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November 30: Changes

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Day 30: Changes

Coughing deeply, the rooster dejectedly gives up any attempt to wake the village, wondering if his crowing is off. He blames the smoky remains of the big campfire in the village centre. The chickens seem to be sniggering and the bull looks at him warily.

After the effects of the wine have worn off (mostly), Pato calls together everyone and with Avi and Vinco beside him, he lays out the new plans to ensure the future of both Clans.

-Boys and girls of both Clans will learn both languages to a similar extent.
-Every third full moon, there will be a gathering in the plain that is about halfway between the settlements. A hall will be built there to accommodate this. On these occasions, women and men that have come of age can mingle and try to find a partner.
-Couples that have formed are free to decide in which settlement they want to go on living together. In time the gathering place in the middle could well turn out to become a third option and thus become an extra settlement.

The villagers nod in approval.

Now Aryna, Bora, Keela and Yusna step in to add more plans of their devising.

-They intend to find a way to better record and share the knowledge that is in the minds of the people. Working toward a unified language would greatly help in this effort.
-Artisans of both Clans will get the opportunity to work together to increase skills on both sides.
-Part of the harvest of both Clans will be stored in the place in the middle, to spread the risks. In this light, permanent habitation seems to be a good idea.
-Couples will take their vows at the gathering, for the Clans to witness, rather than in the solitude of the mountaintop. Given the current condition of the mountain, it is unclear whether it will be possible to go there in the foreseeable future.
-The central location of the Gathering Hall can act as a place to relay messages between the Clans with less travel involved.

Yusna steps forward and proclaims that the current meeting will be considered the first Gathering of Clans. To set an example, she will now ask Marlon to be her husband, if the Clan deems this acceptable and if Marlon agrees (she has no doubts he will).
The crowd cheers mightily as the husband to be is carried forward. After he has confirmed it is Marlon’s wish to be married as well, Pato comes in to congratulate the new couple. He goes on to propose that Yusna and Marlon should be made responsible for the development of the new settlement, effectively making them a new Chief couple, free to roam wherever they like outside the Gathering times.
The newly wedded couple is then presented with horses and the use of the ox-cart to help start the transition. Several of the younger villagers volunteer to go with them and help build The Hall and a house for them, seeing that this is where their future is being made…

By the end of the day, arrangements are made for the departure of the old Clan and the settlers next day. A bright new future awaits. They will meet again in two moons time.

November 30: Changes

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I hope they all lived happy and safe lives. Thank you for sharing this month with us. smiley - applause

November 30: Changes

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

I enjoyed writing and researching this. I am glad I took this era, despite initial worries on the lack of written accounts to research.

November 30: Changes

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

It was an excellent example of good historical imagination, CRE.
You did a great job. Thank you for doing this!


November 30: Changes

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Thanks for reading it.

November 30: Changes

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

smiley - applause I second the comment about historical imagination - this is on the schools' list of skills, and you could teach it. smiley - winkeye

November 30: Changes

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Well done! I've been impressed by the way you brought the Clan and its people alive. smiley - applause

November 30: Changes

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Tavaron da Quirm - Arts Editor

I really loved this story. smiley - smiley You did a great job with making readers feel like they are actually there... if you know what I mean.

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