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Posted: 23rd March 2020

Social Distance, Spiritual Proximity

Tic-Tac-Toe Sky by Dmitri Gheorgheni

When all the clouds darken up the skyway,

There's a rainbow highway to be found

Leading from your windowpane

To a place behind the sun

Just a step beyond the rain…

Yip Harburg
Please keep this in mind this week: you're not alone in this, even if you're socially isolating. Remember: h2g2 is only as far as your electronic device of choice – and we have never, ever shared any germs with you. We have never polluted your environment with bacilli or viruses.

Awful jokes and images you can't unsee? That's another issue entirely.

While you remember to wash your hands and not sneeze on the neighbours, help us entertain the shut-in planet. Remember to Send Stuff to the Post. It's the friendly way to say, I'm thinking of you, and in a totally good way, honest.

On with the snark.

Toilet Paper in a Museum, by the National Park Service
  • Life continues to be full of surprises, from the startling attractive Egyptian goose to that kitty peeking from behind the computer screen. Share our discoveries, and help comment and caption the fun. Also guess the quiz, and discuss the alleged writing tip. Find out what Awix went to see before they closed the cinema. (You won't believe it.)
  • Are people around you hoarding things like lemon-scented napkins? Our contributors have stories on the subject. Should you be sauna-ing? Is that even a verb? Share your virus-related concerns, and offer a virtual votive candle to St Roch and his dog.
  • Want to spice up your dinner table while you're avoiding dining out? Freewayriding has very kindly offered us a recipe for stuffed peppers. From the pictures, it's a real taste treat! Hone your culinary skills.
  • Spring is coming, slowly. From late snow to early greenery, take a look at what nature's up to. We have pics. Also video. Also a dead possum, it's decorative.
  • Speaking of video, we have some footage from long ago, when Paris streets were happily crowded. Take a look. Solnushka offers views of conspicuous consumption, Russian style.
  • All crises are better with humour. Please let your cartoonists know you appreciate their attempts in that direction.

As we salute one another across the miles and kilometers, and send our best wishes for safe passage through yet another rough patch in the space/time continuum, let us remember the immortal words of the Guide: Don't Panic! And have the best week possible.

Quote of the Week:  If I catch you using "sauna" as a verb... There Will Be Trouble.
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SashaQ says:
Live Long and Prosper!
We recommend the Vulcan salute!
Social distancing=Staying hoopy!

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Dmitri Gheorgheni




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