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November 28:Family matters

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Day 28:

The sun has come up some time ago when Aryna decides it is time to take a dip in the pond. Not in the mood to go alone, she tickles Pato until he jumps up to come and get her. Since bathing was the plan all along, she only struggles a little bit for the fun of it before she lets Pato throw her into the pond, pulling him after her by his beard. He had not expected that last move and cries out from the sudden rush of cold water and the pull on his beard. They are already getting quite wrinkled when they hear that the horses have become nervous. Quickly, they get out to dry and get dressed, while at the same time looking for the cause of distress.
A little later they hear noises emerging from down the valley. Pato knows of no animal that makes such grinding, scraping noises. On the other hand, there is something vaguely familiar to it. Aryna and Pato both pick up an axe as they carefully head down to check out what is coming.

When they round the corner, they both drop their weapons in astonishment, Pato screaming “Avi!”, Aryna calling out “Mother!... Father!” As a laden ox cart with several men and women of age come into view.

The cart is led to the pond, so that the animals can drink water and eat some grass. In the meantime, Avi tells that the Elders have decided it is time to have a broader look around their neighbourhood and that a family visit seemed like the right thing to do, if only to discuss if new times need new protocols and rituals of continuity. Pato and Aryna then tell what has happened since they left. The account of Yusna’s rescue mission receives much praise. Avi tells Pato that he has done as best as he could, regarding Sod. Being a Chief has advantages but also brings a lot of responsibility.

When Pato brings up the issue with the food supplies, Avi tells him that he may be able to help out. The reserves of the old Clan are such that an arrangement must be possible. As the whole group, including Aryna and Pato, goes on their way again, up the pass, Avi surreptitiously shows Pato that the cart is holding several casks with what Pato recognises as the red fruit brew he has come to like.
Aryna rides beside the cart to chat with her parents. Pato can’t follow what is said between mother and daughter, but the grinning and giggling tells him it may be better this way.

Over the course of the day, the group encounters several of the foraging parties. The cart proves useful for transporting the day’s yield back to the village. It is already getting dark when the whole group, Pato, Aryna, the Elders of the old Clan and the people in the foraging parties, arrive home. Everybody is tired, but the mood is better than it has been in days.

Yusna is particularly happy to see her parents and parents-in-lore and introduces them to Marlon, who is a bit overwhelmed by all the parental attention. This is not helped by the noise that ensues when his mother recognises Aryna’s mother as her older sister, who went over the mountain ten or more seasonal cycles ago, never to return. Up till now, that is.
As Yusna sees the pained look on Marlon’s face, she guesses that his headache is coming up again in all the noise. To save him, she puts her hands over his ears, her mouth on his mouth and the following very long kiss silences everyone present.
Despite the noise that follows after that, Marlon remains in a state of bliss that easily overrules the headache. He decides that this kind of ritual must be way better than going all the way up a mountain.

November 28:Family matters

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November 28:Family matters

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November 28:Family matters

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November 28:Family matters

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