Video: How to Remove the Dog's Frisbee from a Tree, a Practical Demonstration

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Video: How to Remove the Dog's Frisbee from a Tree, a Practical Demonstration

Kitties watching the action.

Micah the dog was sitting disconsolately under the big tree. She looked up mournfully: her favourite frisbee was hanging there, way up high.

On the front porch, discussion took place.

'Hey, NT, can you climb that tree?'

'I guess I could… I don't really want to…'

'I know! Get a rifle!'

This, folks, is how the frisbee came down from the tree on a beautiful day. There is even a demonstration of the (minimal) damage to the frisbee, and the happy reaction of the dog. It's all very educational, and we hope you enjoy it.

Do you know how to do something in an unusual (but totally safe!) way? Make a video!

Click here for the video, or watch the embedded version in your Pliny-skin page.

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