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Posted: 29th May 2023

Montage of images from this week's issue: A cat leaning on the Buddha, a ship on the horizon, a lighthouse on a cliff, barrels of rum, a lilac with a fuzzy insect, a vast cathedral, and a local gunship with the sign No Loading. The headline is The Places We've Been, The Things We've Seen.

We've seen things. Now you get to see them. FWR shares more highlights from his holiday on Gran Canaria. Meanwhile, in the garden, Jax the cat has a zen moment. The Post Office kitties are zen, too, with their geometric experiment on the Editorial bed.

The flowers are blooming everywhere: some of them remind us of poetic thoughts. We hope you enjoy the bouquets.

We have video! Birds and bees and other wildlife, of course, but also a Gheorgheniplex first. Nigel stars in a movie! The test audience (Prof Animal Chaos) said it was 'very peaceful.'

'Aha!' I said. 'You didn't watch the whole video, did you?' The Prof admitted this was true. So remember: you have to watch the whole two-and-a-half minutes to get the story. We predict this one will be a blockbuster. This is wishful thinking on my part: it's been up on Youtube for two weeks and only got 5 views. Meanwhile, in two days a couple of thousand people have seen Farmer Hoggett feed the baby cows, so I know where the public's priorities lie.

We have beauty. We have spectacular scenery. We have philosophy. We have puzzling signs and humorous cartoons and more fiction than you can shake a stick at. (Please shake cautiously.) Go and enjoy already.

Have a wonderful week out there. Remember to send Stuff so we can share what you find.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: If a river can get burned and come back stronger, so can you.

– Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, a popular Twitter account
A Shih Tzu with a strategy.

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Fox Meets Hedgehog
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Lighthouse at sunset by Woolly Mammoth.



This is the Isle of Wight, Not
The Ancient West

An Isle of Wight gunshop with a sign that says No Loading Anytime.


Red Currant
Tiny red currant flowers by Tavaron.
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