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Posted: 16th November 2020

Autumn Colours

Autumn Road, by Elektra Gheorgheni. Gold and red. Colours we like to see, even if they mean that it has already snowed once. Into each life some snow must fall, unless you're Willem and are out hunting birds and succulents in the veldt. Those of us up north are just enjoying any sunny days that come our way. Like the change in seasons, our moods are variable: the pandemic unsettles us (stay safe out there, or better yet, inside!) and politics may make our eyes water (supply your own joke here), but the h2g2 Post is here to keep you entertained through this long, dark teatime of the soul. So it goes.

We have some good reading for you this week:

    Red Barn, by Carol M Highsmith.
  • Sample chapters from the Holes in History stories. They're by turns exciting, thought-provoking, amusing, intriguing. You'll enjoy these excerpts, even if you've read them before. If you haven't, get a glimpse into these tales of yesteryear, and whet your appetite for more.
  • More fiction. B4's 'Into You' is into part 8, and Paulh wants to tell us about a storyteller, if anybody can keep awake long enough. (That will make more sense once you've read it.)
  • Controversial content alert! Youtube censored my video. It's there, but you have to sign in and verify that you're over 18 to watch it. That's your Editor, always on the edge of flouting the law…anyway, in case you don't want to go to that kind of trouble, I turned the story into a comic book/graphic novel.
  • Regular features: a quiz. Awix on cinema. Me on whatever pops into my head. A photo for you to caption. A blast from the past. A beautiful wildlife painting by Willem. A fantasy picture to riff on.
  • Humour in graphic form. Bluebottle rants on, entertainingly. Willem mocks nature and humans. Nigel and X'Bert look at the stars. Art gets snarky.
  • Unusual sightings. You won't believe it until you see it. Galaxy Babe has another ghost photograph. Bluebottle reports from the Isle of Wight. Superfrenchie saw a spider. (We don't all have to be weird.)

We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did writing it. Send Stuff. Do not get sick. And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Blood and guts and Celts in hiding

Just another tale

From freewayriding.

War-torn France?

Well wouldn't you know it?

Romantic tale from mv poet.

Stone age shells

Of mussels and whelk

Adorn the tombs of c r elk.

Old Time Vienna

No indoor lav

Cold outside or so writes Tav.

Jim's coming of age

In Brookville town

Rhyming with Gheorgheni

Makes me frown!


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Holes in History

Video Extra: Turning Turtle
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Perfect Snail

Tiny Snail by Superfrenchie


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  • The science fiction film
    the censors wouldn't let you see!


Then and Now

Water birds by DG.


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