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Posted: 9th March 2020

We're Thinking

The Pale Blue Dot by NASA

I realize that no one who knows about the Hitchhiker's Guide would take entries like this seriously but the tone [bleep]s me off…

A Twitter User

No, we won't tell you which Entry that was. Or the handle of the Twitter user. But yeah, that [bleep]ed us off, too. Aside from objecting to our tone, the user didn't think we should discuss a theory he considered, probably rightly, to be 'fringe', because 'conspiracy-minded thinking is as contagious as a [bleep]ing virus.' (Twitter's language is sometimes indecorous, unlike ours. And not just because of the filther.) Now, we object to the notion that we can't discuss things lest somebody out there is silly enough to believe foolish things. If we thought that, we'd have to stop inquiring into the nature of Life, the Universe, and Everything, because there is ample evidence on the internet that foolishness is a fairly common commodity on this planet. It is our humble belief that the antidote to foolishness is more inquiry, not less.

Anyway, just because people have PhDs doesn't mean somebody died and left them in charge of Truth.

What we're all about, friends, is the Process: noticing, asking, inspecting, learning, following through. Not being satisfied with the Trend of the Week, the Daily Soundbite, or the Opinion du jour. This is our business. Let's go about it right now. You will soon find that expressions like ' fledge, exhibition spaces, value enjoyment,' and 'blood in the gutter' have entered your vocabulary.

Icarus, Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Factoid Fred (Paige) has been exploring. He reports back in with some mural art and an objet d'histoire that led to an interesting discussion. We've let you in on it.
  • Several Researchers have taken up this month's challenge to find missing elements in our environment. Tavaron notes that Vienna's way ahead of the game, having made a significant improvement quite a while ago. Superfrenchie's exterior decoration find is much more recent: we're sure that TV set added to the ambience, at least in the sense of Rene Magritte. Solnushka believes we need more fantasy to liven up a Moscow winter, and she's found it. You're going to love this.
  • Our photographers have found: birds, flowers, greenery, a sunset, water, boats, and bizarrely translated instructions. Let them delight and enlighten you.
  • The Usual Suspects are informative: Awix on cinema (you won't be able to wait to not-see this movie), Willem on wildlife (it's iridescent!), me on what comics can teach writers, Bluebottle on fashion and knuckle-dragging. Read and learn.
  • There's humour sprinkled in, and a bit of music for your listening pleasure, and a quiz to puzzle you, and a caption challenge for the obligatory graffiti. Come participate.

Send more Stuff, people. This issue is short on cats, dogs, and tree roots. We are actively soliciting more signs and Create contributions. These things go out on Twitter, you know. We'll show them 'tone'. Have fun out there. And have a great week!

Quote of the Week: Thoughts should be free as Fire or Wind;

The Pinions of a Single Mind

Will thro' all Nature fly...

Isaac Watts

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Euphorbia by Superfrenchie


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