[bin slime = evil] smiley - yuk

What's just happened?.......

Post 77

I am Donald Sutherland

Just done a similar exercise with bin bag, taking similar precautions against said wind. Also scattered the remnants of last weeks apple pie on the shed roof. It was a bit dry and tastless but the birds love it. Took chicken out of the fridge to thaw out ready for to-nights dinner. Must go out and get a bag of chips and some cooking oil. Don't facy that wind though, not on a lightweight two-wheeler.


What's just happened?.......

Post 78


I've just printed out health forms to allow my little darlings to go to scout camp.

And now.....

What's just happened?.......

Post 79

Old Hairy

I have just unsubscribed.

What's just happened?.......

Post 80

Shagrath (Join the Metal Appreciators' Society @ A2556489)

I've just finished watching the video I downloaded for the unpteenth time. It only took me a few minutes to get. However I was disappointed that it was cut down a bit. Oh well.

smiley - skull

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