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Posted: 28th September 2020

Bridges in Space/Time

A bridge over the Allegheny River, by DG.

Early fall is magic. A couple of weeks ago, a group of us were sitting under the trees in the park by the river. Beauty and quiet. A loud bird call pierced the silence. I listened intently, trying to figure out what it was.

'What is that?' I asked my brother-in-law.

He cocked his head, then said, with a slow grin, 'It's a….bird.' That's birdwatching in western Pennsylvania for you.

Talk turned to why we couldn't take Lola, the five-pound Shorkie, into the state park.

'The rangers tell everybody to leave their dogs at home while camping,' said the Hoggetts. 'The bears develop a taste for them. When you leave them on a leash, the bears think it's just convenience food.' Apparently, one was snatched right in front of the office over at Macbeth Cabins. Nature: beautiful, but sometimes dangerous.

We've got a lot of nature for you this week. And other things. You'll be surprised. But this issue is safe for your domestic pets. It's all virtual.
Bridge by DG.
  • First, we have a new Create Challenge for October: How to Be a Good Ancestor. We've been talking about that. What kind of world are we making for the children of the future? How can we do better? What would we like them to say about us if they were confronted, god forbid, with a statue of us? Would that statue show us wantonly calling into existence a hapless pot of petunias? Discuss.
  • There is nature in all its glory. Birds, friendly critters who don't eat dogs. Backyard produce. (Those are tomatoes, FWR wishes to point out. Not peppers or apples. Tomatoes.)
  • Odd sightings of signs from around the planet. Yep, we've checked: it's still a weird place.
  • New fiction! B4 is back with a story. It starts today, and goes on in installments for about 17 weeks. It's called 'Into You'. That's all we're going to say about it. Be sure to read it.
  • Songwriting! There has been an epidemic – no, not that one – of songwriting around here. Having discovered that the Post Editor has keyboards and blank score paper and, apparently, an abundance of free time, various Contributors have wafted their song lyrics my way with instructions to 'write a hit'. I don't think you'll see us at the Grammies anytime soon, but after the rousing success of '15 Kittehs in an Ol' Dodge Neon', there's no stopping the creativity. This week sees the premiere of two hits in spe: FWR's plaintive Covid-19-themed country ballad entitled 'The Siding of the My Life', and Professor Animal Chaos' alt-metal anthem 'Sing a Song of Nonsense'. The video to that one may require medication. Please let these lyricists know how much you appreciate them. It is appropriate to throw tomatoes, but not peppers or apples.
  • We have other features: cinema, deep thinking, humour, ongoing graphic stories, art photography, and more. We leave you to explore.

Please be thinking about this ancestor question. Robbie Stamp really wants to know. I'll be back next week with some early news on how to get ready for the November Challenge, which will put the writers to work. In the meantime, have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: I often think of monuments as time capsules that explode on us at critical junctures in our history.

– Patrizia Costa (talking about Pittsburgh's Columbus statue)

Create October 2020 by Freewayriding
October Create Challenge:
How to Be a Good Ancestor

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Baby zebra finch, by Tavaron.
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