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The Prof is a menace. But he decided to tell us about the time he and his friends decided that what the world needed was a good panic buy. Especially after he heard about the toilet paper shortage of 2020.


A roll of toilet paper in the Yosemite Museum, courtesy National Park Service (US)

On the afternoon of Monday 2nd March 2020, I was waiting at my bus stand in our bus station for heading for home after my usual shopping day. I was talking with a lady neighbour who lives at the top of my street and she informed me that she’d just been in one of our local 'cheapo' shops. She found that they had sold out of toilet roll

Now this store has usually stacks of the stuff in rofl and to have empty areas? Sort of baffling etc. But! Knowing how due to the current outbreak of the 'new coronavirus' 'panic buying of surgical masks and hand sanitizers , etc.' are in short supply and being rationed because of supply to demand.

Brings me to mind of a 'set up' I and some friends 'carried out' many years ago in a local supermarket – to show! How stupid certain individuals of the 'general public' are easily duped!
The time/day was a Saturday morning/afternoon, as 'we' had our regular 'drinking session' in the towns pubs (bars) commonly known as a pub-crawl as such, 'we' decided to 'conduct' an experiment on 'human behaviour' and went to one of our local supermarkets, where one of us went to the shelves, where the usual types of 'table' peppers were stacked and took about 10 to 20 'shakers' of pepper and put them into our trolley, as we did this, another mate followed closely and asked Why? Are you doing this , at which the first one said, 'There’s going to be a world shortage of pepper and I’m stocking up!' This prompted the 2nd mate to do the same. (get the drift).

This was repeated by the rest of us, making sure that anyone nearby heard…We then walked around the aisles and put back the 'peppers'.

But as there were a good few of us doing it, the 'word' soon got round the supermarket of a world shortage of pepper. Lo and behold! The shelves emptied fast and 'we' high tailed it out of the supermarket before we were caught out!

BUT! Just to show, that after that episode during the 1970’s, nothing has changed. Panic Buying is STILL a state of lack of human intelligence. 'THEY' Will never understand that panic buying CAUSES many of the problems that need NOT be there in the first case!

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