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Posted: 30th March 2020

Laughs, Observations, and Helpful Hints

The plum tree in Tavaron's garden is blooming Spring is coming, slowly for some in the northern hemisphere. Willem's welcoming autumn. More than ever, we're grateful for what nature offers us in the way of entertainment and encouragement. We need it these days.

Also more than ever, we're aware of our interconnectedness on this spinning ball. The other day, somebody on social media posted a picture of the streak the ISS made as it crossed the sky over the UK. The poster noted, 'That ship contains the only Earth people who are sure they don't have the coronavirus.' Our desire to protect one another is what's keeping us physically apart. Spiritually, though, a lot of us are feeling more closely bound by our common interests and shared purpose.

Which, in the case of h2g2, is to keep recording what we find out about Life, the Universe, and Everything. Who knows? We may figure out the Ultimate Question. At any rate, we'll have fun trying.

This issue is packed to the gills with great Stuff, to wit:

Freight Train by DG

  • How to do all kinds of things: from making your own hand sanitiser (thanks to Mrs Hoggett, who is a Scientist) to how to make the Scottish woods even scarier (thanks, Paigetheoracle, we think). We even tell you how to stop worrying. Enjoy our educational content. Share your thoughts.
  • Videos, musical and otherwise. There's an action-packed one involving a dog, a tree, and a frisbee. What's that? Yes, firearms are involved. No, nothing of a non-plastic nature is injured in any way. And the frisbee recovered nicely.
  • Nature! From blooms to frogspawn to inspiring vistas, there's a lot to admire. So, admire.
  • The black-and-white photos will make you thoughtful. The humour will make you laugh (promise). The advice will probably make you send me more complaints.
  • I was going to say, 'The cinema review will give you suggestions.' Then I read it. Obviously, Awix is losing it already. You are not going to believe what he's been watching. Once you find out, you will no doubt have better suggestions for him. At least, I hope so...
  • There's a new Create theme for April: Coping with Grief. This one was suggested by Robbie Stamp back in February. He couldn't have known how unfortunately appropriate it might become. Next week, some of our regular writers will offer their takes on the subject. That will give you a little more time to think about it. Please share: what you have to say may mean a lot to someone else.
  • Exercise your brain. Take the quiz. Caption some photos, and try your hand at Willem's new fantasy scenario. And remember to send more Stuff! You people make this weekly magazine the wonderfully nutty thing that it is. Thank you for all you do, and keep up the good work!

Stay safe, friends. Wash hands, cheer one another on from cautious distances, and have the very best week you can, wherever you are!

Quote of the Week:  Just heard awful coughing coming from the flats (apartments) that overlook our works car park. Poor people obviously suffering. Looked up and there's the poor souls hanging out the window.... toking on a smiley - bleeping big bong! Life goes on....

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Safety Lines at the Butcher Shop, France
The Butchers of France Say:
Maintain safe distance!
(Thanks, Superfrenchie!)
Social distancing=Staying hoopy!

Create April 2020 by Freewayriding
April Create Challenge:
Coping with Grief
Share Your Thoughts

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Make Your Own
Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser and ingredients by Mrs Hoggett



Google Eyes

Google Eyes by Paigetheoracle


Music Video
My Lord, What a Morning

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