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Posted: 28th December 2020

Decorative and Decorous Transitions

Christmas Lights at the Farm, at Night, by Mrs Hoggett.

O, the rising of the sun

And the uselessness of resistance

The playing of the merry organ

Resistance is useless!

Vogon Civil Service, carolling on Twitter

Ignore the bellowing from the peanut gallery. The sky above the farm is a wonder on a clear night: decorated with all the twinkling lights you could possibly ask for. Did you photograph the conjunction? Send us a pic. What do you think it portends, this conjunction? Does it portend, or is it merely science? The mysterious lights on the porch are human-made twinkle, designed to celebrate and commemorate. We regard them, as always, in the good-sign category.

We could use a good omen or two right now. Most of the planet is hunkered down, masked and cautious, while contagion rages. As with most other years in human history, there are things to worry over. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that there are also things to be joyful about.
Ja, wer auch nur eine Seele

Sein nennt auf dem Erdenrund!

[Translation: Whoever has just one soul to call his own in the world…]


When you sing along on New Year's Eve, think of what you have to be joyful about: friends, memories, the gift of being human on a fragile planet. Think about sharing that experience any way you can.

Here are some of the highlights from this week's year-bridging issue:
    Snowflake ornament from Main Street Hooverville, by DG.
  • It's winter, but nature pops up in unexpected places. Like church. Of course, there are the expected places, like over at Hoggetts', where of course there are new kittens. They're not just for Halloween. Or Valentine's Day. Or… Enjoy the pics.
  • Story time! More midwinter fireside tales, old and new. We've got cops. We've got killer librarians from outer space. There's even a movie mashup and a heart-warming historical vignette. B4's 'Into You' continues.
  • Getcher crossword answers this week. Appreciate the mental health warning in Awix's review of this holiday 'classic'. Try the picture quiz. Answer the burning question, 'Why did you murder your 22 wives?'
  • Laughs a-plenty, and comics, even though Desideria is on holiday this week. (That will give you time to reread and catch up on all the nuances.)
  • We have a new Create challenge for you. Help us think about hope. What gives you hope? Can you put it in a picture? A poem? A story? A thought? We need it right about now.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff.) In the meantime, have a safe transition into the new year: stay safe and warm!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Benjamin Tisherman, classical clarinettist, on Twitter

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Video Extra: Snowy Night

Nubian Ibex

Nubian Ibex by Willem



A Christmas Miracle

Christmas Bauble by Superfrenchie.


Christmas Eve on Lonesome
A man in a tree, ready to shoot.


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