Forgotten Treasure! (Almost)

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Forgotten Treasure! (Almost)

Forgotten Treasure by Freewayriding

FWR writes:

I was looking in the dim dark recesses of my workshop yesterday. I have those areas where I store bits and bobs in case they ever come in useful, just in case, then promptly forget all about them!

Anyway, in the present panic buying chaos, there it was, in a forgotten corner, behind potentially useful bits of wood, ancient wall tiles, old window blinds and pieces of fluorescent lighting - a hand dispenser, full of liquid gold alcohol gel, complete with nearly two litres of spare refills I had put away 'just in case they come in useful one day'.

On today's markets I reckon I could get up to a billion quid a litre! We're rich, I tells ya, stinking rich!

Sadly the gloop that's in them expired in 2008, ho hum, maybe gloop will come in handy someday, I'll leave them there, just in case.
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