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Sing a Song of Nonsense

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Professor Animal Chaos fully expects to win a Grammy with this brilliant lyric. It, and the tune what the Post editor composed, makes for something rather, er, avant-garde. We hope it amuses you.

Personally, I live in hope that it will be picked up by a heavy metal band and turned into the sort of raucous anthem one shouts at footie matches.

Fish swim the mountains

Camels walk the sky

Pigs climb up custard trees

This I wonder why?

Sing a song of nonsense

Never mind the verse

Sing a song of nonsense

Just smell those lovely words

Trees play chess with pigeons

While dominoes make mud pies

Some Ants will play the tuba

This I wonder why?


A turnip's made a great big dam

An ocean learns to fly

Caterpillars can drive a bus

This I wonder why?


I don't know why I'm singing this

Some chimneys start to cry

I'm on my way to a loonie bin

This I wonder why?

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