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This Week:

Fiction Bonanza Extravaganza!

Please find below a trio of tales to trade around your campfire, or your space heater or computer screen or whatever you're sitting in front of. They appear to be fiction, although one or two of them may fall into 'gonzo journalism' territory, actual true stories embellished beyond reality. Whether true tales or tall tales, they're totally worth telling.

Mos by Miztressmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - hotdogsmiley - milksmiley - burger

'What do they want, Mos?' some bright, sparking newbie will ask, looking down the straw of his milkshake at Mos. Mos will look him straight in the eye, his weak, blood-shot eyes boring holes into the newbie's head until he looks away. Between that moment and the next, something changes in Mos. The next time he opens his mouth to speak, it's like someone else is using it; someone else is pulling the strings in his head...

Life and Artfeld McNalty (part one) by

Vercingetorix (aka. Terran)

You might think that the most annoying thing on h2g2, apart from entries that say 'Earth: mostly harmless' or 'Answer to the Ultimate Question: 42', would be fantasy or science fiction in the style of a Douglas Adams novel. I think this story will change your mind. Hope you'll join me in banging down Vercingetorix's door and trying to get more chapters out of him.

A cowboy and a horse at a bar

The Rustler by Analiese

'Now, Uncle Ned figured a couple of things. First, he figured that boy was a rustler. Second, he figured he'd capture that boy and collect a reward from Mr Randall. In fact, he was already figuring how he was going to spend that money as he chased after the boy and the calves.' But it's not quite your typical Cowboy yarn when golf clubs and witchcraft are involved.

Scouring the Guide for signs of Spring,

we'll continue to bring you CAC applauded entries

in each issue of the h2g2POST.

And we hope you'll join us!

On behalf of the Committee for Alien


reminding you of the ongoing Underguide


as well as the Spaced Out Guide,


Subcom. Deidzoeb

'42 may be the answer, but we believe there are still questions to be asked."

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